Black American or African American?

I have a friend and I called him an african american and he said he prefers being called black american, I think this makes more sence since hes not from Africa he was born in the USA, If I was black Id prefer to be called black american. 

(NOTE: Because my anceestors are from europe and im not called a european american.)

Oblivion to morrowind

I just beat elder scrolls 4 oblivion and I decided Id give Morrowind another try, I spen 1 0minutes creating a character another 4 minutes going through the starting area, then A guy fell out of the sky and he had some magic scrolls so i decided Id give one of the spells a try, and I flew 100 feet in the air and was going towards the town I needed to be quite fast but then I landed and died... now I have to start over. This sucks but I like the game so far Im going to save frequently so i can experiment without having to start over.

Why Im non Mainstream.

I think ive played basically every single game type there is and it seams like mainstream is just rehashing the same old with better graphics dont get me wrong thats great look at oblivion, but when they make a new game called fallout 3 and make it basically the same with guns i dont like that. I found a few innovative games 1 is Mount and blade an amazing game that hardly anyone knows about its better than oblivion in my book, another is Hinterland its not as good but its a cool innovative idea and a refreshing change of gameplay. Yesterday I heard of a game called Darkfall it looks amazing I think this game will be the greatest mmorpg evermade but since its not mainstream the casual gamers are going to miss out.

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