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Yes. I only tried Pro Evo very briefly before going back to the more arcade'ish gameplay of FIFA.

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RED DEA...oh nevermind.

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I got back into FIFA 14 after my last one being 98 and I was just hooked on Pro Clubs. I've played around 1300 matches and I have my own team in FIFA 15 that I named "Useless Vikings" on PS4. European. I invite anyone remotely interested in Pro Clubs to join. Its' a VERY casual club. To keep it short, we have no rules. We only expect you to be nice and pass the ball. All kinds of mistakes are accepted but HORRIBLE goalkeepers won't be allowed to ruin it for the rest of the team. We're open, you can just join and play whenever you want. No mic needed. We've touched division 2 or 3.

If you want a team where noone will tell you how to play the game, join us. We're around 30 players, some more active than others.

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@basketsnake: I have an almost identical setup, and even though I know the performance hit is huge, I just don't have it in me to turn off hairworks. Even with the biiiiig fps hit, I just can't bring myself to do it.

I only played a little bit. When I turned shadows back up to ultra I think the lowest FPS I saw was 56 when entering a thick forest. I'll gladly turn off any big fps killer. Stable 60 is uber important to me. That's why even though I can get around 90 in town in GTA I've turned down plenty of settings to get a rock solid 60 out in the desert as well. Framerate and response is much more important to me than IQ. I don't care about temperatures and stuff like this but I tested it out with the Witcher 3 today for fun. the 970 OC at an unlocked FPS seemed to not want to go over 76c and 70% fan speed. Not using v-sync but I locked it to 60 and I think it was down to 63c with lower fan speed. Said I was using 1300mb video memory. I don't know how this compares to anything. Game runs great.

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i7 3770k stock, intel boost 3,9ghz. 16g ram. MSI 970 OC. Everything maxed ca 45fps. Hairworks off 60 and up, foliage distance to high fluctuating around 80, turned shadows down to high because it gives me better control response - 80 and up. It's simply awesome.

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I don't understand the fascination for Pitbull when you got Meat Loaf. Think about it.

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I'm serious when I say that if I try this game I'm considering turning Geralt's voice off if possible. I absolutely hate it. There's no life to it and it's boring to listen to him. I think I'd go with the beard though.

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Near the end of one of the trailers we see Snake get off a jeep and we see a Metal Gear Rex in the background....or am I wrong? Maybe he's gone evil at that point and it's his new weapon to take on the world? AKA Metal Gear 1. PAN TO DAVID HAITER!!!! HAI THAR I AM BACK. KEPT U WAITING UH?

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You WILL pay a fiver for my detatchable hairy character balls. Realistic physics. Supports Nvidia fur. Not compatible with pixelart games.

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Skip advanced graphics and set grass to normal and shadows to soft or lower. Then tweak to your liking after that.