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If you're asking who is asking for these kind of games, its pretty much for movie buffs and people who want to own a piece of gaming history. Look at how many times games like Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, Mad Dog McCree, and Thayer's Quest have been re-released and the multitude of platforms some of these games got on. Hell, Dragon's Lair got a release on Game Boy Color, Nintendo DS on cart and digitally through DSi Ware and even on Kinect. There's no reason to throw hands up in the air, label people as "Fucking stupid" just because it doesn't fit into what is the "ideal situation".

If I had money to spare, I'd totally throw money to this project. Just because their initial goal is to fulfil backers doesn't mean its the end. If possible they will consider other formats including digital re-releases. Once the Kickstarter goals are met, this doesn't mean its the end of the Night Trap re-release. These people have been trying, for years, to get this project back off the ground. The people with the know how that you're looking for are the people behind the project. Ask them the questions that you want to know. Don't expect places like Kotaku to give you a straight answer, especially for a blogger website that is known to heavily steer their news feed through personal bias and ignorance.

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Reading through Kotaku's article, it kind of looks like their usual click-bait nonsense that they try to pull. I'm already talking with people on the project for the website that I write for to gather information, and the rights to manufacture discs for PS3 and 360 systems is already in the cards, and as usual, the writer doesn't know anything about tech or game development to know what it takes to get games like this working at all. Instead they base it off of no-name developers with no insight on the project whatsoever.

Bravo Kotaku, keep talking nonsense.

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Now I can't seem to apply for either job at all. If I try to log in with my acccount, it says one doesn't exist for my E-mail/pasword, but if I try to create one, the website says that I already have that account on file. I also don't have an E-mail from CBSi for my account. What should I do?

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I just tried to see if I could create an account on the CBSi website with my Linkedin account, and it seems like the API to connect LinkedIn accounts is broken as it gives me this error: "Invalid redirect_uri. This value must match a URL registered with the API Key."

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Wii U was pretty much the only interesting console for me since it was the only one that wasn't attempting to be the all-in-one entertainment HUB or PC replacement. I'm still big on Nintendo games, but even after two years they just haven't hit their stride. Wii U is still hitting the Nintendo checklist which is disappointing. They're also piecemealing their Virtual Console lineup, which is what really got me excited for getting the original Wii. I spent so much money on it, which helped me pick up a lot of Turbo Grafx games since I never really had one. Now the Wii U is here and it only has one unique Virtual Console game, and only two systems represented with all of their promises for other systems fallen short. No Game Boy Advance, no Gamecube, no other third party systems, which is a shame, being able to play games on the tablet itself is really nice.

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I assume the 2DS is there specifically designed for kids, especially since they don't want kids 7 and under to use the 3D settings. Plus its priced at $130. Not even the Vita can touch that.

It also looks like you can hold the thing without your hands cramping like hell. Already a better feature than an actual 3DS.

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I assume the 2DS is there specifically designed for kids, especially since they don't want kids 7 and under to use the 3D settings. Plus its priced at $130. Not even the Vita can touch that.

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I got to meet Ryan at PAX Prime last year, really upset that would be the first and last time I'd ever meet him.

Rest in peace, Ryan Davis.

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I must say, having quite a bit of fun playing with mine. Nice detail as usual. Though most of the fun I've been having is having them hold onto other objects, such as AR cards. Too bad the 3DS' camera is...not terribly great. Either way, post your pictures, lets see what you got.

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Man, I'm quite saddened by this development, hope for the best for you, Dave.