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My original plan was to play Dragon Age Inquisition, but Elite Dangerous may have trumped it.

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You used to be able to trade in destination materials (spinmetal, helium filaments, spirit bloom, relic iron) for vanguard marks at the vanguard quartermaster in the hanger (and probably for crucible marks at the crucible quartermaster as well). One of the recent patches changed it so the quartermaster sold the materials instead.

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I put the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick on my Christmas list for the same exact reasons you mentioned: I want a flight stick I'll be happy with if I go deep into Elite and Star Citizen, but I won't regret buying if I don't.

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I've played for a couple of hours so far, and I think this game has incredible potential. I'm pumped to get back into space.

I went through the tutorials, and once in the game proper I chose the lowest paying job on the bulletin board just to get my feet wet. I was able to complete it within the allotted time, and with only 2% hull damage from flying too close to a star and a 300 credit fine for loitering in the wrong docking bay!

Question: is there a way to engage supercruise even if the flight path to a locked destination is blocked? The job required traveling to another system so I locked that system as the destination. There was a planet in my way so the frame shift drive wouldn't engage, but I needed the drive for supercruise in order to get around the planet. So I had to clear the destination, supercruise around the planet without really knowing where my destination was, relock the system as the destination, and then engage the frame shift drive for hyperspace.

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  1. Agreed, except remove exotic shards. Glimmer only, and keep our upgrades. Move the process from Xur to the Gunsmith and have all exotics available for upgrade all the time.
  2. Remove radiant materials entirely. There are too many currencies in this game as it is. Ascendant materials are fine, as is a way to exchange one for another (shards > energies, energies > shards).
  3. Remove the glimmer cap.
  4. Remove the marks cap, including the weekly limit.
  5. Agreed, especially with vault access from orbit.
  6. Make the process to upgrade legendaries the same as exotics: glimmer only, we keep our upgrades, and the Gunsmith does it.
  7. Agreed.
  8. Disagree. If randoms want to try to do the raids, fine. They may fail, they may succeed, but either way they may make some friends and will eventually be able to fill out a proper fireteam.
  9. Add (optional) matchmaking to all events. People are using third party methods to get around this anyway, just add it to the game proper already.
  10. Remove commendations. As if this game needed another currency and another time-gated mechanic.
  11. Patch vendor armor to 30 light, Vault of Glass armor to 33 light, and Crota's End armor stays the same at 36 light.
  12. Add an armor upgrade process similar to weapons: glimmer only, we keep our upgrades, the guardian outfitter does it. The more light you upgrade to, the more it costs. The added benefit is people won't be funneled into wearing the raid armor and looking the same as everyone else. If you want to look different, pay for it.
  13. Patch the cryptarch to previous upgrade speeds.
  14. Allow inventory items, particularly destination materials and ammo synths, to stack indefinitely.
  15. Add earning vanguard marks to patrol missions and bounties.
  16. Add player trading.
  17. Having a blank reward screen should never happen. At the very least reward destination materials.
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It looks like an evolution of their SmartGlass app to me. SmartGlass is pretty great, especially for sending/receiving messages without having to futz about in the Xbox UI.

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Send it to Mysterious Universe!

It's funny you say that. I just listened to season 12, episode 22 where they spoke about Death Whistles. Check out the videos, they make some seriously messed up sounds. Maybe someone was walking around with one for a laugh. Changing how hard you blow into one might make is sound closer or further away.

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@jslack: Thanks for looking into it, duder.

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@jslack: Thanks for the update. Would it be possible to limit by file size and not image resolution? 1080 is on its way out as far as PC games are concerned so a 1080 limit isn't going to do much for those of us that have already moved on to 1440/1600/4K monitors.

I've got some 1440 screens of Dragon Age waiting to upload. The PNG files range from 2-6 MB each while the JPG versions range from 1-3 MB each.

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Any updates?