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It's easy to decide if you want to buy their next game or not.

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Heists online will probably be fun for thirty minutes.

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@lane_ said:

And this is why you don't pre-order games nowadays. Even the guys with hundreds of millions of dollars release games that are basically broken.

Your statement is bug-free and polished.

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No game or movie sequel will top the original no matter what.

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I've decided if I ever play an AC game I'll accept whatever bullshit comes out of the story just like with MGS games. Makes it a lot more fun. I love a game that gets the setting perfect, like RDR. I love the AC4 pirate setting and world, I think it looks phenomenal but just reading around on forums I found out the missions are still the old boring stalking shit. Unity looks superb. Is it fun though?

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I edited my thread and decided to simply post this - the best levels selected by fans on the forum. The levels published by this user contains monthly level picks. Play the latest and work your way backwards when or if you feel like it. I bet some of you are already familiar with that forum and maybe the level picks.

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Here's a quote from a fan. "Sumo weren't kidding when they said they tightened up Sackboy's controls!! I've been playing since 2009 and could tell an immediate difference with how responsive he is. I think you guys (whoever didn't make it into the beta) will really like the feel of it."

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On the PS4 you hold the home button, scroll down to "adjust devices" and turn the controller off (if you do it manually). With the pc program you can do it instantly by pressing the home and share button at the same time. Or you can leave the controller synced to the PS4 and use it like normal and whenever you want to use it on your pc you just plug the usb cable in without touching anything. It's just flawless for me.