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Internet Police exist. There was one on Comedy Bang! Bang! two weeks ago.

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Pizza Hut pizza is too greasy even for a guy who loves New York style. Every couple of years I am like I haven't had Pizza Hut in awhile and I instantly regret ordering it.

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Scrabble is still king of the board games.

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40s were more of a high school/under age drinking thing when getting drunk was a bigger deal than taste. The 40 of choice was Little Kings. It's a Cincinnati tradition among teenagers and your less discerning drunks. To be honest I don't know if it even exist outside the area surrounding Cincy.

Last time I had a 40 (or three) was a year ago before and after an outdoor 311 and Cyprus Hill concert which seemed like the most appropriate setting to drink 40s ever.

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I hate these threads where people ask if they should buy something or not.

Here let me solve it for you: Do you like Bioware RPGs?

Did you like the first Dragon Age?

Do you like the fiction of Dragon Age?

If you answer yes to all three buy the game immediately if you have the money. If you answered yes two question than wait for reviews/word of mouth. If you answered yes to only one than wait for a discount. If you answered no to all three than don't buy.

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I'd love to see an HD collection of the Ape Escape series. The series doesn't seem to get the praise it is due and the original was a great way to show off the and teach people how to use the first Dual Shock controller.

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Dodged a bullet. I was just waiting to see the reviews because based on my experiences with RE5 and Dead Space 3 taught me that focus on "co-op" is code for bad sequel.

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The last original Pixar movie was Brave and that was released on June 22, 2012. Remember when Pixar was the gold standard for original animated movies that could be enjoyed by kids and adults alike? Now you got Disney kicking Pixar's ass with cool original stuff like Wreck-It-Ralph, Frozen (Not my bag but it was well done), and Big Hero Six. The only mistake was those awful Plane movies but those were based on Pixar's worst movies.

I get that Pixar got lucky and got two great sequels from Toy Story but doing a fourth is going to the well once too often. Besides Toy Story 3 was a good farewell to the series that will never be topped. What happened to the Pixar that did The Incredibles, Up, and Wall-E? I miss that Pixar. Now Pixar is just as bad as Disney from the late 90's/early 00's when they went sequel crazy. Remember Jungle Book 2, Bambi 2, The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 or The Little Mermaid 2? Or the two sequels that Cinderella, Aladdin, and Lion King got?

To be fair the third Aladdin is okay because Robin Williams reprises his role as the Genie (Dan Castellaneta of Simpsons fame voice Genie for the second movie and the cartoon series) and Sean Connery voices Aladdin's dad and The Lion King 1 1/2 is interesting for being the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead to the Lion King's Hamlet.

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@brendan said:

If he wants to sink his teeth into a long JRPG, then Bravely Default would be a good choice (also with the new 3DS he could get Xenoblade Chronicles just sayin').

Unless he lives in Japan the new 3DS isn't coming Stateside or to Europe for quite sometime.

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If anyone wants their memories of Futurama forever tainted then watch the awful Simpsons/Futurama crossover that made no goddamn sense. Say what you will about the quality of the DTV movies (I thought only Bender's Game was bad) and the Comedy Central run (too much fan service but there were some great episodes that rank among the original run and I thought the finale was great) but Futurama never sank to the levels of crap that passes as the Simpsons for the last decade.

Where to begin? 1) The two different art styles clashed making the Futurama cast look off-putting and not quite right.

2) In the Futurama universe Matt Groening exist as a head in a jar and Fry finds a Bart Simpson doll on a trash comet. As silly as Futurama got it always prided itself on not contradicting the universe it set up.

3) This is several years too late. While a Futurama cross-over is a bad idea it would have made sense when the show was still on the air or still in syndication on Adult Swim where it gained popularity enough to spawn 4 DTV movies and another run on Comedy Central.

4) Everyone from Futurama was used to spit out dumb exposition or used as a pointless cameo save for Bender. They literally had Dr. Zoidberg introduce himself then say "Welp, that's my one line so I'm out"

5) The story for the crossover was even dumber than the set up for the Family Guy crossover. It involved something stupid with Bart sneezing on a sandwich and putting it in a time capsule that with Milhouse's rabbits foot (Do people still have those? I thought by now we would have realized that is pretty fucking barbaric) and toxic waste created a plague of mutant Bart Bunnies.

Sorry for the rant but as someone who still watches The Simpsons (purely for the trainwreck factor and because what am I going to watch for a 1/2 hour before Brooklyn Nine-Nine starts?) I have to vent or I will go insane.