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Oblivion Game of the Year edition.

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GTAV. Not a bad game by any means (with a handful of changes, I would be open to the argument that it's one of the greatest games of all time), but there just felt like there was some spark missing from the whole enterprise. In addition, I played the game at a very odd time in my life and my real life problems tainted my enjoyment of the game. However, I'm looking forward to the PC re-release nonetheless. What Rockstar didn't do, modders most certainly will.

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I met my girlfriend through a Dungeons and Dragons group at my college and my current circle of friends and roommates came together thanks to a Civilization V LAN party.

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I've been having the same issue, with the same device. I have no fix, but I just wanted to tell you that you're not alone.

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Commander Shepard. Or Liara. Or Garrus. Or Miranda. Or the guy who sells omnitool games on the Citadel in ME2.

...I really want to live in the Mass Effect universe, guys...

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@hailinel said:

Not counting rhythm games, it's Saints Row: The Third, easily. Because man, does it make fantastic use of its soundtrack at points. I Need a Hero kicks in at the absolute best moment it possibly can.

Came in here to post exactly this.

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Civ: Beyond Earth. Was also going to get Dragon Age, but that's not happening anymore.

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At this very second, "Master of Puppets" by Metallica. Recently, I've been listening to a lot of Kendrick Lamar.

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Target. Occasionally I order a tee shirt from the internet. There are so many more things I want to spend my money on than clothing. If I didn't have a pretty strong germ phobia (probably unfounded in this case, but whatever), I would probably get all my clothes from thrift stores.

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If anyone has any NA Xbox 360 codes they wouldn't mind parting with, I'd love to give the game a shot.