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@onemanarmyy: I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say it has something to do with her right hand that keeps glowing but, this is Team Ninja and DOA continues to be the dreck of the fighting genre so...

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Wow, ROMscout just said they found a bug that put a ton of donations past the tracker and right through to PCF and that by the time they add those in manually to the known total they think they may have $1.5 million.

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@wreakones: I've not played it myself but back when it came out there was a lot of talk about it being a really badly optimized port.

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Actually, 2014 is the year I got back into MP shooters.

I had gotten tired of them back around 2011 or so and stopped, figuring I was just done with them. But after a friend got me to try the Last of Us mp (I hated Uncharted's mp so it took some serious convincing) I picked it up and really got into it. I was absolutely terrible at it but still had fun. Such a great way to do competitive mp.

LoU lasted a couple of months before the Fall releases grabbed my attention but now Advanced Warfare has taken up most of my gaming time. Black Ops was the last CoD I played and the new mechanics, combined with my extended break from the genre, has really made shooting online exciting again.

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@cleric22: Ohhh... that does sound like an improvement. That was the biggest issue I had with the game. I'm also not too thrilled about things like Aquaman using the Batmobile and whatnot like that can be overlooked. You just may have talked me into this now. Would I be able to get just the heroes from the first set and use them with Crisis? It's my understanding that despite all the releases being base sets they're compatible.

Edit: Ah, I see this is an actual expansion. I thought they'd just been putting out base sets. Big thanks for mentioning this. I love the Marvel DBG but am a bigger DC fan and was bummed I didn't like this game. Definitely going to check this out now.

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@cleric22: I've stayed away from that one since I have some issues with it thematically but, have you tried the board game geek page for the game? If they don't already have the info you seek you'll probably get a much better response there then here. From the main page you can go to each expansion.

Board Game Geek DC Deck-Building Game

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That Jedi Knight run was great. It's a shame Striker isn't running anything though, that dude's super entertaining.

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@hichael said:

Also as for the time dedication, it can take longer than disposable razors but you get a much better shave. And for me as well as other folks it becomes a very enjoyable ritual. I think it's nice to relax and listen to something classy while doing so.

This. So hard. I tried a straight razor out of curiosity and absolutely love it. I went from quickly shaving with a normal razor in the shower to enjoying the process of a straight blade right after one. It's extends the relaxation of the shower for me. Of course, it helps that I only have to shave once a week. >.>

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