Banzaiaap's Best Games of 2008

Here we go! My controversial list of the best game of Two Thousand and Eight!

1.       Saints Row 2

The first Saints Row was great, but this one just tops it all. Great new modes, super fun storyline and full on Co-Op! Man, I can see myself playing this game until it’s time to create the best of 09 list!

2. Left 4 Dead

Man, this game is just… awesome! Don’t have any other words for this. Play this game with 4 friends on the hardest difficulty and enjoy!

3.  Gears of War 2

                Gears of War was a great game and man, Yung Cliffard’s team really pulled this one off again, lots of great actions moments in the campaign and a ton of replay-ability with all the multiplayer modes.

4. Fable 2

I love the first Fable and man, Peter Molyneux is still god to me. Seriously, this game is mad fun. Loved the humor and the graphical style of the architecture.

5.  Grand theft Auto 4

Man, I was sooo hyped for this game. It still made 5 place but still, I had much higher hopes of the multiplayer. Full on Co-op would have put this right up there with Saints Row 2

6. Rock Band 2

Rock band just rocks, I mean.. It should with such a name but still: It rocks!

7. Spore

Will Wright really is a ambitious guy, Spore almost lives up to the hype and anticipation I had for this game, but creating fun characters still cracks me up from time to time.

8. Castle Crashers

As much as people are hating on this game, I still love it. From the music to the graphical style, this game is just perfect! (Except for the netcode ;) )

9. Patapon

Best. PSP. Game. Ever! I enjoyed everything about this game, the music was sooo addicting.

10. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

                Dude, the explosions! :O

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