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In the strangest way. I completely agree. My story with GB almost reads like yours exactly. I just find it so odd of the lack of cool features like "This No Game" and so many others from the early era. ain't

More than not I feel like what made the early site to great was the "Whiskey Media" aspect of it all. It felt like we were all a part of something, an inner circle of cool people and awesome sites that worked well apart but were just awesome together. After the CBS move, it just feels a little dower. Earlier this year I actually pulled my long running 5 buck per month subscription. Oddly, I felt terrible about it because I felt like I had developed some sort of relationship with the guys. Yep, I know this all sounds crazy to say about game reviewers on a video game site.

However, if there is something that is up with the guys, or the business structure of the site I just wish one of the guys would say something. I just feel like we would all pitch in financially to help make the site awesome again.

Okay okay, whine over. I still love this site and the bombcast is still one of the brightest parts of my week. Also, for the record Klepek did not ruin anything, I find his work to be some of the best anywhere, I just wish some of the site design would reflect how great it is similar to how news stories are laid out on Polygon. (and yes, I know the new design is on the way)

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@Nightriff: Truph! Welcome to the community sir

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We need a GTA trailer bingo card. I am reserving the walking away while all kinds of shit explodes in the background./explosion/92-309/

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I cannot say enough about how much super high quality and interesting content Patrick is bringing to this site. Thanks for the great read!

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Awesome, thank you!

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Hey guys, this type of thread may have been started in the past, but after some looking around I think it may be a good time to bring it back up.  
I do not have a ton of fellow Xbox live players around me where I live, thus I would really like to pad my friends list on Xbox live with my favorite online community. That said, would you be kind enough to friend the gamer-tag "Nunnbro1" on the Xbox live.  
Do you guys find yourself in similar situations or are you literally swimming in local gamers around you?

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Tested and then by a hair Screened. 

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Wow! That was awesome!

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I am just happy to help Whiskey. These are the kind of websites that I enjoy