History of my avatars. Post your avatarography.

This is a list of my avatars ive used since giantbomb was created, should be interesting.

First default avatar.
My first custom avatar.
3rd avatar.
4th avatar.

Most of you might remember this avatar.
my last avatar.
My current avatar.

enjoy the history lesson I suggest you post all of your images in a blog post or respond here. 

/b/ is evil has anyone else been scarred by /b/

I heard talk about the most random message board on the internet its called 4chan /b/  so i decided to go there and I saw a person cutting there eye with a razor blade! this place is creepy and I am never going there again. Has anyone else been there?


Who should take over the late show. part 2.

Ive finally decided who should take over the late show since I think Im the number one fan. Based on hours of research I have come to a conclusion.

First choice is Dave Chappelle, because hes hilarious and could do great things.
Second choice is Jerry Seinfeld
Third choice is Craig Ferguson because hes also hilarious.

Also I think David Letterman should never retire no one is as good as he is.  Us young people love letterman.

Heres a website I made to get dave chappelle a talk show on fox or something.

One GREAT Soulja boy Tell 'Em Song.

This is a blog post about my current favorite soulja boy song. This song is great because It has a nice beat great video and great lyrics ( you have to listen carefully between chorus of: " Watch me do my bird walk" I highly recomend it.



Great survival kit for post apocolypse or desert travel.

Lightweight equipment

  • Knife -  (cannot be collapsable they break too easy.)
  • Fishing string, sinks, floats, and hooks - (use crickets roaches worms and other bugs as bait.) (styrofome makes a good float)
  • Unlubricated condoms - These are great to have in order to store water since they are collapsable and very light.
  • Flint and Steel - used to start fires


  • Tough baggy clothes - (Used army clothes work the best)


  • A pistol - to hunt animals, probably dogs and cats if its post apocolyptic.
  • sunglasses
  • Hardcandy - for energy If you cant find food.

Tips for survival

  • If you cant find water do not eat because it will make you thirstier
  • Become nocturnal to save water since youll sweat less (this is a must if your traveling in the desert)
  • If you find a place with damp sand and your really thirsty dig a hole and wait for the water to drain into the hole and use one of the condoms to put the water in and drink it then or save it for later.
  • Drink water sparingly - judge the color of your urine if its dark then you are dehydrated and need something to drink.

Another thing you might consider doing is carrying a large clear trashbag. This is useful because you can throw a ton of grass leaves bush's cactus in there and leave it in the sun for a few hours and the moisture from the plants will evaporate and accumulate in the bag and youll have yourself some drinking water. (poke holes or cut the cactus in half so the water can evaporate easier.)

Evolution by natural selection. How can this happen In the modern

Evolution by natural selection. How can this happen In the modern World.

(Note:) I believe in god So I dont believe In natural selection but I still think its a fascinating theory to read about.

    Is anyone else worried that natural selection Isnt occuring because of modern medicine? How are we supposed to evolve if natural selection doesnt occur? In the wild midgets wouldnt be able to reproduce because they are slow and weak (No offence) and they would be eaten quickly, so the midget gene would become extinct eventually. Now if evolution by natural selection is true then this is a huge problem because that means we are the slowest evolving species.

    Maybe the reason cancer is becoming more and more common is because people with cancer survive longer and are more likely to pass there genetic defects on to there offspring.

Just something to think about if you believe in evolution by natural selection.

Crazy nightmares and unable to move when I wake up.

Twice in my life I woke up and couldnt move its crazy I cant scream I cant open my eyes I cant use my arms leg neck or anything but Im concious and its frightening. I know what it is its a common thing among people from india (Im not from india though but its more common in people from india).

Heres a few of my nightmares.

If there was a internet forum about nightmares I think thatd b e a great place to get information on video games.

My amazon wishlist.

I made a wishlist on amazon, I think these would be a good read since I cant find any good rpg's I havent already beat.

P.s. Press the see all 9 items at the bottom since theres 9 things.



I was wrong about Fallout 3.

I thought this game was going to be oblivion + guns, I WAS wrong, I say this game comes very close to the type of game Fallout1 + 2 was, the only difference is the gameplay, Its an fps. 

The game actually dodes a few things BETTER than fallout 1 and 2, you cant repair weapons 100% until the end of the game, so you always feel like your scavenging for weapons that are less damaged.

My gameplay complaint is some people only get knocked unconcious its stupid because that isnt realistic I shot a fat man mini nuke at someone and they just got knocked out.

And also the textures look shiny,  not dull, the dirt seems freshly tilled instead of being packed down by years of people, animals, and brahmin, walking around on it. Theres also way too many boulders Its stupid I hate it.

Edit: eh I kind of hate this game now the ending sucks and its really short, also it doesnt recap what I did very well like the first 2 did.
This thread explains why the ending dropped the ball.
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