My favorite Beat 'Em Ups

The Beat 'Em Up genre was my favorite growing up but in retrospect it has aged rather poorly due to repetition and the death of arcades. Though I wouldn't say the beat 'em up is completely dead because it is clear character action games like Devil May Cry, God of War, and Bayonetta have their roots in the genre.

Since this is only a top ten list I had to narrow it down to my all-time favorites. Here is a few honorable mentions: Final Fight, Double Dragon 1,2 and Neon, The Simpsons, Scott Pilgrim, Spider-Man arcade, and X-Men.

Favorite Beat 'Em Ups

1. Alien vs. PredatorHands down my favorite of the genre. You have four distinct characters with different stats, you have useful weapons ranging from laser guns to spears, tons of enemies on screen, and special moves you access via Street Fighter commands. Unfortunately there was never a home port so unless your arcade had it or you're into the MAME scene you probably never played it.
2. Castle CrashersOne of the most popular Xbox Arcade releases of all times and for good reason. It combines Action/RPG mechanics to the brawler formula and it is a fun party game with co-op.
4. Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of DoomI'm combining this with its sequel Shadow of Mystara. A fun take on the genre using basics of the Dungeon and Dragon rules like Clerics can't use bladed weapons and trolls being weak to fire. You also have multiple paths and an inventory.
3. The WarriorsThis is Rockstar's foray into trying to reinvent the Beat 'em Up genre for the 21st century and they did a damn fine job. Can you dig it?
5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in TimeOne of the rare instances where the home port is better than the arcade port. You got additional levels and unlike the arcade version the game doesn't kill you for living too long. Only downside is no 4-Player Co-Op.
6. Streets of Rage 3While I love Streets of Rage 2, I think 3 is the better game. I think its lack of popularity is due to being released late in the Genesis life cycle, you needed the 6 button controller, and they didn't include Max from Streets of Rage 2.
7. River City RansomBarf!
8. The PunisherI might be a bit biased because I am a big Punisher fan. This is pretty much your standard Capcom brawler but each stage features a section that features sidescrolling gunplay to break things up. Word to the wise the Sega port is dog shit.
9. Die Hard ArcadeThis game is ugly as sin, the controls are kinda janky, and I'm pretty sure it is a retextured version of a Dynamite Cop game. All that aside it is just dumb fun and when I worked at K-Mart I would spend my lunch break pumping quarters into that damn machine.
10. Cadillacs and DinosaursThis is a beat'em I recently discovered. I like the gimmick where the dinosaurs will attack both the players and enemies alike. Plus it lives up to the title and delivers on said dinosaurs and Cadillacs.

My Favorite PS1 Games

I've been messing around with list lately because there is something strangely fun about making them. So I made a list featuring my favorite PS1 games and now I am feeling a bit nostalgic for Sony's first console. I still have most of my old games and accessories but lack a working PS1 or PS2. I am really considering buying one of those cute little PSones that were released towards the end of its life cycle. Anyway here is my list of favorite PS1 games. Tell me what you think. Am I missing one of your favorites or do I have horrible taste in games?

My Top Twenty Favorite PS1 games in no particular order

1. Resident Evil 2While I like 1 and 3, this is the pinnacle of the pre RE4 games. The ability to start as either Leon or Claire then play a second run through as the character you didn't choose and getting different bosses, puzzles, and weapons was pretty cool.
2. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2You could make the argument that some of the later sequels were better but for me this was the peak Tony Hawk.
3. Herc's AdventuresA forgotten classic that more people need to play. Part Legend of Zelda and part Zombies Ate My Neighbors with a liberal dose of Lucas Arts humor. Did I mention it was co-op as well? Do yourself a favor and find this game.
4. Street Fighter Alpha 3This is still my favorite Street Fighter and I'm sad that it has pretty much faded from the spotlight.
5. Metal Gear SolidWhat can I say? It is freakin' Metal Gear!
6. Castlevania: Symphony of the NightI hear you like Castlevania.
7. Tekken 3I was a beast with Ling Xiaoyu and Bryan Fury.
8. Twisted Metal 2The pinnacle of PS1 car combat games. Honorable mentions to Vigilante 8 and Rogue Trip.
9. Tomba!A great blend of platforming and RPG elements. I am ashamed that I never played the sequel.
10. Ape EscapeYou could argue that this game was nothing more than a glorified tech demo for the original Dual Shock controller but I found it fun as hell.
11. Final Fantasy IXOf the 3 PS1 Final Fantasies this one has aged the best. 7 looks awful, 8 tries something new with the game mechanics and fails, but 9 feels like a classic Final Fantasy experience.
12. WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your RoleNot as good as the N64 wrestling games but miles ahead of other PS1 wrestling games.
13. Crash Bandicoot: WarpedMy favorite of the Crash Bandicoot series.
14. Syphon FilterThe taser from Syphon Filter is my favorite video game weapon. Something satisfying with electrocuting a guy until he burst into flame.
15. Jumping Flash!I think this is the oldest game on my list. It is also features the best first person platforming.
16. Final Fantasy TacticsI bet this was a lot of peoples first foray into strategy RPGs.
17. Bushido Blade 2Fuck guns and throwing weapons.
18. Parasite EveA cool mix of Survival Horror and JRPG mechanics. I love that combat uses weapon range and real time dodging.
19. Spider-ManThe first really good Spider-Man game.
20. Vagrant StoryA late era Square RPG that uses a more melee based version of the Parasite Eve combat and has some lite Rogue-like elements.

I hate INSERT POPULAR GAME HERE and if you like it you are dumb

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Isn't it ironic?

It's like getting a scratched cornea while on your way to buy a 3DS.  Thankfully I am not a cyclops because having to explain I lost an eye due to a flower petal takes all the bad ass out of wearing an eye patch.  Oh and if any of you get a 3DS get Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, it is awesome.