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Interesting nonlinear story like sid meiers Pirates. 1

After 8 years this game is finally completed. Created by a team of indy developers who thought that the huge library of available games needed a medieval themed game without magic, elves, or dragons. What they did was make a true nonlinear rpg like none I have ever seen most rpgs have a set storyline to follow or none at all. One moment I remember was after I became a rebel of a faction that I supported almost the entire game and the other commanders really liked me they said " I heard you left ...

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Levio91 reviews Hinterland zomg LEVIO91.!!!!!!!! 0

I bought this game thinking it would be like sim city meets diablo but its more like roller coaster tycoon minus huge amounts of people meets diablo minus dungeons, you start a town and get money by killing and looting enemies but as you get money you can build houses for people to move into like if you want a merchant to move in you build him a house and you get some of his earnings ( I assume you tax them) The combat is very diablo like, theres no skills besides magic but Ive only played a war...

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Zomg is that levio91 reviewing hl2 ep 2? yes it is retard. 1

This is the sequel to the game that is much different than Half Life 1 my fav Fps ever This game is of course Half life 2 and the game Im reviewing is Half Life 2: Episode 1… glad thats over with. I don’t like mentioning story In my reviews so im not… through the first half of the game all you can use is a super powered gravity gun and this isn’t fun everyones one shot kill and you also get alot more health than you would normally get this game is basically the last part of Half Life 2 extended ...

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Levio91 the game player reviews hl2. 0

Half Life 2: episode 2 is the third part of the Half Life 2 game, This game is much better than part 1 and Id say just as good as Half Life 2 but one part in this part is so epic feeling Id say that part beats any Half life 2 part. If you play like me youll learn to hate alexx shes always shooting monsters and makes the game too easy even on the hardest setting this game is just too easy but another thing youll hate about Alexx os she shoots monsters your trying to run over to get the achievemen...

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Fun is number 1 priority in this game. 0

I just beat John Woo presents: Stranglehold about 15 minutes ago, this games alot of fun I would have preferred to play it with a controller if mine hadn’t broken I would have but the mouse and keyboard works fine except I hate how they change the mouse speed when your in holdups it sucks because im so used to how far my mouse moves when I move it an inch that I cant get a hit so i have to do those sequences many times over. The cover system is great just as good as Uncharted: Drakes Fortune or ...

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Game I have been dreaming of. 1

This is the type of Rts Ive been dreaming about since I heard of them, I bought this game by fluke I went to the store to buy The lord of the rings rts but it was 50 dollars So I saw stronghold 2 and it was 20 dollars so i picked it up instead, The reason this is my dream rts is because Its a defensive rts you build your castle walls and you make weapons so you can hire soldiers or you can buy weapons by selling your apples or cheese or wood whatever extra resources you have you can sell and buy...

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Gears is fun. 1

Gears of war is fun I like how you can skip the cutscenes… anyway the cutscenes aren’t that bad they are just very overshadowed by the magnificent gameplay I think I would have had more fun if id have played with an xbox 360 controller it would be easier to maneuver and use cover. that’s my major complaint wasd just doesn’t cut it in a game that if you run into a wall you stick to it you need more variable in your maneuvering ability but the mouse makes it easier to snipe but not necessarily eas...

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Too human is a bad rpg. 19

This game sucks because I hate the fact that it takes place in the future I want to kill a monster with an axe in a cave with a torch.  I also hate when I play this I cant stop thinking about Dennis dyacks whiny face I try to enjoiy the game but I keep hearing him crying about how he thinks the unreal engine screwed him over.... no one else complained. so i cant enjoy the game because dennuis dyacks a whiner....

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Shadow of the colossus REVIEW 2

Shadow of the Colossus is the prequel to Ico but in stead of fighting a bunch of shadow thingies youll be navigating a world and fighting colossus.While I was fighting the colossus I noticed that these werent just boss battles they were puzzles that required you to think and act precisely or they would smash you, But also it was like playing a platform game since the beasts are like 20 storys high and you had to jump from limb to limb and stab them in there weak areas. There are no enemies in th...

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