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Somehow the Space Jam theme is very appropriate for this.

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This might be totally a coincidence, but my friend has an older PS3 (it is non backwards compatible and from like 2007 or 08 I think) I decided to bring the game I recently bought to his house to show it to him. After playing for a little while his PS3 suddenly shut off and apparently is broken (blinking red light whenever you turn it on) with the game stuck in there. We were not playing it very long, the PS3 was not on for an extended period of time before that, and he hasn't had any issues with his PS3 since this suddenly happened. It could be a complete coincidence as I didn't have any issues when I was playing the game in mine which I bought last year, but yeah I think the issues are not completely unreasonable. 

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I don't know how many people know this, but remember you can press start when you are looking at your notepad and select log on the menu, which will give you a script of the last things they said. If I can narrow it down to either doubt or lie I usually choose lie first and look over all of the evidence in my experience so far it seems that MOST of the time only evidence that directly contradicts what they said works. You can also back out of a lie if your evidence doesn't seem to match.

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@matti00:  One of them came up behind me and hit me with a blast of spray paint. A quick time thing came up that wanted me to shake the stick and I pressed x accidentally. Next thing I know I was in the bathroom with just my underwear. That is so far the only time I have been even "hit" by them.
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Nothing but aviators... that's the way I go.

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@The_Laughing_Man: But they work in groups....wait a minute...oh god.
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@The_Laughing_Man: Given the situation it is understandable that money might not be the TOP priority. However, society exists in some form in the outside the breakout zone. If you went through the trouble of knocking some dude out and saw that he was carrying nearly 200,000 dollars on him would you not take that, or at least some of it?
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Ok I am sure this has been addressed before and if it has I apologize. But has anyone faced the looters and had them knock you out? Isn't it just a little weird that they take all your clothing and weapons but leave you with your money? 
P.S. I know it is probably for the best game play wise that they don't but seriously what the hell?

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Looks promising. I hope it will be better than twilight princess.

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I agree with the consensus here. Move just looks like it will "appeal" to a more hardcore audience. I will also say that the Move looks better (to me at least) than the 360 Kinect, and there are some cool looking games coming out for it, but I am still not completely convinced to buy it yet.