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Both end on July 12th at 11 pm eastern. Good luck!

Are you alive?

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This is probably gonna be my GOTY this year if it's well made. I spent so much time playing LBP1 and 2, acing every level and collecting every single prize bubble.

Tower defense games are the worst. The Move pack level is horrible. I can't reach the high scores to get the very last stickers. Gave up. The design of the level is great but I didn't think the move controls were too great.

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The controls are "tightened up a bit". They said the same about LPB2 so we'll see. Something about it being a little bit snappier. It never bothered me but I can totally see it and it's a shame for such a great game to be overlooked because of the controls. The fact that it's not a platformer but a PHYSICS platformer doesn't really help. It is what it is. Ultimately it's up to the creator to design levels that are great to play.

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Am I the only duder interested in LBP3?

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Where and when, Klaptek?

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The only issue I have found with DS4 is my L1 trigger gets stuck a lot. Have yet to find a fix other than disassembling and doing a bit of sanding.

Takes you a few seconds to remove the L1 / R1 buttons and half a minute to clean it up. No disassembly. It's all on youtube.

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This is a really weird structure for a news article. Like Patrick kept interrupting himself while he was trying to write.

Just trying some stuff out. I really like the approach Vox has taken with some of its stories -- finding a way to communicate everything really early, and then trying to contextualize extraneous information using headers that prepare the reader for the information that's ahead.

I don't read any of your articles because I find them boring (I find most articles about anything boring) but I thought this was formulated in the right way for me at least. I like how you wrote it.

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Join the counter strike community instead, where we shoot first and explain later!!