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1. Espresso Maker
2. Sex Port
3. Flux Capacitor
4. 7 Axis Controller
5. Holograms

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Don't you already have Megaman's retarded sword wealing cousin in the game?  I would rather see more crazy characters like Phoenix Wright and Rocket Racoon.  Screw Megaman X give us Ken from Street Fighter 2010 or Nikola Tesla from Dark Void.

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On top of the mustache of a  humongous  MechaHaggar that is rampaging through Metro City. 

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Mocap Guy, Dan from Accounting, Spawn, and Val Kilmer

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All these people talking about killing cats is why mine are strictly indoor only.  

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Yeah it reminds me of L.A. Noir if they removed the interrogations and crime scenes and left the shitty action parts.  I hated how the radio played anachronistic music and the collectibles were magazines that didn't exist in the games time line.   
When comparing the two open worlds I say L.A. Noir actually wins because at least there were side missions and collectibles.  
Psst.... Guess what I did not care for Mafia 2.

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Does it make me a bad person that I preferred Tim Burton's vision of The Penguin as a deformed malcontent who is trying to get revenge on the rich parents who denied him of his birthright? Don't get me wrong I like this version of the Penguin and when I heard "Solomon Grundy born on a monday"  I lost my shit.   If they show Entrigan then I will need a colostomy bag because I will be losing my shit 24/7.

Is there superhero around who has a better Rogue's Gallery then the God Damn Batman?
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@Mayu_Zane: Quite a few of the Podcast I listen to like Nobody Likes Onions and Red Bar Radio do marathon shows that usually last 24 hours and it does get pretty insane towards the end.  
I feel like if the content is there and it is funny that Bombcast should go as long as the guys are having fun.  I really have no preference because the July 4th weekend 90 Minute show was just as good as the 2 and 1/2 hour shows.
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Shitty gimmick characters is Soul Calibers job.

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The World is Not Enough is when I stopped caring about James Bond.  That movie is almost as shitty as Moonraker.