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I started and finished Morrowind and am now starting Skyrim, but all this is doing is making me crave GW2. I haven't craved a game since I first played Morrowind 6 years ago.

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@ThatFrood: I know :P

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Gabe wasn't letting him leave due to a sickness. I am pretty sure Gabe would let him leave if he just wanted to quit.

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No idea about the first 3 questions but I can kind of answer the fourth.
I used to play at my School with a bunch of friends and it was really really fun, it wasn't competitive or anything. From playing MTG I made many good friends which I still have now. I would say if I were to play competitively I wouldn't find it that fun because I wasn't that great at it, but if you play it with friends it is really good, and so worth it.

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I agree that it will be Half life 3. It could even be a combination of Half life episode 3 and Portal 2, as in, where their stories intertwine. Just speculation, because that would be one hell of a surprise.

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@ClaritySam said:
" @Eric_Buck: From everything I hear about Australia its not a good place to be a gamer! "
What you hear is right. Steam is our only salvation, which is being threatened now by producers making them raise prices their prices.
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District 9
Inglorious Bastards
 They are the best I can think of atm

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@Ace829 said:
" Counterstrike 2 "
 They are currently beta testing a major CS:S overhaul, including achievements, domination/revenge, MVP and stats to name a few changes. They have being testing for a while now, but no date set for the release of the update.
@topic: The latest news is that they canceled their Portal 2 showcase and have a "Surprise". My assumption is half life 3 which seems the most probable.
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Look at GixG17. He is a very good roleplayer in the Elderscrolls games. I find Morrowind his best Let's Play because it is the first time he has played it, and it is funny to see the mistakes he makes sometimes. Also brings back good memories of how much fun I used to have playing Morrowind

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When I first played it, it was the most amazing thing I had ever done, but every time I try to play it now I can't get into it like I was but it is still an amazing games, so I would say try it again.

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