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Timothy Dalton was a great James Bond and way better than Roger Moore and Pierce Bronson

I didn't think this was unpopular but it apparently is, I don't get people who listen to video game music. I'm not talking stuff like a GTA soundtrack because that Vice City boxset was too sweet, but just like instrumental tracks and shit. I love and appreciate game music while I'm playing the game but I'm not going to rock out to the Lost Woods tune while I'm working out or running errands.

Daredevil > Batman at least in terms of comics. Movies and video games Batman has that shit on lockdown.

Epic Rap Battles are all fucking awful and I think less of people that try to share them with me.

I often disagree with the opinions of the Giant Bomb staff but I don't get angry about it because I know Yoshi is cool.

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Countdown to ban

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@papercut said:

I just want to throw in my favorite part of the night was Dean using the curb stomp and just regretting it. It's such an interesting small thing he added that he really didn't need to. It showed that his character is a complete psycho but misses the days when the SHIELD was just one big happy family and it's tearing him apart what he has to do.

I only regret that Kane doing the run in at the very end, the big brawl, and Seth stealing the win at the end may have overshadowed Ambrose's regret, but god damn Dean. Bravo.

I liked the ending because you knew that Lumberjack match was a cluster fuck waiting to happen and it keeps this feud alive.

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Here are my top 5 favorite guys currently active in the WWE -

1. Dean Ambrose - Him and Seth did the impossible last night and had an incredible Lumberjack match plus got to root for the fellow Cincinnatian. I thought Ambrose would be a shit face but damned if he doesn't feel like some awesome mix of 1997 Stone Cold, in his prime Mick Foley, and Loose Canon Brian Pillman

2. Seth Rollins - The other half of the match of the night. His selling is somehow better than Ziggler's and he makes such a great smarmy heel.

3. Dolph Ziggler - I think he is ultimate underdog babyface currently in the WWE. He sells like a boss, always seems to try his hardest to put on fun matches, and you just want to see him succeed.

4. Cody Rhodes/Stardust - I wish the WWE would do something with the Dust Bros. other than just occasionally beating Rybaxel. Cody isn't the best wrestler but he always gives it his all with what he is given and I hope he eventually gets rewarded for being such a team player.

5. HHH/Stephanie McMahon - Stephanie McMahon looked like a beast last night and is such a great heel that even with the shitty adultery angle that she made me want to see a Brie Bella match. As for HHH, he didn't have to sell for Brie but bless him for selling the shit out of that baseball slide. Honestly corporate HHH is awesome and unlike his reign of terror he is willing to put anyone over.

Honorable Mention to the lone Cena kid - I felt so bad hearing that kid chanting for his hero as Cena was mauled by Lesnar.

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I liked the match. It undid the last of the damage done from having Lesnar cheating to beat CM Punk and losing clean to HHH and Cena. Cena seemed completely outmatched and utterly destroyed by Lesnar who came off as the fucking beast he should have been since his return. You got an unstoppable monster with the top belt and a golden opportunity to build new top guys. That's not to say WWE won't fuck it up but this is the golden opportunity to build the next Cena.

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No Virtual Springfield. Tsk Tsk.

The Simpsons game is a terrible game. It's one of the first games in my mind where they made fun of bad mechanics by having bad mechanics. The writing was good, but the game and mechanics were sub par. The only reason to play it is because it's a new Simpsons story (and a decent one at that). Much like the Futurama game, only fans of the Simpsons should play it- it's really bad as a game.

Really the only good Simpsons game ever made was Simpsons Hit and Run. That was a great game- for a GTA clone.

If I had paid full price for The Simpsons Game I would have been much more harsh on it. Like I said I paid $10 and was expecting complete garage so I was surprised that it was competent. I agree that making fun of bad game mechanics by including said game mechanics is really stupid.

I just wasn't that impressed by The Simpsons: Hit and Run because there wasn't really any mission variety or on foot sections. I enjoyed the numerous vehicles pulled from the show including the Honor Roller and The Homer.

Has anyone else played Simpsons Pinball Party? I am not lying when I say it is an awesome table. I seriously almost bought one in rough shape for $1100 but the repair and maintenance cost would have been ridiculously high.

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In honor of every episode of The Simpsons being available to stream legally, I thought I would share my list of favorite to least favorite Simpsons game. My hobby/sickness is to play and collect Simpson games so this is a pretty thorough and nearly complete list. Unfortunately I have not played Bart and the Beanstalk, Itchy and Scratchy Mini Golf, Virtual Springfield, and several of the mobile phone games. I'm going to go out on a limb and say they suck.

List of Best to Worst Simpsons Game

1. The Simpsons Pinball Party
Easily one of my favorite pinball tables and up there with classics like The Addams Family and Twilight Zone. The table is loaded with all sorts of cool gimmicks and has a fairly forgiving dead zone.
2. The Simpsons Game
I picked this up at a Target for $10 and was surprised at how fun it was. A good platformer with some funny jokes and cool cameos.
3. The Simpsons Arcade Game
A mediocre quarter stealing beat'em up. It gets extra credit for the weird story involving Waylon Smithers straight up kidnapping Maggie and references to Matt Groening's comic strip Life in Hell.
4. The Simpsons: Hit & Run
GTA:Springfield only no guns and all driving missions.
5. Krusty's Fun House
The best of the Acclaim Simpsons games. Krusty's Fun House is an okay mix of puzzle solving and platforming.
6. The Simpsons
As far as pinball tables go this is pretty bland but not horrible.
7. The Simpsons Bowling
You ever play an arcade bowling game before? There all pretty much the same but this one is Simpsons themed.
8. Futurama
I only added this because there is supposedly going to be a Simpsons/Futurama (God Dammit! Don't taint Futurama) crossover this upcoming season. Anyway this game is hard to find and not that great. The real reason to play is the cutscenes written by show co-creator David X. Cohen, which are a bonus feature on one of Futurama DTV movies.
9. The Simpsons: Road Rage
A blatant Crazy Taxi clone that is a bit lacking.
10. The Simpsons: Night of The Living Treehouse of Horror
A forgettable platformer that is barely okay. I think this is the only Simpsons game made for the Game Boy Color. Everything after this is varying degrees of shit.
11. The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World
The best of the Bart-centric games but that is damning with faint praise. Be prepared to be frustrated by the Great Wall of China level.
12. The Simpsons: Bart's House of Weirdness
Released only on DOS and hard as hell to find. I will say the game looks pretty but it is really hard, the controls are janky, and it just isn't that fun. The gameplay is kinda similar to the Genesis Beavis and Butt-Head game.
13. Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly
The easiest of the Acclaim Simpsons games which are notoriously hard. I believe this is the first Game Boy exclusive Simpsons game.
14. The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare
A neat concept for a game and it looked pretty for the time. Just be prepared to wander the streets of Springfield not knowing what the hell is going on or what to do.
15. Virtual Bart
A collection of terrible games that are insanely difficult. I swear this game makes Battletoads seem easy. Turbo Tunnels have nothing on the Baby Bart levels.
16. The Simpsons Skateboarding
One of the many awful skateboarding games trying to leach off the success of Tony Hawk.
17. The Itchy & Scratchy Game
I think they were trying to make a 16-bit version of the Spy vs. Spy game but they failed miserable.
18. The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants
The game that started it all and there isn't anything I can add about how awful it is that hasn't been said before. I will say it has some interesting ideas and a bit of that so bad it's good charm.
19. The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man
The last of the NES Simpsons games and by far the hardest and the worst.
20. The Simpsons Wrestling
If any franchise could support a fighting game it is The Simpsons. Unfortunately we get a "wrestling game" with about as much depth as the old NES WWF Wrestlemania.
21. The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Juggernauts
This is nothing more than a collection of mini games with awful controls and no 2-Player mode.
22. The Simpsons: Tapped Out
I don't even think this should qualify as a game as it is one of those wait for bars to fill up or pay us type deals. Just like every other free-to-play phone game it is nothing more than a shameless cash grab with no actual gameplay.
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While I think Sonic is a bit over rated and not on par with Mario I still think the original game through Sonic 3 and Knuckles are fun as hell. I say it was all downhill with the release of Sonic 3D Blast. It was the first time I actually hated a Sonic game and this was coming from a kid who loved Spinball and the Game Gear games.

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Uno bro!

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Ever since Superman vs. Batman teaser I've been hyped for comic films, so I decided to watch everything comic related.

Xmen 1- 2/5

X2- 3/5

X3- 2/5

Origins- 3/5 (I actually did like this one :)

1st class- 2/5

The Wolverine- 4/5

Days of Future Past- 3/5

Spider-man 1(Raimi)- 3/5

Spider-man 2- 5/5

Spider-man 3- 2/5(take venom out and everything related to him and it's a solid 4/5 imo).

The amazing Spiderman 1- 1/5

Captain America 1- 2/5

Cap 2- 4/5

Thor 1- 3/5(The guy that plays Thor is just charming as hell, he carries the film).

Thor 2- 1/5( awful everything and the first one build up a solid cast, idk what happen).

Iron Man 1- 3/5

Iron Man 2- 2/5

Iron Man 3- 3/5(idk why people hated it so much).

Superman(Donners) extended edition- 5/5

Superman 2- 4/5

Man Of Steel- 3/5

Batman(Burtons)- 4/5

Batman 2- 3/5(cat woman looks beautiful, that is all)

Batman begins- 4/5

The Dark Knight- 5/5

The Dark Knight Rises- 2/5

Probably the most badass comic films ever:

The Crow- 5/5

Blade- 4/5

Blade 2- 4/5

Almost forgot to add

Guardians of the Galaxy- 4/5 (felt it was star wars but with Han Solo as the lead. Just a blast of a movie from start to finish. Only draw back is the villain and how he's just very predictable).

So yeah lol, past week or so it's been all comic related.

Did you watch all these movies at the same time? Surely you had to because this is the rate the last movie you watched thread and not a bunch of movies you watched over a period of time. I imagine you also had to pause the movies at certain times so they would all finish simultaneously.