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Turrican 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Sony Distribution Center in London has been torched! Could maybe be a further set back for Sony products in the UK

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Hey Guys,

I'm thinking about coming to join you guys from Stormrage. What are you doing raid wise atm? If your not raiding then i'll come create a new char on the server.

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Hey GB Community!

Me and a RLF (I Know right...real life) need a hand if with getting the Vidmaster Firefight Achievement. We're based in the UK so anyone who can help us out (2xGods of Halo would be amazing) just drop me a friends invite on "Barberforce" via xbox live and we'll sort a game out.

Many Thanks


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I love you....

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If you have never played a DN game before, then i would say STAY AWAY!

Duke Nukem 3D has a very fond place in my heart, but so far DNF has not done it for me, the game feels like it was meant for the xbox 360 launch and not 2011. The Xbox version has horrible loads times and even worse when you die. Its also very punishing.

On a good note, i do find it funny and the game is a decent length.

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Hey Folks,

I want to check out the E3 broadcasts that GB did, but i can only find old stuff nothing recent!? If anyone could post a link to them for me that would be brillant!

Much Love


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I know this is probably the wrong place to do this and if so i'm sorry :D

But does anyone want to buy a World of Warcraft account? I know I know i'm shallow



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The Giantbomb Guys have put days and days of work up on the site for your enjoyment. Complaining there isnt any Quicklooks or Reviews when the Biggest Gaming Event of the Year is on, is just being out right arrogant. I take it you dont listen to the bombcast? If so you'll find nearly 20hrs of MP3 goodness to listen too......

If not i suggest you look else where!

OH and BTW DNF hasnt been released in the States yet where most of the big gaming journalism sites are based! Doesnt come out till the 14th, and TBH after playing DNF its no big deal DN3D is far superior.

Thanks and Good Night