Nope Online is the Way

I get all my stuff on line unless I can pick it up cheap at my local electronics store and with day one delivery its normally at my house buy the time I get up so I don't have to wait in line.


Fallout 3

The games ive got just this week
Fable II
Rock Band(NZ)

I'm also getting
Call of Duty World at War
Gears Of War 2
Left 4 Dead
Command and Conquer Red Alert 3
Dead Space
Tom Clancy's End War

So many games so little time



I have to wait 6 years to complete the whole of star craft 2 at least i can still play the terran campaign  


An Update

So yea i got the patch updater working for war hammer apparenlty there is fault in the AU\NZ version of the game come on please work i want to play war


DRM and 64Bit surport

Fucking EA I picked up a copy of war hammer on-line to day only to find out it wont run on my 64Bit machine. A lot of pc games made buy EA do not support it The Command And Conquer Series spring to mind.

Ive just about had enough of EA's DRM when ever I buy one of their games it wont run unless you install the EA download manager and activate it on line so fuck you ea im not buying any of your pc games any more untill you have better surport for them.
I mean is it really so much to ask to make a game tun on a 64 bit editon of winodws Vista so fuck you guys at ea.  

Just had to get that rant out of my system after wasting $60 on warhammer online which I cant play.



so things that have happened to me recently got 5k wiki pionts no more moderation needed my new pc finnaly arrived i would be playing spore but i have yet to get it hooked up to th internet dam drm thats about it oh nand i pre orderd starwars force unleashed


what ive been doing

so i thought id post what ive been doing back at college\universty after 2 weeks of why been playing guitar hero aerosmith on 360 and its prety much guitar hero 3 Ive also finished watching bleach and neath note two animes.

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