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Convince me why I should help you pick a team to root for.

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I don't know about where you live but in the USA they have international supermarkets that carry all the crazy salted licorice you could ever want and more including Japanese Kit Kats.

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I might be in the minority but it was my favorite Dragon Quest and I wouldn't mind playing a remake if it added some new content.

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Pokemon is the gold standard for listening to podcast.

I also like to play quite a few casual games like Picross, Crashmo/Pushmo, Uno, and any Popcap game.

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They're silly little skits and every podcast shills the same shitty services. Seriously has anyone used,, or the most idiotic one

If they were as obnoxious as Scott Aukerman's or Stone Cold Steve Austin's reads then I would skip them. Personally I think the Bombcast would benefit more from one of those parterships but whatever keeps the show free is fine by me.

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I've been listening to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. I would suggest starting with his series on Genghis Khan.

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Pickles are pretty nasty. I wouldn't pair them with tomatoes, but I avoid them as much as possible.

If I could poison the world's tomato supply, I would do it.

Fuck, so what? No pizza, lasagna, pasta, etc.? You're an evil man.

Arguably necessary casualties. They will be missed, but their loss will not be in vain. Salads, sandwiches and burgers will never be ruined again.

You can't ruin those things with tomatoes. That's like trying to ruin your teeth with toothpaste.

I like diced tomatoes in salsa, chili, and burritos and sauces but I can't eat a raw tomato slices even in a salad or hamburger.

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I guess EA didn't bribe Polygon like Microsoft did.

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I never really liked Brad on the Bombcast because he always seemed like he was bored nd didn't want to be there. As host he is freakin' awesome! Who knew Brad was so energetic and funny?