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I've got this strange issue where every once in a while the page will refresh itself right in the middle of a video. After I Fill Browser and hit Play again the video tries to jump back to where I was, but it's usually tens of minutes behind where I actually was and I have to manually jump ahead.

The last time this happened was just a few minutes ago while watching the Stealth Inc. 2 Quick Look.

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If you've decided you need to see Furious 7 you'd better start at the beginning and marathon that shit!

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You're welcome.

Hmm, downsides. They take up power outlets, one near the modem and one near the stuff you want to get online. I'm not sure how effective they are with older or poorly maintained electrical wiring, but as long as your house was built to a modern electrical code you should be fine I'd imagine. Plugging them into a switched outlet can lead to some fun "why the hell won't the Xbox get online? oh, who flipped the switch?" moments.

So no, no real downsides that I know of. ;)

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I've had my Xbox One plugged into my receiver since day one and I've never noticed any input lag.

I would look into powerline networking instead of wireless for gaming (or for anything with an ethernet port to be honest). My home theater has been powerline networked for years now, and I haven't had any problems with gaming or streaming media over the internet.

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@landomatic: That's a good question. It doesn't have a straightforward answer though (at least to my knowledge).

The general consensus around the Frontier forums seems to be that rare trading is more lucrative than regular commodity trading until you get into the larger cargo bays of the Type-7, Type-9, Python, and Anaconda. Once you have those larger bays regular commodities become more profitable due to the sheer volume that can be moved.

400k an hour doesn't seem that far off of what you can earn running a rare route in my experience. I averaged somewhere around 500k an hour if I remember right. I'd have to go back to my notes to be sure.

The biggest factor in your profits is going to be how much of the rare commodity is available to purchase at the station. There is a maximum amount the station will sell you, and that amount doesn't always appear all at once. Some people wait around for the maximum to spawn, some leave the station and do some local bounty hunting while they wait, and others, like me, just grab whatever is there and go. So if you get seven altairian skins on one run, but 21 the next that's a 200k difference in profits between the two runs.

Since the quantity is always in flux the Cobra often doesn't have enough cargo space to carry the rares long enough to sell at optimal distances. You'll find yourself selling some cargo at less-than-max profits just to make room. If you can get yourself a Type-6 with empty hardpoints, D modules everywhere (to reduce weight) except for an A frame shift drive and an A fuel scoop, and 100 cargo you'll be all set for any rare trade run you want.

Rare routes aren't any more enjoyable than regular routes in my experience. Since you find your current route extremely boring I don't think a rare route is going to liven things up at all. If you want to maximize your profits to minimize the grind it may be worth giving it a try. If nothing else you'll get to see some new systems along the way.

Personally, I've done enough trade grinding to know I don't want to do any more anytime soon. It just kills my desire to play the game. And I haven't done nearly as much as some or most people. The most expensive ship I've bought is the Type-6 at just over a million credits. I can't fathom doing enough trading to be able to afford even an Asp, let alone a Python or an Anaconda.

So now I'm cruising around in my Cobra doing whatever I feel like doing, and letting the credits come naturally. It's a far more enjoyable experience in my opinion.

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I have cable. I've been tempted to cut the cord, but there's so much good TV to watch!

I tell you what though, if the DVR is ever made illegal, or if the ability to fast forward through commercials is somehow compromised, I'll cut the cord in a nanosecond. There's no fucking way on Earth I'd watch TV without a DVR.

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There is no shitty config, really. It all depends on what works best for you. I started with the built-in config for my T-Flight HOTAS X and customized it to my liking as I played the game and learned the controls.

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You could try going to and searching for your shows to see where they're available. If most or all of them are available on a particular service, well, there you go!

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I don't use Steam to discover new games, so to me it's a big, bloated mess filled with stuff I don't care about. At least they allowed me to turn off the Early Access and Software categories.

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I stopped giving a shit like a year ago or more. I played a ton of the multiplayer with friends, but no one plays it anymore. They're way, way too late with this.