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What the fuck is "doxxed"? I have nothing negative against Felicia Day despite thinking her show "The Guild" is not for me. She seems like a sweet person who is genuinely into video games and nerdy stuff. Also how sweet was Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog?

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If I was an Aussie I'd be more scared of those deadly jellyfish, the numerous poisonous snakes and bugs, saltwater crocodiles, and being disemboweled by emus (my favorite wikipedia article- ) then being eaten by a Great White.

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If you haven't seen Re-Animator then I highly recommend it. Seems exactly like what your looking for in the goofy but kinda scary department.

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I think everyone is being cautiously optimistic because of Dragon Age 2. I am hoping for the best because I've been jonesing for a Bioware style RPG for awhile.

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@shagge: Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 is my second favorite movie in the franchise. I loved that the beginning of the movie is pretty much a remake of the original Halloween 2 and then it is revealed to be a dream sequence and does its own thing. I also loved that Michael Myers was just a normal dude and not some magical Druid golem or whatever the fuck they revealed in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. One thing positive about that movie is that it is pretty cool to see a young Paul Rudd stab Michael Myers with syringes full of glowing green shit. Before Rob Zombie did his two movies the last Halloween had Michael Myers getting his ass kicked by Busta Rhymes. So even if you hated Rob Zombie's Halloween movies you have to admit that he at least brought the series back to some semblance of reality.

Speaking of Rob Zombie I still love his music, especially the White Zombie stuff. Sure nearly every song is about old muscle cars or/and contains sound clips from old horror movies but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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i miss shotguns there just fun way to play and now i would better off throwing rocks at my enemies i would have more range sad times.

I am still getting a lot of kills with shotguns. I have a quick weapon swap ability so when a person charges me to try to get a melee kill I quickly drop my sweet hand canon w/ the explosive rounds and just blast them point blank in the face. I've been the bane of many a blade dancer.

My favorite though is my Heavy Machine Gun that has crazy range and can drop people in 3 to 4 shots.

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The most bizarre thing is the fervour around ship ownership as Patrick's worth reading article he linked to showed. CIG have constantly stated that Lifetime Insurance is a very small difference to non-LTI but I suppose any difference in value generates demand. I really do envy the high-income members who casually drop thousands on ships like it was spare change.

Going to ask some silly questions - Everything I've read about the game is people swearing that it isn't "pay 2 win", so why the expensive ships? Will there be resentment for people who didn't fund a red cent and just wait for the game to be released before buying it? Finally is there an actual concrete release date for this game?

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SJW has just replaced the term white-knighting for trolls. It's just a dumb label used to dismiss the argument of someone you disagree with rather than getting into an actual discussion.

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Rob Riggle is hilarious so it makes me think they get the tone of Dead Rising so color me cautiously optimistic.

Haven't seen much of this dude over here in the UK so I'll just take everyone else on their optimism about him. He certainly looks the part.

Search for some of his Daily Show bits, see 21 Jump Street, go to the Adult Swim website to find episodes of NTSF:SD:SUV featuring his character of President of the Navy, and his many bits on Funny or Die.

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I get called out sometimes for sleeping with my socks on

Really? That is like, insanity to me, I always go to sleep with my socks on, it just feels wrong to have them off.

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself here, but I think that John Wick movie looks kind of good, people hate on Keanu a lot, I don't know, I like him, he makes fun movies. John Wick looks like some dumb fun.

I wear socks to bed in the winter. Now if you sleep naked except for socks that is pretty odd.

Keanu gets a lifetime pass for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Point Break. He isn't a great thespian by any means but he knows his strengths and weaknesses as an actor. He is also actually pretty smart and knows a lot about the history of cinematography. I agree that John Wick looks like a fun R rated action movie.

Broccoli and raw baby spinach are my favorite vegetables.