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Have people written off Cesaro as a lost cause for the WWE? I still think there is hope given how long it took for CM Punk and Daniel Bryan to get their pushes and how many times they were supposedly in the "dog house". Granted pairing Cesaro with Heyman immediately after Wrestlemania was a huge mistake, especially when he was poised to become an upper card babyface. If Cesaro just keeps putting on good match after good match I think he will eventually make it.

The guy I am most worried about is Dean Ambrose. Clearly the WWE wanted Roman Reigns as the big breakout star from The Shield with Seth Rollins as a solid upper card heel. Which kinda left Ambrose with floundering around the midcard until WWE released or made him a jobber to the stars. I'll be honest I thought making Ambrose a face wouldn't work but damned if my fellow Cincinnatian didn't prove me wrong. If WWE was smart they would see they have a potential next Steve Austin. Seriously Dean Ambrose's character is like some freaky hybrid of Stone Cold and (another Cincinnatian) Loose Canon Brian Pillman.

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As a lifelong Bengals fan I am use to disappointment but if I keep my expectations low to simply winning a single Goddamn playoff game I think I will be happy this season. That said, suck it Falcons fans!

I got to say I am really worried about Vontaze Burfict, two concussions in two weeks is not good. That is the kind of thing that ends a career early and leads to long term problems.

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Which option do I click where I am happy because I got the cool white PS4 and the game isn't terrible?

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I bet the game has slimes in it.

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Is the effects of video game violence on children still a concern? I really haven't heard any moral outrage it what feels like several years. I'm sure Fox News still does the occasional misinformed story about how video games are corrupting are youth, but most game sites just ignores those now. Threatening and harassing game journalist and game developers who disagree with your opinions or morale standards seems to be all the rage these days. I don't blame the video games for that. I think fedoras, neck beards, and Men's Right Advocacy online groups are at fault for that.

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From what I have played of the beta it did not make me feel depressed. So no it does not give me that Christmas feeling. I thought it was fun enough to finally take the leap to the current generation by preordering the white PS4/Destiny bundle. Even if the game turns out to be a disappointment I still got a cool white PS4.

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He's a lizard dude named Gordon Gecko and he likes to steal shit almost as much as he likes shooting things in the head with arrows.

My other character is an Orc named Clubber Lang and much like his name he likes to club things but he also likes to use magic so he is complicated, man.

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@deox said:

Zombies would be my choice. As long it's George Romero style, slow zombies... because i'm a pretty fast runner.

Only problem is George Romero zombies have intelligence and can use weapons. Bud the Zombie from Day of the Dead straight up murders a dude with a gun. They get even smarter in Land of the Dead where the zombie known as "Big Daddy" is able to figure out how to out smart the defenses of Dennis Hopper's fortress city of Pittsburgh and even kills Dennis Hopper by an explosion caused by blowing up a gas pump.

For me I would take the post-apocalyptic world of Stephen King's Dark Tower series. You got straight up magic, mutants, cute as hell billybumblers, doors to other universes, Dr. Doom's Doombots who use Golden Snitches as weapons, super intelligent suicidal monorail trains who love riddles, giant mechanical bears, and an attempt to connect every Stephen King work to the same universe, and that is just some of the insanity. Plus if I die I don't have to worry because there are other worlds out there.

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Let me give some love to Detention. You guys know Torque? Detention is the same director attempting to do a parody of Scream, Donnie Darko, John Hughes movies, Mean Girls, and the entire decade of the 90's by giving it that insanity that made Torque such a cult classic.

Also shame on you for not mentioning that a new season of Trailer Park Boys is coming to Netflix or bringing up the surprisingly good Netflix Original Bojack Horseman.

Other notable movies you forgot - Good Morning, Vietnam, Filth, and Silver Linings Playbook to name a few.

You aren't very good at this.

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Convince me why I should help you pick a team to root for.