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What are the best Anime series to start out with on Netflix or Hulu Plus? An important note is I cannot read subtitles because I'm legally blind. I can still see, just can't focus enough to read.

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Illbleed starts out slow but goes so many amazing places.

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@wonderva said:

@beyondstrange said:

On top of this, the website was called out on national television, so they could be dealing with phone calls, PR, e-mails etc.

Woah, when and where was this?

Yeah, what?

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It's been slow this week.

As for premium content, it feels like Drew and Dan are responsible for almost all of it lately. Patrick's doing his thing too.

I know we just got a long Breaking Brad, but you can bareely hear anyone other than Brad, so that's a bit dull.

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Yea, I'd love to see this awful game played in full. Sad to see Twitch may have deleted it.

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The only thing that can be said is this shit is totally fucked.

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Definitely been on fire lately. That Forza QL was hilarious.

I just wish Brad wouldn't rush through the podcast as much. From skipping over what Dan played this week, to talking about very little news.

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Lord of Tears seems like it would really be something Patrick would enjoy.

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Awesome. I suggested The Houses October Built, The Guest, Extraterrestrial, andThe Honeymoon.

The only one that didn't make it was Excision which I really enjoyed.

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Guys, that Illbleed Super Replay is must watch. The last world in the game is absolutely amazing. Cork Goes to Hell is burned into my memory forever.