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Why did they remove the Snake's Nightmare thing?

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Thanks everyone for the encouraging words. The virus may have been a blessing in disguise, as they discovered I have a heart defect that needs to be treated.

I've been listening to a lot more comedy podcasts, and going through the giantbomb archives.

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What podcasts do you listen to other than the Bombcast?

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I'mm very hopeful from what I've read about neuroplasticity that my brain will reroute itself after some time. It just seems like 5 months is a long time. In terms of my brain healing that may be a drop in the bucket. The neurologist originally said the damage was superficial and was only the grey matter. But I haven't been able to follow up with that neurologist since getting out of the hospital.

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Thanks for the suggestions as far as Let's Play's go.

Tablet's and handheld's are still difficult because I still need to focus on the action. Less action oriented genres such as RPG's may work but those all require reading.

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Sucks to hear that duder.

If your vision is messed up I don't see how watching a Let's Play would be worthwhile though, and every LP of newly released games is terrible.

I would start listening to a lot more music and audiobooks.

My peripheral vision is fine, so if I sit close enough to the screen I can see the majority of the game. It’s certainly not ideal but it allows me to see games I would normally play myself. I actually haven’t watched any Let’s Play’s of games yet, but may do it as a last resort if this is how my vision is going to be for the rest of my life.

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I'm curious what other people who love video games would do in my situation.

I haven't properly played a video game since March. I came home from work on the 27th and had trouble breathing. After attempting to relax for a bit I asked my girlfriend to drive me to the ER. After that my memory gets fuzzy. When I woke up in ICU I was told a virus had attacked my heart and lungs and my lungs filled with fluid. My heart stopped on two occasions and my brain lost oxygen and blood flow as a result. Two parts of my brain are essentially dead. I'm lucky to be alive. One of the long lasting effects is my central vision is a shimmering circle. It's like trying to look through a waterfall. I can't focus on or read anything. The neurologist told me I have another 7 months in which I may recover, but they aren't positive if it will fully recover. The only way I can read web sites and efficiently type is using a program that reads whatever I mouse over and tells me the letters I type.

I'm just curious if this happened to others what they would do? Would you continue to follow the medium? Would you just watch Let's Play's of any games you were interested in?

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It feels like the year AAA development disappointed while indie games blew it out of the water.

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Is there a reason for the general lack of content this week after the huge wave of stuff last week?

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Just walk away. It's over.