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I did get an email from Amazon telling me to ensure all my info was correct as a precaution. I assume this means they will be processing the payment and preparing the shipment soon.

Did yours say something about your credit card info being correct?

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Does it play games? Yes or no. Yes? 5/5.

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@vinny_says said:

So it's a forced install for every game now but there aren't any codes like PC games have (used to have)?

Streaming a game off the disc is a thing of the past from this point on correct? (Except WiiU maybe?)

As soon as you put the disc into the system a bar begins filling up and it installs. It's kind of awesome.

I just used the stopwatch on my phone to time the Need For Speed install time. It took 28 seconds and installed 16 GB of data.

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Weird. I got like 45 Mbps last night.

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Did the first chapter feel incredibly tacked on to anyone else? There's the long sequence then a flash forward, a flash forward, and then another flash forward. And then you're just dropped into the level.

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@eujin said:

So Far, I've really enjoyed the ones I've torn into.

Need for Speed seems like the perfect hybrid of Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted (The original, non Criterion version), and Burnout Paradise. The cop career feels like a combination of Burnout Paradise and Hot Pursuit (similar to BP due to you unlocking new cars as you complete challenges and rank up. Similar to HP because YOU ARE THE LAW.) The racer career feels very much like Most Wanted (buying new cars, upgrading them with cash/points, etc). I think Ghost Games has a winner on their hands here.

Resogun definitely has my attention, I had a ton of fun with it, just as I did with Geometry Wars and Super Stardust

Killzone seems good but not great, which is better than I can say for my feelings towards KZ 1, 2 or 3. The multiplayer seems to be quite good.

I'm about to pop in AC4 now. (It's real weird that both it and COD:G got pushed out without their full "final" resolutions for the PS4 versions, but are getting patched to it shortly. This makes me wonder if most of the dev time was spent on optimizing for the XBO version to get it up to par, and the patches are just optimization for the PS4 versions.)

I'm actually waiting to try out Knack until my wife gets home, as we'll probably play through it together.

Also, The playroom is hilarious.

How's the open world in the new NFS?

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Resogun is a lot of fun. Killzone is... okay so far.

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PSN: Barrock

Time Zone: Central

Launch Games: Killzone, Knack, Assassin's Creed IV, PS+ stuff.

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@dallas_raines: Sunday delivery is only in New York and LA for the time being.

Yeah, they recently reached a deal with the post office.

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@theht said:

@chaser324: that's the most infuriating part.

Yeah if you're going to imitate a dumb meme, at least make sure you get it right.