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@grillbar: I have a mom but she goes to her husband's family. It's really not as bad as it sounds. Over the years various friend's families have invited me for holiday stuff but, having grown up without that stuff, it just feels weird. I gave it a try for a few years but eventually decided I'd rather not go. They keep inviting me every year though, which is nice.

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No family so my Christmas day tradition is I watch Nightmare Before Christmas, Love Actually, and Batman Returns.

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@gaspower: Yeah, in Japan, same as the console version over there being out earlier. But I doubt they use foreign releases for consideration.

I don't doubt games like GG have a bigger uphill battle to be recognized by something like this over SF or MK, I just don't really see how it's a knock that it wasn't considered in this case when the game wasn't released widespread yet.

Regardless, I'm excited for the stream this weekend. Omega mode should be fun to watch and I really want to see more of SF5.

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@flstyle: Hm, I see. It's a bit suspect if the awards are based in part on unfinished versions of the games.

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Why should they have included Xrd in the fighting category when it's not even out yet?

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@recspec: I actually just beat Killer is Dead last week. I died a few times on the last boss as I was paying more attention to the music. I couldn't believe, and loved, that another game used it for a moon fight. I didn't know about Armstrong until reading this thread, that's pretty cool.

For any interested, the version of used in Killer is Dead is pretty cool, has a slightly techno sound to it at times.

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@brendan: Amazon in Seattle, presumably the Fire games division.

Man, that picture really highlights what a cool crew they have over there now.

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It's a real shame Tara is leaving the games media. A lot of my favorite voices have left in the last couple of years or so.

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If you're just looking to see if you like the series, just go with the PSP version. Hopefully you can assign the camera controls to the second stick but if not just realize the terrible camera controls wouldn't be an issue on the Wii U or the 3DS, assuming you get a circle pad pro or the New 3DS.

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I saw something about this on Kotaku the other day and was intrigued in the historical accounts. How much of the book is that stuff versus art?