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Are there any RSS feeds that go in reverse order for each year? I hate having to scroll all the way down to 2010 in the current feed on my phone. Each year having it's own feed would be handy.

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Far Cry 4's being released as a 3 disc set. A Megaman best of is being released exclusive at Hot Topic as a picture disc. Will later be released as a regularversion at other places. A new label has started that will focus exclusively on video game vinyl. Their first releases will be Shenmue and Streets of Rage.

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Joe debuts, TNA dies.

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@mwng: Is Arena's music from Persona 4 or different stuff?

I'd love to have the Final Fantasy soundtracks, especially Xi.

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@hh: Plus vinyl isjust fun to collect. Different colors with big, awesome artwork.

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It's not happening to a great deal, but we're slowly getting a few on vinyl. There's the Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack that was released a few months ago, and pre-orders recently went up for Journey's soundtrack as well.

Oh man, those two should be great. Weirdly those two were not listed on the wikipedia entry.

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@rongalaxy: Isn't most music recorded today recorded digitally?

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We're in the middle of a bit of a vinyl boom. Most film soundtracks are being released on vinyl now.

Does anyone else wish the same was done for game soundtracks? I looked it up and there are very few titles available, and what is available is rare. I'd love Red Dead Redemption's soundtrack, but it's $300+. Halo's was reissued but it seems impossible to find. There was a Final Fantasy compilation but it's very rare.

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They are making a movie, so yeah these will continue.