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@barrock: Hmm, that's strange, I just checked on my phone and I was able to switch audio to English. Maybe it's a regional thing? Well regardless, I'm sorry for the confusion. The others have given some good recommendations though!

Oh, I didn't even know you could change the language.

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@barrock: I'd recommend Welcome to the NHK as well. I really liked the dub and it's what made me want to start watching anime again.

Unfortunately doesn't appear to be dubbed on Netflix.

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@barrock: Well all of the shows on Netflix are dubbed so you should be ok there. How much anime have you seen? Like could I recommend some anime ass anime to you or are you just starting out? I would say start off with Cowboy Bebop because that is a great place to start and the dub is great but it is not on Netflix or Hulu. If you don't mind some anime ass anime I would say watch Kill la Kill or Gurren Lagann because they are great but they are very crazy and over the top. Psycho Pass is also pretty great but is much more serious and dark. Madoka Magic is a good series and I would say to just watch it without knowing too much first. Death Note is pretty great and is also serous and dark. A lot of out mastering and out thinking people and such in that. Attack on Titan is a good beginner anime I think. It looks cool and has some good action but the plot isn't the best. And lastly, while I have not seen it myself Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is supposed to be pretty good. That is what I would start off with on Netflix at least. As for Hulu there is more there but I don't know what is dubbed and what is not.

I'm definitely down for some anime ass anime. I've not really watched much anime at all. Never watched any series, just a movie or two here and there. I own the first volume of Soul Eater, Hellsing,, Black Lagoon, and SamuraiChampo all on blu-ray. They were on sale and I had money burning a hole in my pocket I guess. ;)

Does FMA Brotherhood occur after the original series?

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What are the best Anime series to start out with on Netflix or Hulu Plus? An important note is I cannot read subtitles because I'm legally blind. I can still see, just can't focus enough to read.

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Illbleed starts out slow but goes so many amazing places.

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On top of this, the website was called out on national television, so they could be dealing with phone calls, PR, e-mails etc.

Woah, when and where was this?

Yeah, what?

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It's been slow this week.

As for premium content, it feels like Drew and Dan are responsible for almost all of it lately. Patrick's doing his thing too.

I know we just got a long Breaking Brad, but you can bareely hear anyone other than Brad, so that's a bit dull.

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Yea, I'd love to see this awful game played in full. Sad to see Twitch may have deleted it.

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The only thing that can be said is this shit is totally fucked.