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I'm all for people getting money for making cool shit. I'm not all for Valve and Bethesda taking the majority cut of the profits for someone else's hard work, especially considering Valve is apparently going around the Workshop and deleting modders' links to exterior donation pages. Just seems skeezy and greedy as hell.

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I enjoy Star Wars Battlefront a whole lot. Empire Strikes Back is a real good movie. I will inevitably see the new film, but I'm way more hyped for DICE's Battlefront. Don't even care if it's a Battlefield reskin.

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Kanye, Dropkick Murphys, a smattering of songs from Grand Theft Auto radio stations, Daft Punk, Iced Earth, Gojira, the Rocky theme.

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Just realized I haven't bought a single 2015 game yet.

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Yep. My dad's great.

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@zokamoka: I would be very interested in a me some Obsidian roleplaying games.

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@witzig: I'll give you that...but you can easily see all of it online, in much better quality.

(For real though, speaking as a recovering addict, Magic is like real world microtransactions and your wallet would be much, much happier to stay away)

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Whatever you do, DO NOT START PLAYING MAGIC THE GATHERING. It is a horrible, horrible moneysucking leech.

New 3DS is probably a good investment.

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@slag: I'm definitely fine with 2D art. In terms of what I enjoy, I'm fond of exploration and plenty of varied side quests, intuitive combat that's fun and doesn't feel like a slog 30 hours in (which should be standard in all games, but what can you do), darker stories that don't get stuck up their own asses and aren't slaves to tropes and fair difficulty curves. Not sure if that really helps or is relevant, but there you go.

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I've got an itch I never thought I'd have to scratch...after a lifetime of apathy toward JRPGs, I've got the sudden urge to play a Final Fantasy game. My experience with the series is limited to Crisis Core. What's my best starting point in the main series? Through a mixture of emulators, iDevices and consoles, I can probably play just about any of them except 8 and 9, though I will say I am mainly interested in playing one of the recent iOS re-releases, as I have a lot of travelling coming up pretty soon and would rather not be tethered.