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For some reason, I'm imagining Sega making a first-person Sonic the Hedgehog demo. You're running and running through a looping factory environment. You can go pretty fast. Then, eventually, you collect a ring. "WTF?" A counter ticks up to 50 rings, you start glowing and moving faster, and you can now bust through a wall to reveal a linear path with robotic enemies. I need to think better things.

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I'm pretty sure they said that you're trying to get to the center of the galaxy, or closer to it. Presumably, people will find each other more often as they get closer to the center. I wonder if they'll put something in the middle of it all. Maybe you get to create rules for Godus if you get to the center first, or maybe you'll meet The Architect or become the Star Child.

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My big question right now is, can I shoot dinosaurs from my spaceship and go on an awesome flying safari hunt? Also, can you build Dino Park Tycoon? How about crafting things....from dinosaurs? I'm pretty fixated on the dinosaurs. I wonder how random the creatures will be.

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Alan Wake 2. When Quantum Break was announced, I was aghast and disappointed.

Forza Horizon 2. I still don't have a new-gen console, but Forza Horizon 2 might make me get an XBone if it makes the right improvements.

I still hope for Drakan 3. Which doesn't even make sense. The developers, Surreal Software, moved on to make The Suffering series, and then disappeared.

Arcanum 2 should really happen.

Rage 2

Left 4 Dead 3

Rollcage: Stage 3

Receiver 2: Receive Harder

Luckily, I've mostly been getting the sequels I want.

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"...most direct relationship with our fans possible." That is the puzzle.

It probably means a Kickstarter for a game that goes early access, releasing basically in alpha, while they get the premium-currency shop up and running. I am so cynical.

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Breaking Madden is now my first source of Tampa Bay Buccaneers coverage.

If you're not reading Breaking Madden out of apathy for football, read it anyway. You wont regret it. I don't care about Madden either, but you should see the Schiano game breakdown, it's beautiful.

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This story goes beyond "being unprofessional". I would not try to get someone fired for being "unprofessional". It's usually a manager's job to determine if somebody needs to be let go based on a pattern of behavior.

But this situation is different. That guy is representing the gym while abusing a customer. That may also open up the gym to liability, BTW.

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That Castle Doctrine discussion is pretty interesting. But I think Cameron should play it. The question I have is whether Castle Doctrine reifies or critiques the gated-community mentality. It can be read either way. I presume you can't exactly win the game. I also find it interesting that your home's safety depends on raiding other houses. That looks like an implicit critique to me, an exploration of selfishness and othering.

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Because most people take them way too seriously for it to be any fun.

I die in Battlefield, nobody cares but me. I die in League or Dota, and suddenly it's a four man rage-fueled inquisition on my playing habits.

This. Playing a round of League can be fun, but it's stressful. If you screw something up early, it snowballs like crazy.