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Yes please

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I'm one of the few that absolutely loved the ORIGINAL 3d effect to death. I got the new one and the glow in the dark faceplates for supreme nerdness and I don't regret it. The 3d effect itself is not better at all but the screen has a little bit better contrast and it's 100% stable for me. If you look away it'll only take half a second to re-adjust the image for you. It's awesome.

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I still don't see any comments on wearing glasses under the headset. That's what I'm most curious about. I've tried the oculus and it was fine but I want impressions from the new headsets.

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You can play through the entire first part (forest areas) with just a normal green or any type of leaf camo and do fine and switch to black or brown or something when you play the mountains/base. Switch back to green at the end. It's honestly not that big a deal.

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I got the new 3ds and the game. Playing for the first time. I've played almost all the other Zelda games. I'm past the first encounter with the skull kid, about an hour in. Then I put it down and haven't touched it the entire week and I don't know why. Tired from work. I've been looking forward to finally playing this game. The only thing I've ever known about the game is that it's running on this "three day time limit cycle" and it's been the only reason why I've never played it before. I need to make some progress and see what happens. I got both the inverted song of time and the double one.

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It's the worst shit but I was prepared and it took me four minutes.

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I'm playing it for the first time. I've barely done any quests and I'm not sure what to make of it yet. It feels like a Zelda game.

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If 2014 was any indication you should wait until the people have spoken before you buy it. It's as simple as that. This game will probably ship half-assed running at 4fps with 10 "day 1" patches and it'll still be crap.

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I got a new white. Sturdy hinge and no dead pixels. I did however notice a VERY little scratch on the left side of the upper screen. It's barely noticeable unless you really look for it, like I did when I did a thorough check before transferring. When looking at it while playing it looks like a 30% dead pixel if that makes any sense. I also noticed an incredibly small scratch on the right side. This does nothing. They both line up with the bottom screen which tells me that the known issue of screen scratching may still be present. I never had this on my original ice white. It's a super tiny spot and doesn't get in the way of gaming at all so I kept the 3ds. Great feel, great 3d effect..I don't care about the other new features.

OH it's matte! NO FINGERPRINTS! It's great.