quest help?

anyone willing to help please send me a private message. some of these are killing me, including the dinner and desert ones..... i'm missing one in both!!!

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In the beginning, there was a kegger...

Inspiring Giant Bombers Everywhere!
So the site is looking better and better every day. I keep finding new things that are just as cool if not cooler than the last. Ever since I heard that the guys were making a website of their own I was not sure of how well it would be accepted. Now that the gates have been in open, the flood of information coming at us has been insane, in which I find it hard to even keep up. One thing that I kind of wish was different (although I know it is temporary) is that the "Bomb Squad" has stopped posting things about games. While I know the focus now is to keep the site moving and get people used to it, isn't the point of the site to keep the focus on the games? In time things will return to normal and I can't wait, but I guess I'm just a little impatient.  Keep up the great work guys and I just know this site will become even greater every single second of the day!
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