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I'll not be getting the game until later this year but when I do I'll be a paladin. Ever since learning what paladins are in FFIV as a kid I always choose that class when possible.

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@totsboy said:

Downloaded this yesterday. Decided to try it at night since there was a power outtage.


Requires internet.

Well, there goes my idea of playing this on an upcoming trip.

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If this is true it's an awful change unless you can block invasions. I'm still a bit unclear about that.

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I saw an adult playing a 2DS in my doctor's office last year and I haven't done so since the GBA SP, mostly because the systems since aren't that portable to me. But if you want to, go for it. Fuck other people.

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Yeah, it happens to me fairly often.

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It's a great way to do this. I'm curious to see how much the tokens will cost and then sell for in game.

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@dekkadekkadekka said:

Don't buy any of them. Get Star Realms, it's a complete game in a box, it'll last you a long time. Free on Android and probably iOS too.

Best advice of the thread. I mentioned the same in a similar thread recently. It is on ios and PC/mac as well. The basic version is free but you only get AI battle and a campaign that way, for mp and a second campaign scenario you need to pay $5. That unlocks everything on all four platforms.

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@lentfilms: Great! I just heard about this game this morning and it looks interesting. Thanks.

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Is there any word if this works on Playstation TV?

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I saw this on Game Informer yesterday and my excitement went from sky high to crushed once I saw the actual Kickstarter. Just about every single thing about it really rubs me the wrong way.