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This thread has reminded me that the PS2 had a hell of an awesome game library.

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A few of my favorite PS2 games were the Shadow Hearts series, Twisted Metal Black, The Ratchet and Clank Trilogy, The Jak Trilogy, Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks (seriously underrated gem and my favorite PS2 co-op game), The Warriors, Rogue Galaxy, and Def Jam Fight for NY.

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Most peoples beef with Skyward Sword is that it over tutorializes every little action in the game and it goes a little nuts with the collectibles. Not Donkey Kong 64 nuts but definitely in the Banjo Tooie range.

I really liked the Hyrule of Skyward Swords and Groose was a fun character who had a neat little redeeming story arc. The real star of this game is just how well the game uses Wii Motion Plus and makes you feel like a sword wielding bad ass. This is literally that sword/lightsaber everyone dreamed of when they first saw the Wii.

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I saw the first movie and hated it. The second movie I saw because I had the flu and was too sick to change the channel after the movie Rules of Attraction. I don't know how much of Transfomers 2 was actually part of the movie and how much was part of my fever induced delirium.

That said I kinda want to see Transformers 4 because I have a new respect for Michael Bay after watching what is easily his best movie, Pain and Gain. Do I have to watch the third movie or even go back and watch the second movie with a clear mind?

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Waluigi is easily no. 1

For Nintendo characters: Anyone representing Advance Wars, Fat Hockey Player from NES Hockey, Star Man from Pro Wrestling, Starfy, Rider from Excite Bike, Dog from Duck Hunt, Popeye, and Fawful.

From other companies - Dig Dug, Simon Belmont, a Chocobo, Karnov, Mike Hagger, Chun Li, and Bub or Bob from Bubble Bobble.

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Are we all in agreement that Origins and X-Men 3 were hot garbage?

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This is definitely a wait for a review game for me. That said probably PS4.

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Jericho is easily in my top 5 favorite wrestlers of all time but I am not a fan of his "Cool Dad" babyface persona. Seriously Jericho seems like a recently divorced dad going through a midlife crisis and being creepy by picking up women less than half his age. You know that creepy dad that flirts with his 18 year old daughter's friends.

So far this current run hasn't been bad but I am dreading the eventual Bray Wyatt poorly photoshopped promo.

Also after seeing Dean Ambrose applying a proper Figure Four it is clear that The Miz should drop that as his finisher go back to his shitty Full Nelson Facebuster.

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Someone has a different opinion on me about a video game. What do I do?

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Reading through this thread I don't think half of you know what a good bad movie is. At least half these movies a legit good.

Good Bad = The Running Man, Birdemic, Super Mario Bros. The Movie, The Happening

Good Good = Anything directed by Paul Verhoven aka Starship Troopers, Total Recall, and Robocop (exception being Showgirls but that movie is so fucking Good Bad) . Anything directed by John Carpenter before Village of the Damned remake ( with a few exceptions).