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Will we eventually have a section for "Non-Whites" and "Whites"?

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Did anyone else thing Ian sounds like Dave?

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He did an Indiegogo for it but it failed.

Good to see he's still making it.

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Ride to Hell: Retribution.

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Does anyone have any laptop recommendations? My girlfriend's laptop is on it's way out. The touchpad is falling apart making it difficult to click anything, it's been running quite hot, and she recently had to do a Windows Startup Repair for some odd reason.

She just wants to use it for grad school, so it doesn't need anything as far as graphics cards go. Has anyone purchased a general usage laptop lately that hasn't been super expensive but also hasn't fallen apart in a month?

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When he stares at the screen he's usually letting whatever idiotic thing that has just been said sink in. It works.

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My parents have this issue but with seeming anything they watch. Dialogue is super quiet, music is SUPER LOUD.

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Considering they just put more up for sale, I'd be mad if I'd ordered before today and didn't get it until after Christmas.

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