Linux gaming

I would really love to see it be more supported. I do most daily activitys on my linux mint and pretty much just game on windows. But the funny thing is windows gets bloated and slows down so easy. I don't even use it that much and it seems to need way more tweaking then mint does. On top of that mint is freaking free and runs so fast.

There is hope with Steam going linux its getting some more attention. Even mac gaming is getting bigger which is a good sign. It would be nice if linux could get all the mac games ported over as they are closer to linux then windows is.

Windows 8 is looking awful its made for tablets and is even more locked down then ever. Even vavle does not want it!


why are zombies so awesome?

One thing i have always loved ever since i was a kid is zombies. They are some of the most cult like monsters out there with huge fan bases. But what really is so great about them?

To me its really the worst thing that could happen. It would take over the whole world and who ever is left has to hide from being eaten by their own family. These are not just random monsters you have to kill, but your own friends, wife,brother and so on.

I like undead zombies better as they are much harder to kill. Infected zombies can be killed but starving or a bullet to any major vain in the body. Undead can walk around with their arms chopped off and guts hanging out and feel no pain. they only go down if shot in the head. while you can kill an infected by shooting them anywhere.


Giving a voice to the voiceless

Gaming kinda had its own silent era.

Yes we had sound in games lots of bleeps and blops, and so forth.

But after playing skyward sword (which i think is very underrated 7.5 on gamespot really?) the biggest problem i had with the game is no voice acting. It makes the game feel stone age. It is a beautiful and detailed game ,but everything is said in text.

I think games like Other M are going to hold back Nintendo form trying this again. My god how did they over do it so much?

Having to take my eyes off whats going on kinda takes me out of the game.

What retro game do you want to see with voice acting?

Even newer games like half life Gordon freeman does not speak a word as people are freaking out right in front of him.


To many games set in USA

I'm not hating on Americans here

However it seem so many games are set in America or have American characters.

I could be wrong but it just feels like almost every game i play that has real world locations its almost always in the US of A.

Have you guys noticed it as well or is it just me? What other real world locations are used in gaming?

Yes, i know many devs are from the US. But i live in Toronto and if i were to make games i would not always use that as the settings for them.


he is watching you

This is not a creepy pasta theard. But why is it people are so freaked out about being watched. I mean its so bad that all i have to do is stare at my friend and do nothing and they get very nervus. My friend was telling me a story about his past and all i did was look right at him and kept a blank look on my face and he was ready to poop himself.

Its the same with cameras as well. People can act so much different around them knowing they could be recorded

It seems to be a part of human nature. Even as i stare into the picture i posted it feels almost as he is staring back into my very soul.


No good zombie games.

Why are there so few good zombie games? I love the zombie concept i think its one of the worst things that could ever happen. I love the feeling of hiding in some dark corner as your dead family is trying to break in and eat you. I love how you can also become one of them as well.

However there are so few good zombie games imo.

l4d is just another run and gun game. resident evil is not even really a zombie game anymore. Survival horror my but! those games are not scary at all!

Zombie game i played most is zombie panic. Its a source mod and i love how there is objectives and barricades and you can become a zombie. It feels like most people just don't get what zombies are about.

It seems only indie companies know how to scare people these days. slender and amesia are not zombie games but they get what people fear.


4k ps4!!!11?

We know nothing on what the ps4 will have in it. But there are already rumors that ps4 will do 4k games. I think this is bs unless they are running movies or maybe pac man you would need a monster gpu that would cost like 600$ just to run games at 4k.

sony tends to over blow the systems power remember 4d 1080p games at 120 fps?

I am not sure if devs lie or dont know what they are talking about. People saying wii u is weaker then ps3 and then another dev says it blows it away. I remember hearing ps4 will have 6670 which is not really even a gaming card. The guys behind unreal engine 4 says they have seen ps4 and next box and think they need more power.

Are you guys getting sick of all these spec rumors?


GPU gimmicks

Anyone else getting kinda tried of all the marketing when it comes to gpus? The sad thing is most people don't even know what these things are. I remember people saying over the wii u rumors of its gpu " wii u will use dx 11 anything else would be stupid" Why would a nintendo machine use dx 11? Have they ever heard of any other api?

An older one not long after ps3 coming out people were saying we need "ray tracing"

Nvidia has phyx!!! you cant get that on amd! what does it do? it makes things move a bit different....


Now you are playing with dead.

I've heard that Nintendo power is about to become worm food. It feels like a part of my childhood has died along with it. Back in my dad most people did not have the internet. So only way to know what is good and what is coming was from nintendo power.

I'm going to miss this mag... but this will be the fate of most magazines as everything is digital.

I had a feeling this has been coming for a while tho. First off Nintendo does not get that many games anymore. So whats to write about?

who else will miss the power?


Onlive better then steam?

When you buy a game on steam you have to download it then install then update and run it on your hardware. With onlive you can play almost in a instant No downloads no updates no need to worry about hardware.

Onlive runs the game for you so its a much better deal then buying a game on steam. the hardware treadmill is over with onlive.

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