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As a fan of Patrick I got to say that Austin just blows him out of the water.

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Ouya, the little console that couldn't.

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My favorite scene from Kung Pow

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Steve Odekirk is a comedic genius the parody stuff he did with thumbs sure exist.

I am kidding I liked Kung Pow it was like What's Up Tiger Lily? but without being as racist or being directed by a pervert.

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Is Earth 2 the one with the Injustice League or the one where all the superhero and villains swap gender?

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Anyone else excited for Season 2 of Rick and Morty?

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As a fan of the original I don't want a sequel and you guys don't seem to get that comedy sequels are almost always hot garbage. For every Wayne's World 2 there is a hundred Blues Brothers 2000s. None of you are allowed to bitch when this movie comes out on Crackle or whatever third rate Netflix service/VOD service and sucks as much as Joe Dirt 2.

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Have you guys never seen a comedy sequel? Spoiler: They are rarely as good as the original and just recycle jokes that you loved in the first movie.

Wouldn't you rather have Steve Odekerk do something new rather than retread jokes from the original?

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Anyone watch Season 2 of BoJack Horseman? I thought the first season got kinda dark but season two goes places you don't expect a dumb cartoon about a literal horseman to go.

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This movie adaptation for The Man from UNCLE has been in development Hell for nearly two decades so I am skeptical to say the least. Also I think Guy Ritchie peaked at Snatch and it's been downhill from there. I thought the Sherlock Holmes films were watchable but not what I would call good.

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Harry Potter was great as Juvenile Fiction but when you analyze it with an adult mind it falls apart. Warner Bros. has the licence so why not? Personally I like the idea that Rocksteady wants to try the impossible and make a good Superman game.