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I'm not going to count games from genres I hate so no military competitive FPS, no RTS, no non-Mario Kart based racing games, or no non-arcadey sports games, etc.

Ocarina of Time - Before you think I am being a troll let me explain myself. I never had a N64 growing up and while I played plenty of it over at friends houses a Zelda game isn't exactly a two player game so I mostly played wrestling games, Mario Parties, and of course Golden Eye. My first 3D Zelda game was Wind Waker and I loved it so I'm not some jerk who thinks Zelda only works from an overhead perspective. The bonus for pre-ordering Wind Waker was getting a port of Ocarina of Time for the Game Cube and I just couldn't get into it. I tried again with the 3DS remake and while I finished it I just didn't see what all the fuss was about.

GTA IV - I love the GTA games but after San Andreas this felt like a step back for the franchise. The cars never felt quite right, the missions had little variety, the lack of shit to do outside of missions was disappointing, and fuck-off with people constantly calling you to see American titties. I also thought Niko made for a bad protagonist because given the story it made no sense to randomly murder pedestrians. I will say the two add-ons were really fun and had stuff that should have been in the game in the first place.

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I could see CM Punk beating a few tomato cans and calling it an MMA career. No offense to one of my all time favorite wrestlers but CM Punk has had quite a few serious knee issues and had a few neck problems so I don't think he would fair well against a ranked fighter especially since he is not big enough for the joke that is the UFC Heayweight division.

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I'd love to see Telltale make a games based on Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, Veronica Mars, and Buckaroo Banzai

I know some joke answers like Arrested Development but I would seriously love to see a Telltale game based on a comedy show. I think an Archer game would work and the show has done long story arc, has enough action bits, and high stakes to fit the Telltale formula.

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I want to say I don't give a shit but the idea that you could possible hang out with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, that Jack The Ripper was a Templar, or that your assassin antics cause pedestrians to think you are a Spring Heel Jack just sounds so fucking cool. Not to mention the ridiculous steam punk weapons that will be in the game. Hell they could justify that Nikola Tesla just so happens to be in London for some reason so you get a freakin' electro hidden wrist blade. How sweet and impractical is that?

It seems like Assassin's Creed follows Star Trek movie rules, if you ignore Brotherhood and Revelations, in that the even numbered sequels rock while the odd numbered sequels suck.

After Victorian London there are maybe only two or three places left that would get me excited for an Assassin's Creed sequel that don't involve the current era or future. There is China during the Boxer Rebellion because of the mix of cultures and the mounting tensions, Prohibition era Chicago because you would be scaling skyscrapers and fighting gangsters, and Russian during the revolution because I want Rasputin in an Assassin's Creed game.

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I can never bring myself to ever crowd fund a game. It seems too dicey and you have no guarantee the final product will be any good. God forbid I am one of those rare people that wants to know if a game is fun before he pays It is also a way to skirt around having actual investors that you have to answer to which seems fishy as hell. Seriously if Mel Brooks were to have made The Producers now it wouldn't have involved Zero Mostel seducing old ladies to finance Spring Time for Hitler but scamming people on Kickstarter.

Something like Star Citizen that is close to making $50 Million makes me sick. I've read on other forums about people emptying their life savings, cashing in their 401Ks, and spending money set aside for Chrstmas presents for their children. All because some guy who made the Wing Commander franchise is promising the most epic game of all times. The more I read about Star Citizen the more it seems like a jumbled mess of a game with no clear direction on what it is suppose to be. I think the next stretch goal is for virtual pets which is just silly.

I've only donated to one crowd funding efforts. That was for a independent cartoonist named Jason Yungbluth who was trying to get his Weapon Brown graphic novel independently published. I feel good about that because I've met the artist and his work deserves to be discovered by more people.

Wasn't Kickstarter originally set up to help the little guy. Like the starving artist find funding for their public art instillation or help a poor writer pay his bills so he doesn't have to work two jobs and can spend time writing the next great American novel. When corporations like Warner Brothers., and even Double Fine. it just seems wrong and defeats the purpose of what crowd funding.

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One day while farming for Relic Iron so I could finally get to level 29 I just thought to myself, "What the fuck are doing?". I haven't touched the game since. I might pick it up again once the second expansion drops but for now I am free to waste my time on other games.

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I prefer Arctic Assault Brad but a strong case can be made for Underwater Rescue Brad and Urban Assault Brad.

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Internet Police exist. There was one on Comedy Bang! Bang! two weeks ago.

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Pizza Hut pizza is too greasy even for a guy who loves New York style. Every couple of years I am like I haven't had Pizza Hut in awhile and I instantly regret ordering it.

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Scrabble is still king of the board games.