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A modern retro game 0

I know it has been getting middle of the road reviews but I've been really enjoying Burnout Crash. It reminds me of a retro game. Something that wouldn't have been out of places on the NES or Colecovision. I can almost visualize an Atari 2600 Activision game box for crash. It is more of a pinball game with a built in social element that encourages the player to keep playing until the beat at least some of their friend's. Play it for short periods. It will burn out its welcome quickly if you atte...

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Not Fully Rezzed 0

I finished Tron: Evolution a few hours ago. I enjoyed it but the game has a lot of issues. The combat was satisfactory. It gave me a decent feeling of being an ultimate frisbee god and the different enemies changed up the combat so it never became boring. This combat carrys over to multiplayer and it is still fun. The problem is they decided to not make the game combat base. You spend most of the time navigating the enviroment. Just as others have said, it is Prince of Persia 2008 with a Tron sk...

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