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I watch it in a bog while sitting on a log and petting my favorite frog.

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I gave my PS3 to my sister and she told me she has been playing the Batman games so one of those is probably in there.

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Watch movies or don't who gives a shit. I hate these fucking threads.

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Comedy Bang! Bang!, W/ Special Guest Lauren Lapkus, Spontaneanation w/ Paul F. Tomkins, and We Hate Movies are all great gaming podcast in that all gaming podcast suck save for Bombcast so just listen to some great comedy ones instead.

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A friend told me that Giant Bomb was pretty funny and that I should check it out so I did.

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What is with retired/older wrestlers going out of their way saying Roman Reigns is ready for the main event? Is it just towing the WWE line and getting the "smarks" to think if Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels say Reigns should be the guy than he must be okay?

I've said before Roman has a lot of potential he just needs more time and feuds with guys that can not only carry him but also teach him. Hell I think Reigns has improved dramatically on the mic when he isn't forced to recite hokey promos and he isn't completely terrible at selling. I really think working with Sheamus would help Roman develop more as a hoss. I don't know what is with Sheamus but the guy is a magician when it comes to having incredible hoss-offs. The guy got good matches out of Big Show for Christ sake.

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I wish I had HBO.

I certainly pay for HBO and Cable don't use my dad's account to watch HBO GO.

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How much more must we donate to reach the stretch goal that allows realistic baby punching physics?

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What even is Star Citizen at this point?

The pure hype surrounding this game is so insane that no matter if Star Citizen is everything it promised and more a lot of people are going to be disappointed. Personally I hope the whole crowd funding of larger games goes away. I think it is gross.

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Going Clear is a must read book and I'm glad HBO is turning into a documentary. I'm going to watch it as soon as Wrestlemania is over.