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This game reminds me of Sonic Unleashed in that it looks like it is only going to be half good.  Guess which half?  Hopefully "New" Sonic plays similar to Sonic Colors since that game was surprisingly decent.  Seriously go rent Sonic Color it is actually kind of fun and not just for a 3D Sonic game. 

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@afrofools: It was a joke. Though mosquitoes only need something as small as a soda can with a little bit of rain water inside to hatch hundreds of those little bastards.
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Maybe you should get rid of your collection of stagnant pools of water.

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Which option is Peter Molyneaux's balls ?

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Uhh... The one where you shoot guns at aliens and shit.

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I would buy the shirt if it didn't have the Elvish speak. 

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Which movie?  My guess is either  The Crying Game or Videodrome. 

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Batman: Arkham Asylum is really the only one since the PS1 days when they use to give away demo disc as promotional items.

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That is a pretty awesome name that gets right to the point.   I agree it does seem dark because calling it Nintendo seems so final. 

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I thought Final Fantasy VIII was deeply flawed but I appreciate that Square tried to change things up from VII.  It just happened that Drawing Magic, Junctioning, and Guardian Forces just weren't very fun.  I did like the story though. Only if you go by the theory that Squall gets mortally wounded after he was impaled by icicles and the second half of the game takes place in Squall's dying mind.