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They'll be cranking out Batman games until we are sick of them and then pump out a few more after that. Batman: Arkham Origins proved WB could use another studio tomake an okay facsimile of the Rocksteady style. Personally I will be okay with a non-Rocksteady Batman game set in a different Earth (is it Marvel that uses universes and DC that uses Earths for alternate realities or vice-versa?) using the Nemesis system from Shadows of Mordor.

I think at most WB can do one more game in that Rocksteady style before they have to drastically change things up with entirely new game play mechanics.

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Since the plot is basically Paul Blart meets Inspector Gadget only with some humor. You must cast Kevin James as the lead.

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Mayo can suck an egg. I am usually a mustard and ketchup guy but I do love a good BBQ sauce from time to time.

If we aren't talking just sauces and are including toppings I love jalapenos on my burgers be them fresh or pickled, but my all-time favorite is a slice of raw sweet onion.

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The Batmobile eventually becomes fun it just takes several upgrades.

I also don't get why anyone is having trouble with any of the mandatory Batmobile sections. The hardest Batmobile stuff is the optional Riddler courses but that is my favorite use of the Batmobile.

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You lost me at Fred Durst's sex tape

Did he do it all for the nookie?

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I assume the consensus is fuck the Batmobile but still a fun game.

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I go to the video game outlet and buy the day old games at a discount. Yeah sometimes they are stale and very rarely you might get some moldy games but the price cut is worth it.

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Still not convinced about VR being the future again. Let the early adapters roll the dice.

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I'm just going to say it. I am fucking sick of Fire Emblem characters in Smash Bros. There are already way too many as it is. I want more weird characters and non Nintendo characters. God forbid we get more weird shit like the dude on the left from Urban Champion, Starman from Pro Wrestling, a living Virtual Boy, the Wrench from Wrecking Crew, anyone of the commanding officers from Advance Wars, Glass Joe from Punch Out!, or even just a Shy Guy.