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The controls are "tightened up a bit". They said the same about LPB2 so we'll see. Something about it being a little bit snappier. It never bothered me but I can totally see it and it's a shame for such a great game to be overlooked because of the controls. The fact that it's not a platformer but a PHYSICS platformer doesn't really help. It is what it is. Ultimately it's up to the creator to design levels that are great to play.

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Am I the only duder interested in LBP3?

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Where and when, Klaptek?

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The only issue I have found with DS4 is my L1 trigger gets stuck a lot. Have yet to find a fix other than disassembling and doing a bit of sanding.

Takes you a few seconds to remove the L1 / R1 buttons and half a minute to clean it up. No disassembly. It's all on youtube.

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@joshwent said:

This is a really weird structure for a news article. Like Patrick kept interrupting himself while he was trying to write.

Just trying some stuff out. I really like the approach Vox has taken with some of its stories -- finding a way to communicate everything really early, and then trying to contextualize extraneous information using headers that prepare the reader for the information that's ahead.

I don't read any of your articles because I find them boring (I find most articles about anything boring) but I thought this was formulated in the right way for me at least. I like how you wrote it.

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Join the counter strike community instead, where we shoot first and explain later!!

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GET the fucking CQC kontrol freeks. They're fantastic! I use them on all my controllers. You won't look back

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Welcome to the Giant bomb guys, looking forward to whatever awesome content that's coming our way. (The first of which already appears to be in the can)

Aww yisss

Nothing more to say.