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Can I please get an invite to any 360 Syndicate? 360 tag is Barrock

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Big fan of all the guns. But I love the flame thrower, electric stun guns, and the weird pulse rifle thing.

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Have the 360 invites been sent out?

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@Vinny_Says said:

what exactly did she say? That link only shows a bunch of replies and her tweeting about making pancakes....

"If I'd worked on twisted metal I'd just lie and say I didn't"

"The 3D modeling is embarrassing WAIT IS THAT WHITE ZOMBIE ajhjjhddjhhgahaja worst game"

someone replied with "I'm sure the team that worked hard on it for 3-4 years appreciates you making childish remarks about their sex life"

and she said "if they spent that long on it there's nothing I could do to make their life any worse"

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I'm getting a lockup during single player. Xbox just freezes. It was a Kinect bundle so it isn't THAT old.

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I just tried to OC to 4.5. Blue screen as soon as I booted up. Damn.

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What motherboard do you have?

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Seeing much of an improvement from stock to OCed?

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@EuanDewar said:


They have an items category? Is it strictly an RPG site?

Can't tell whether the fact you thought this was a website is telling of the public consensus on print journalism or your own poor reading skills. Either way, GG.

Combination of the two. I just assumed that a magazine would have a website.

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Shit, I've only got mine at 3.3-GHz... I should at least bump it up to 4.0.