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I will indeed let it evade my radar; Mass Attack wasn't exactly bad, but it wasn't all that great either. I wish I cared about this game, but I just can't.

You do know Mass Attack was not a traditional Kirby game right? Triple Deluxe is a traditional Kirby game more in the vain of the criminally overlooked Wii Kirby sans the multiplayer.

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While I agree that name is offensive I also find online petitions offensive.

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The correct answers for worst presidents are clearly- 1. Andrew Jackson 2. Richard Milhouse Nixon 3. Republican Jesus AKA Ronald Reagan.

If Republicans want a good/decent president to deify they should pick Dwight D. Eisenhower. Too bad his vice president was a huge piece of shit.

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Things Will Arnett has done that haven't sucked after Arrested Development - I am drawing a blank at least Michael Cera had Scott Pilgrim

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The Nic Cage meme is over the new thing is MOTHER FUCKIN' GENE HACKMAN!!!

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Mr. Show

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How did some silly Something Awful Photoshop thing become so fucking popular? I think I will wait until Zalgo gets turned into a game.

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It is Donatello because he has the best reach with his Bo Staff.

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People have different opinions then me and for some reason that makes me angry!!! Unless he thinks Hitler wasn't such a bad guy or that we need to go back to separate then his opinions shouldn't matter to you. Hell, I even like to hear from people that have different opinions then me because it expands my fucking horizons.

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I hate these threads where people ask if I should buy a system or not. If you do decide to get a 3DS spend the extra and get the XL because it has better battery life.