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Do we know if there will be a show this week? With packing and planing for E3, I wasnt sure if Jeff had said if there would be a show or not this week.

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@patrickklepek: Glad you took the constructive criticism, I am a big fan of yours going back to your 1up days and love reading your stories. With the fixes you added this one now reads much better.

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Patrick is usually an awesome writer, but this one left me scratching my head a few times. It took until the end for me to realize that they invited an adult, based on the pictures near the top I thought the guy was a little kid while reading this. And I still dont understand why they did this. I guess just cuz. But Patrick sets up mystery in the first few paragraphs and never gives the answer as to why. Still a cool story though.

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Because it worked so well for the PSPgo right guys!

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Same house different year. Back at the Bomb house in 2011

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#485! Made it into the top 500 for the first time.

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The 10 best games of the year (that I played) in order. Number 1 being my 2010 Game of the Year!!!

10. Game Dev Story (iOS) - It surprises the hell out of me to have an iPhone game on my top ten. But when I got this game one morning from the app store I played it for at least 5 hours straight. With no breaks. I know that seems crazy, but this game company simulator was addicting as all fuck for me. I would work task after task trying to make the best game and get the best review scores. All the while hiring and firring my employees until I had the best team possible. I'm sad to say I never had a "Game of the Year" but I did have about five 10 million sellers buy the games end at twenty game years.

9. DeathSpank (XBLA) - The games that made Ron Gilbert famous as a game developer where just before my time. I have since gone back and played the updated Secret of Monkey Island. So this being a Ron Gilbert game had little effect on my purchase of this game. What got me to fork over my Microsoft space bucks was the art style. DeathSpank looks like a children's WOW popup book. Drawn in by this style I started playing and couldn't stop. This is about a 7hr game, longer if you get to the level cap. I sat and played this in just 3 sittings and got to the level cap. And enjoyed the funny storyline.

8. Mass Effect 2 (X360) - This is the first of only two games on my list that I actually didn't finish. And I plan to fix that soon. But that still does not change how much I love this series. I played through Mass Effect twice. Once as a good character and then again as a mean guy. So I have been waiting for Mass Effect 2. I did play enough of it to see most of the updates and changes for the first to the second. I do miss all of the RPG elements, and I HATE mining planets. But I loved how this felt more like a shooter. When I aimed and shot, my bullets actually connected, and not because of some invisible dice roll. I also am a fan of the TV show Chuck, so I was on board to see Yvonne Strahovski as Miranda as a companion character. I'm sure when I get to finish this game I will only love it more.

7. Super Meat Boy (PC) - I ran out of space bucks, so I didn't get to play Super Meat Boy until it was released for the PC. I usually am not a fan of overly hard games. But the look, music, and retro game homages got my attention. As for how it plays, it feels fine to me. I can spend and entire hour on just one level and still be having fun. Thats the sign of an engaging game. This being the second of the 2 games on this list that I have yet to finish, but it's damn hard so what do you  expect.

6. Halo: Reach (X360) - Before it begins you know how it ends, so they say. Well I don't read game novelizations, so I didn't know how this was gonna end, aside from Reach was gonna go down. Like most Halo fans I have played them all and love each one on it's own for it pluses and minuses. Halo: CE being my favorite of the bunch until I played Reach. The AI partners feel like real characters that you grow attached to. As always the shooting feels right and the music is on par with most movies. I'm not much for the multiplayer but I had some fun with the fire fight mode.

5. Bejeweled 3 (PC) - I never expected that a casual game would sneak onto my top 10 list. But after looking at what games where released this year I couldn't deny how awesome this game is. Almost everyone has played the match 3 jewels of Bejeweled. But what made this game different to me was the additions to part 3. First being the quest mode which has you play bejeweled but with minigame twists to change up the game. I also enjoyed the Zen mode where you would never lose and you could have it play relaxing sounds while you play.

4. Fallout: New Vegas (PC) - Fallout: New Vegas with probably the game I was most looking forward to all year. Having played Fallout 3 three times (once on Xbox 360 and twice on PS3) for more than 250 hours total. I was ready for this gameplay type in a new setting with some upgrades aswell. And I got exactly what I asked for. New Vegas was a great location for this game. It was different enough for me to want to spend more countless hours out in the wastelands. The story was also way better than the find your father quest of Fallout 3. I was one of the lucky few who didn't have any bugs or glitches when I played this game, so I have this higher on my list than most. And I think thats a big reason why.

3. Rock Band 3 (X360) - I love music. I love games. Henceforth I love music games. And as of this year Rock Band 3 is the ultimate music game. I sat down and completed all of the new Road Challenges in a single week. And have been playing with randoms online ever since. The ability to download and play along to songs I actually want to play is what keeps me happy with Rock Band 3.

2. Picross 3D (DS) - This 3D take on the classic Picross puzzle game just blew my mind this year. I have played other picross games but when Picross went 3D everything changed. I love puzzle games, so this is right up my alley. You start out with a 4 sided cube and have to chip away blocks in that cube with the help of numbers telling you how many blocks are in any given column or row. The challenge come when you add the clock and them leaving out clues to how many blocks to leave. I have spent many an afternoon just sitting and playing puzzle after puzzle of Picross 3D.

1. Red Dead Redemption (X360) - On paper I should not have liked Red Dead Redemption. I hate the old wild west as a setting. So it would reason that I shouldn't like a game set there. But because I was one of the very few who played Red Dead Revolver and liked it too, as well as am a fan of developer Rockstar. I decided to try out Red Dead Redemption. In the shortest of terms, I loved this game. Full days would go by that I would spend either hunting the wildlife in the game or searching for flowers. Without progressing the storyline at all. This was the first Rockstar game that I actually liked being in the world of, unlike all of the GTA games. Don't get me wrong, I loved the story too. John Marston is a cool guy just trying to get back to his family and I was along for the ride. Without giving away the ending I will say that I was not a fan of the last few missions and how this game ends. Oh and riding into Mexico for the first time was the single greatest moment in gaming in 2010 for me. For these reasons and many more Red Dead Redemption is my Game of the Year 2010!

   Here is the list of games from this past year that I played to come to my decision for my top 10. 

1.      Back to the Future Episode 1

2.      Doritos Crash Course

3.      Bejeweled 3

4.      Donkey Kong Country Returns

5.      Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

6.      Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

7.      Call of Duty: Black Ops

8.      GoldenEye 007

9.      Octodad

10.  Rock Band 3

11.  Super Meat Boy

12.  Fallout: New Vegas

13.  Kirby’s Epic Yarn

14.  Game Dev Story

15.  NBA 2K11

16.  Cut the Rope

17.  NBA Jam

18.  Dead Rising 2

19.  Sid Meier’s Civilization V

20.  DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue

21.  Halo: Reach

22.  DeathSpank

23.  Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

24.  Pix’n Love Rush

25.  Super Mario Galaxy 2

26.  Red Dead Redemption

27.  3D Dot Game Heroes

28.  Picross 3D

29.  Just Cause 2

30.  Pokemon SoulSilver

31.  Final Fantasy XIII

32.  Heavy Rain

33.  Mass Effect 2

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