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One things for certain... the NXT roster is getting pretty fucking ridiculous in terms of depth and talent.

TNA talent is persona non grata thanks to Abyss wasting the opportunity of a lifetime in an attempt to spy on WWE for TNA. There was also that lawsuit claiming a former TNA employee hired by WWE was using his knowledge about contracts to steal talent. Also there have been numerous reports that WWE is just not interested in TNA wrestlers that have not appeared in WWE.

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I doubt WWE wants much from TNA unless the tape library is cheap.

It is a shame but the only talent I see making the jump to WWE are former WWE stars. It seems no matter how many times Jeff Hardy fucks up the WWE is willing to let him in with open arms. I also see the Dudleys getting a New Age Outlaws nostalgia run. I could also see MVP making a one off Royal Rumble appearance but I can't see him sticking around as a wrestler but I think he would make a great backstage talent either on or off camera. Kurt Angle will only be able to get a Legends Contract, because no way in hell he can pass a physical, which I think he will refuse and go the Indy/Japan circuit. The only former WWE guy that won't get considered for any kind of offer is Mr. Kennedy because he was fired and deemed an unsafe worker for injuring both Orton and Cena.

It's a shame that WWE will most likely pass on the good "homegrown" talent because I think guys like Robert Roode, James Storm, Austin Aries, Eric Young, and Samoa Joe would be a good fit. WWE's loss is ROH, AAA, and NJPW's gain. The only wrestler who is truly fucked is Davey Richards because of all the bridges he burned in the Indies and Japan but asshole or not he is too good for someone not to forgive him.

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Mayo and ranch dressing are disgusting. Mayo looks like congealed grease and makes me gag for some reason plus it doesn't add anything to a sandwich or hamburger like good ol' mustard. I just can't stand the taste or smell of Ranch dressing. It sickens me when people dunk non veggie stuff like pizza, french fries, and chicken wings in that shit.

Onions though I love the fuck out of onions. I rarely cook anything that doesn't have a bit of onions in it.

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I appreciate and love some game music but I don't really enjoy it outside the confines of playing the game. Outside of gaming I do listen to wide variety of music I'm just not a huge fan of instrumental music.

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The only game music that is part of my music collection is Far Away from Jose Gonzales off the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack but that is a legit song.

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Maybe I am the only one but I never took Kingdom Hearts too seriously. It's an incomprehensible mess of JRPG and anime tropes with Disney stuff thrown in for some reason. To me that is the charm of Kingdom Hearts. I've played most of the games and I have no idea what the hell is going on with the story and I am okay with that. I just know they are decently made action RPGs with Disney and SquareEnix JRPG character cameos.

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I'm told by people who didn't grow up in Cincinnati, Ohio that our chili is gross but pile that shit on some spaghetti with onions, cover it with shredded mild cheese, and hot sauce and you got yourself the King of Drunk Food.

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I actually have the opposite problem as you. I too suffer from depression that went untreated for nearly a decade but I don't suffer from OCD. I had a hard time enjoying things that I normally love like video games, movies, reading, and even spending time with friends.

When I would play video games or read books I would start to get bummed out when I was nearing the end because that meant I would have to find something else to take my mind off my problems and I would eventually bail on the game/book and immediately start on something new. I think I still have a PS2 memory card that is nothing but saves right before the final boss fight.

Jesus, I can't even imagine what kind of living hell it is trying to game with OCD especially with achievements and the number of collectibles a lot of games seem to have these days. When I played Pokemon as a kid I wanted to catch every monster but having something in your brain chemistry telling you that you need to catch them all or it will just eat away at you seems awful.

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I picked up Arkham Origins this weekend and based off reviews and opinions from Giant Bomb I was expecting a mediocre game at best . I'm just past the Copperhead boss fight and am surprised to find that Arkham Origins is actually quite good and does a bunch of stuff better than Asylum and City. Splash Damage does a good job mixing up the enemy types in the hand to hand scenarios, I love the new gadgets especially the Just Cause-like Grapel Gun thingy, I like how detective scenarios are handled, so far the boss fights are genuinely fun, unlocking moves by performing certain task is neat and gets me to try to change things up, and despite not having Hamil or Conroy the new guys are really good.

That's not to say this game isn't without faults like there seems to be a lack of Predator scenarios and the ones they have just aren't as fun as the ones in the last two games, the reused assets from City is lame, the Riddler stuff isn't as fun, the Batman villain selection is less than ideal with a lot of rehashes and third tier villains, the indoor environments aren't as good as City, thugs seem much more resilient and Batman seems weaker, and I'm not a big fan of what total dick Batman is in this game.

Anyway I can't describe it but despite being a very competent and enjoyable game it seems to lack that little je ne sais quoi that made the first two games so memorable. Maybe the Arkham formula has run its course or the story seems a little too formulaic even for Batman. I just can't place what it is about Origins that just feels off. Anyone else feel the same way about Origins? Ever feel that way about another game that was seemingly great?

Also if you feel you must use spoilers than go ahead but please mark them as such.

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Can't go wrong with any LP by Chip and Ironicus.