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So sorry for your loss Patrick. Stay strong brother!

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Awesome! Thanks and

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So how exactly does the Steam sale work? This is my first year with a capable PC. Does an item stay on sale all day or is it only for an hour? So you basically have to be watching it all day.

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Al least it looks like most of the credit card information is from expired cards.

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Actually something without lyrics might be a better idea. Do you have something in mind?
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My wife is putting together a photo slideshow for some friends of her's that are opening a new store. The store carries refurbished items bought at garage sales, flea markets, etc... She's looking for a good upbeat acoustic song to have in the background of the slideshow. She doesn't want anything that's been played  a million times on the radio though. Any thoughts would be great. 
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Loving the beta after a few games. The armor abilities change up the formula just enough to make it feel like a true progression in the series. A few of the abilities and weapon still need to be balanced, but that's why they're running this beta. It's lived up to my expectations and I can't wait to play more tonight.
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Does it matter what number you finished at? Does anybody know how many beta keys they have?
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I love the games art style