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Is there a reason for the general lack of content this week after the huge wave of stuff last week?

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Just walk away. It's over.

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GT: Barrock

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Without spoiling anything I'll just state that Stick of Truth is THE South Park video game. If you have ever wanted one in your life, get the game. The comedy is by far the highlight but the gameplay is no slouch either.

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As a fan of video games, this fucking sucks.

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They just showed a video on Comedy Central of a dungeon that takes place in Mr. Slaves ass.

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I have a similar issue, but in Chrome. If I play a video Embeggend it just doesn't play like he described. If I start it small and then expand it, it works just fine.

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@barrock: I'd say it's worth a run through. It's also probably mad cheap. I don't think there's a PS3 version though, I think it was 360 and PC only (also, the 360 version looks kinda grungy in a not-intentional way).

I think I may already own it on PC. It's just one of those games I've always said "I need to play that...". I'm curious how my 570 would handle it.

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I've not played the first game, but got this as a part of PS+. Is playing the first one required? Or recommended?

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Big ass monsters

Doesn't this seem like something they should be more vocal about? To me it makes the game stand out even more.