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I only said Brad/Drew for the Review as they have been going/doing all the preview stuff for it up on the site.

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Even if Halo 4 is a massive pile of dog turd. I'll still be buying it.

I just like the teams take on certain "big" games as they normal get it spot on. I've got my Limited Editon on Pre-Order ready for a midnight launch!

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Yo Yo Giantbomb!

I was wondering if we'll get to see (Guessing Brads or even Drew's) review of Halo 4 on November 1st at midnight?

I know some other gaming websites will.


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I don't find this to be so much of an issue in the UK. We get rotating slides on the big square in the middle and generally covers a game and the big thing in entertainment for that week. However I do always navigate to the Games tab to see what's what's for that week. As I do know Microsoft can't cover EVERYTHING.. I think a good solution would be to have a slide dedicated to each tab on the front page that's scrolls.. Then showing you most things. But this will never change as Microsoft for years have been pushing digital entertainment. Mr Gates himself said he saw the future in digital downloads/streams for movies. So Microsoft need to build a brand imagine doing this and so Games will always take back burner on the system as they push for the all in one entertainment/tv box

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Awesome Job Brad!

Well looking forward to this. I've always been a massive fan of the series and the whole surrounding Universe. I think i've always like Halo, because its good Sci-Fi, just like Mass Effect.

......and in todays world, we dont get much Sci-Fi (Tv/Movies)

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I'll be resubbing to support these guys

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Makes a refreshing change then! i had to w8 2-3 years for Pandamonium on PS1 classics here in the UK!

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Hey guys. Aliens Breed has appeared in the iOS app store. Not sure if it's iPad only but that what I saw and bought it on. It contains the Original Alien Breed plus the special edition. Graphical it's true to the original only your character has been updated. Also the game consists of micro transaction like everything else on there. The game plays ok, but I find the dual stick controls alittle inaccurate Enjoy Barberforce