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This is a brillant Tribute to Ryan Davis, cant believe its been almost a year since his passing. LLAP!

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I tactically voted in Europe (Labour) to stop UKIP, but in my Local i voted for who i follow (Conservative)

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Good Luck and try not to have too much fun moving back to NY! :D

I'm totally in love with the idea of the West Coast/ East Coast Rap Battles! - MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

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Let the mass exodus from Gamespot begin!

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GT Barberforce


Battlefield 4 and AC4

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Hey Guys,

As none of my friends have upgraded to the Xbone yet. I'm looking for folks to play Battlefield 4 with. I'm in the UK but i'm usually up playing it late. My gamertag is Barberforce. Throw us a line if you wanna play.


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lol as an Englishman i found all the bosses and especially the end boss to just be a big F.U Parody to America. This game was always gonna be a bit bonkers. Wasn't it Ninja Gaiden with all the bouncing boobs during cut-scenes....

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I have got Rising for both Xbox and PC. I find the PC version is much quicker at responding to what you have just pressed. I found it frustrating at time on the 360 Version to pull of parrys. But with the same controller plugged into my pc i'm flying through normal difficulty without any issue.

Plus... it looks crisp as hell on my PC and my PC is coming up to being 4 years old.

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Someone please make a tribute video Giantbomb style to help me, stop crying, or to make me cry more. Ryan was a totally no bullshit kind of guy, who told it like it was. I feel deeply for Jeff as i bet he feels like a big piece of him died back on July 3rd.

Married for less than a week. That shit is so terrible. :(

RIP Big Buy

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I am also going to give this ago after hearing Patrick on the Bombcast.

Just a few questions.....

  1. Can i pick what server to start on?
  2. Are the servers split into EU/US like WoW? As i'm in the UK so not sure how that would work.