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Find a tv series i havent seen yet and then watch all episodes.

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Im really happy with Audio-Technica ATH-M50. Works for all kinds of music.

Paired it with Fiio E10 Headphone amp/dac and it runs the headphones great. Huge difference just running it from computer soundcard.

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Screwed up my dinner entertainment :(

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My biggest issue with this game right now is the respawn rate is way to fast.

Im also not sure about how the combat feels. Been playing a warrior and not sure what it is but it feels awkward somehow. Need to think about it some more.

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Got it when i was 18 on my first attempt. The ice driving test was a blast as im sure everyone in Sweden that has taken the licence can agree on:)

Not sure if you got that test on your driving licence in other countries?

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Looks like my type of game! Cant wait!

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Yea...I think im done with this game really.

I want to be able to play my games on my term when i got the time not when blizzards servers wants me to play.

I got through normal mode and not to excited to jump back in with the server problems and oh god the lag.

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I could take the bus to work but that would cost me 2hours more every day and i value that time more then the cost of owning a car. I also love my car :D

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I can understand if the cops sits outside schools and such but when they stop people for going 10mph faster on a highway with large lanes i have to ask myself wtf.

Go catch real bad guys instead, thank you.