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Its starting to look like there's 2 storylines this year. Who wins the battle of mercedes and who wins the battle of everyone else. Fortunately both of those battles look extremely entertaining.

If mercedes dominates this whole season hopefully we'll get more drama from rosberg and hamilton like we did today!

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No words can properly describe this... RIP Ryan.

We're here for you giant bomb

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Hmm, having to get ideas passed both EA and Disney higher-ups sounds like a creative director's nightmare

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The Witcher 2 is probably my favorite RPG from this generation and I only got to see the visuals on a console. 2014 is a long ways away but if my pc isn't upgraded by then, this will be the reason I do it.

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Definitely agree with this idea.
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awesome. wish i had the day off to watch it all live

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@Mrnitropb said:
" @cooljammer00 said:
" They can do whatever they want. They are just no longer ever allowed to complain about DLC prices or nickel and diming people or Kotick ever again.  Agreed? "
Agreed. "

Double Agreed. 
I love the Giant Bomb crew and all but the idea of a subscription to whiskey media just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. 
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The game last night was so good, I can't believe that washington only scored 3 goals in their final 3 games. Halak was unreal, hopefully he won't be that good against the pens.
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My respect for bungie just took a huge hit. 
I thought they left microsoft so that they could do their own thing. Guess thats not happening for the next 10 years
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I am always interested in knowing stuff like this, its a nice reminder that I'm normal when i've visited the same pages that are on the top 10, so yes Jeff, more of this please!
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