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In my opinion Above the Law is his best film.

Also you should watch True Lies, but that's not him.

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When they are funny they are amazing. That pirate game was phenomenal. Lucius II was fantastic. Unfortunately they aren't all winners.

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I'm having this issue in Chrome as well.

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Sad. One of my favorite games ever. I popped back in 2013 and enjoyed the content for a bit. But it wasn't like getting together a party of 5 to camp and grind for hours, or camping Vrtra or King Behemoth, farming God's in Sky for Kirin, etc.

I had a Dragoon, Bard, And Theif at max level.

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I can't play the demo. Anyone have a recommendation for a full play through of the demo online?

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I use BeyondPod for Android for podcasts that require a sign in. I've also heard DownCast works well.

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Anyone? Could a bad graphics card cause audio stuttering?

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I'm having issues with my computer suddenly becoming very slow, including programs becoming non-responsive. There is also an issue with the sound when this happens - sound is stuttering/skipping. It seems when I reboot, computer does not shut down. BSOD sometimes appears with the following error: Kernel_Inpage_Error. The issue sometimes happens as soon as computer is booted up, or sometimes not for days at a time.

My specs:

I5 2500k, ASUS P67 Pro, GTX570, 8GB RAM

I've run disk check, defragmented, cleaned out the PC, updated graphics drivers, RAM test for 6 passes, CPU stress test for over 12 hours, and hard drive check (which found 36 errors) using Ultimate Boot Disk.

I'm not positive it was just the hard drive causing the issue - is there anything else I can check.

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Curious to see what The Rock gets into. Is he in the Rumble?

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Someone's going to get a Meltzer Driver.

Superkick Party in here.