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First thing I did when I came across a boat was to sail up river towards Novigrad. Came across a guarded treasure. The griffin was many levels above me but as it flew out towards the water I managed to shoot it down. It landed in the ocean and died in an instant but it still made screeching noises. I wasn't able to loot it. I got the treasure from the nest though.

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The only other topic on this forum appears to have been started by someone looking to upset what few Shenmue fans are here so I figured I'd start another thread, maybe get a head count of how big the community is on Giant Bomb! I'm putting my bets on about five! Most Shenmue community hubs tend to be full of insane people, which is completely okay (especially since you have to be kind of insane to have waited this long), but I like the level-headed nature of GB and its community. Figured I'd reach out here.

Personally, I've been a Shenmue fan since about 2000 or 2001. I was very young, which probably magnified the effect it had on me. Age aside, the game just blew me away. Loved every second, never seen anything like it. I loved Shenmue 2 even more (which I got on Xbox). I've probably played it about six or seven times and am going to be starting another playthrough very soon. There was a potent mix of exploration, mystery and atmosphere that I've been chasing in other games ever since. I can acknowledge the flaws the games had, but they just don't outweigh how much good is in there.

I could go on but I have stupid real-world responsibilities to get to. So, anyone else here want to share? :)

p.s. I just ask that nobody be antagonistic or overly sarcastic/diminishing towards other people, especially because Shenmue fans are easy targets and make the temptation great. I'd like to gently remind some folks to respect other peoples' interests and let them be insane in peace. Thanks!

Of course you were a fan. You were young and didn't know better.

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Just like there's a solution to the letdown that is Destiny (PLAY DIABLO WITH FRIENDS!), there's a solution to this too. The simple fact is that Witcher 3 is so good you don't need to play other open-world games. I'm only ten hours in and a little bit further out from White Orchard but just from what I've read on forums (reviews speak for themselves) it seems like you can just play this game without having to even think about other games for the rest of the year. Am I wrong? (No, I'm not wrong about Destiny. It sucks and I haven't even tried it!)

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Aeris dies Aeris dies Aeris dies Aeris dies Aeris dies Aeris dies Aeris dies oh god

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It's like..why would you play Luigi when you COULD be playing Mario? Think about that.

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FF7 is my favorite videogame so yes.

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Yakuza too looks like Sleeping Dogs but with more bullshit in it. Nah, I think Sleeping Dogs is the one to play. And Shenmue doesn't even sound legit when you say it out loud.

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But then I looked up Shenmue 2 on youtube. Sleeping dogs IS Shenmue's the exact same game!! Why not just play that?

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I think we all just need to know your stance on Majora's Mask. It's what drove Klaptek away. That and Yoshi.