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Hello how are you today? good Im well.

Although I need to ask you a question.  What is a good game for 400 microsoft points? I have 800 points but I want 2 games.

Thanks you for the help it means alot.  *walks away slowly into the sunset whispering "always follow your heart"*

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Soulja boy tellem

enjoy hours of great music.

My favorite ensiferum song

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get2sammyb said:
I write in response to Mr. Ryan Davis comments on the latest episode of the Bonus Round, damning Sony's Playstation 3 as a "me too" system. Really? First I'd like to clarify -- blah blah, I realise all systems copy, I realise opinions, blah, blah, yadda, yadda. REALLY??! PS3 A "ME TOO" SYSTEM.

Wow... well my opinion hugely differs to yours Mr. Ryan Davis. HUGELY. I thought Sony had always tried to push the Playstation as a media system - that was the whole idea of Blu-Ray and DVD players being packed into the systems right? The whole idea of the original Playstation being a disc based system that played your music and shit too. Right? So now the 360 has Netflix Sony is a me-too system? Really? But they had that video download service a year ago didn't they (check facts on this). Both services are irrelevent to anyone outside the USA anyway so meh.

But really? Me too? Sony don't know what they want? Weren't Sony always the ones that had a balance between the casual and hardcore on the PS2. Singstar and Eye Toy spring to mind? And all those dancing mat games that people bought on the PS2 (granted I know they were available elsewhere).

Now seriously Mr. Davis, I think the XBOX has been marketed fabulously this generation and I think it has a great selection of games. I admit most of them never appealed to me but people love them and thus they're great none the less. But Sony being a "me too" system and not having an identity. What?

Maybe I took it out of context, maybe he was simply talking about the video services but; gah, Playstation 3 - "me too" - really?

Discuss without calling me a fanboy please.

(I agree with everything else said on the Bonus Round by the way. This just stuck out)

EDIT: After watching again I noticed that Pachter actually brought up the "me too" thing. So this addresses the both of them."
Saying one system is copying the other doesnt make you a fanboy, but complaining about someones opinion and writing a 5 paragraph complaint makes you a fanboy.
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If only playing the piano had achievments... Id be amazing.

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I cant say I agree with davis but I dont disagree. All I know is 360'S DPAD FUCKING SUCKS FUCK YOU DPAD I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!!!!!!!! *runs away crying* 
Although ive played a ps3 before the dpad is very good.

oh look at my mini bio to see my amazing gamertag.

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I stopped listening after the real site launched.

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BATTLETOADS! *leaves to preorder from gamestop*

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Jayge said:
"Yeah... no."