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Dan just confirmed on Twitter that he will be involved.

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The first Unplugged series got me into tabletop RPGs, which in turn led to me meeting my girlfriend. I await the triumphant return with bated breath.

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I see Butcher is running out of titles. Hopefully the book is good. I like his stuff. It's the literary equivalent of a shallow, yet inexplicably immensely satisfying TV series.

That's an excellent analogy. Also, Skin Game came out almost a year ago (at least in the US...don't know where you are). It was great; lots of cool lore shakeups.

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@beforet: I want a Quick Look sooooooooooo badly now.

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Something like 200 games, but out of those, I'm only really interested in playing about a dozen. Currently working on Arkham Origins, MGS 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition. Also hoping to finish Dishonored, Sleeping Dogs and Witcher 2 at some point in the next few months.

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Arkham Origins (not as bad as I was led to believe) and Dragon Age Inquisition. Hoping to beat both before GTAV releases on PC on the 27th.

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@cav829: By their logic prior to Brad's filibuster, absolutely. Saints Row is a fantastic game and is so very Giant Bomb. Not my favorite game of that year, but it definitely deserved to win.

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I hope one year Brad and I share a passion game. That man will fight to the bloody end.

I dunno, duder. Skyrim was my GOTY in 2011 and I still wound up siding with the Saints Row side on that podcast. Much as I love him, Brad's arguments on these 'casts are irredeemably cringe-worthy regardless of whether or not I like the game he's championing.

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Fallout 3 in 2014, have yet to play anything in '15...just installed Arkham Origins, so it'll probably be that after I do maintenance for my D&D campaign.

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  • Stop wasting time on Reddit, for fuck's sake
  • Don't buy a new game unless you beat another game first
  • Write or practice guitar for 20 minutes before gaming sessions
  • Keep adhering to your exercise schedule, no matter what happens

That's about it.