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Man, I just saw this for the first time. It looks fantastic. A mix of Assassin's Creed, Batman, and Dishonored.

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Hey everyone, it's Tuesday! And you're listening to the Giant Brocast!

If she ever wants sympathy she could just stop saying things like this.

But yeah, the guy fucked up. Drunk or not he crossed a line and then just saw how far he could go over said line. And then he just appeared to be a lonely individual with no social skills.

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Wait, I'm a little confused. You're teaching English and yet aren't great at Japanese? Is communicating with your students difficult?

From what I've heard, they actually encourage you to learn very little Japanese.

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Never would've guessed that Riff Raff isn't for violent video games.

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So do the Wyatts dominate the Royal Rumble only for Daniel Bryan to turn on them and lead the crowd in a chant of "Yes! Yes! Yes!" as they go off the air?

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I'm curious how bad the ending gets, considering how down on it Jeff was. Anyone?

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I have both consoles and I've only beaten Dead Rising 3. It's so much fun.

This is coming from someone who only messed around with 1 & 2. Never came close to completing them.

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I had to go to the mall today (It sucked) but I noticed both the Gamestop and the local game store had signs outside saying "Hey we have Xbox One's!" but no mention of PS4s.

So definitely be on the lookout at local retailers.

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Will we eventually have a section for "Non-Whites" and "Whites"?

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Did anyone else thing Ian sounds like Dave?