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Level 11 and while I'm not surprised I'm a little bit disappointed at how monotonous the areas are. I miss the various colors from B2. This feels more like DLC than a game but that's ok with me. TVH is where the damage numbers start popping and where the real fun begins.

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I don't follow any of this but I do really like the site and its content! Game on etc.

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I'm going to watch as many shitty movies I can, starting with Puppet Master (Wrong Turn 6 was great/bad)

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I just can't let go of the fact that JEFF hasn't seen Aliens 1 or 2. It's simply amazing to me. JEFF YOU DON'T KNOW THE LANCE HENRIKSEN WE DO!

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I don't care if ten monkeys got together and made a videogame. I'd still play it if it was good enough.

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I'm just waiting for the 8/10ish metacritic score so I can buy it. Come on, previews etc.

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The trolling underworld?

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Still playing. I love having my 3ds in sleep mode at my desk, just opening it and play one or two songs at a time. All the unlockable stuff is just a big pile of bonus.

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MSI 970 1500mhz Fire Strike Benchmark For anyone interested. I haven't compared to others but on stock settings I got 9900ish.

Tried Mordor. Didn't find any AA option. Disabled DoF and ran unlocked framerate. High textures (3gb) and the rest maxed. No V sync. The benchmark showed average 85fps.