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At this very second, "Master of Puppets" by Metallica. Recently, I've been listening to a lot of Kendrick Lamar.

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Target. Occasionally I order a tee shirt from the internet. There are so many more things I want to spend my money on than clothing. If I didn't have a pretty strong germ phobia (probably unfounded in this case, but whatever), I would probably get all my clothes from thrift stores.

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If anyone has any NA Xbox 360 codes they wouldn't mind parting with, I'd love to give the game a shot.

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If you aren't interested in the old series (I haven't watched a scrap of them, personally), picking up with the first season of the reboot is as good a starting place as any. It takes a little while to find its footing (first handful of episodes are pretty rough, tonally), but I think it's worth it to watch everything in chronological episode order.

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Not counting the Santa-hatified holiday version, I haven't changed mine since I joined the site.

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RPG: Oblivion. Also happens to be my favorite game ever.

JRPG: Does Pokemon count?

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After waking up, 100% of the time. My hair always looks like the Gordian knot when I wake up. Takes more than a comb to beat it back into shape.

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The title is the TLDR, but in long, I'm playing through Stick of Truth and am greatly enjoying the timing/turn based combat system. The wiki notes that Costume Quest (which I own, and intend to check out once I'm done with South Park) and Paper Mario both have similar systems, but I'm looking for something a touch deeper mechanically and more serious in tone, if such a game exists. I would greatly appreciate some recommendations!

If it helps, the platforms I have access to are PC, 360, DS and PSP, though getting access to older consoles via borrowed hardware or emulation isn't a particularly difficult task.

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What a weird bump.

Regardless, I would definitely consider Oblivion my favorite game of all time, but to go around trumpeting that it is the "best game ever made," even when considered at the time of its release, would be willfully ignorant and objectively wrong. The combat is poor at best, the level system is bizarre, the story is barely passable and (perhaps most damning) most of the characters look hideous. On the other hand, the sense of open ended, varied adventure it fomented was (and still greatly is) completely unparalleled (for me, only matched by other Bethesda games), which more than made up for its litany of faults and shortcomings.

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Loved finding that exchange. Those internal emails alone more than made up for the disappointments of ACIII. Sure, it is a bit on the nose, but damn if I don't love some meta "take that!"s.