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I've been playing like a madman for around 50 ish hours and just hit level twenty. (not in one sitting)

I don't want to miss any story stuff so I've been taking the completionist route and have been trying to 100% zones before moving on.

I went Hinterlands, Forbiden Oasis, Fallow Mire,Val Royeaux, Storm Coast. I'm at the snowy place with the giant broken bridge now. Some zones can't be fully completed until later on as they require shards, war table quests, etc.

Dammit I really really really enjoy this game too.

And hopefully Hinterlands took you a hell of a lot of time and the later smaller zones are more satisfying because you actually get to move on at one point due to the smaller size?

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@lackluster Many of the people who made LBP3 are die hard fans picked from the community to create the game and they know how to do the solid platforming levels so there's your answer. @mosespippy Let me solve your problem LBPCentralHub

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I can if I'm bothered to play this bug-infested mess. And I'm a fan since 2007. It's apparently filled with vast amounts of bugs. Enjoying the hell out of Dragon Age and I'm not feeling like playing a beta version of LBP3. Just check out lbpcentral.

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Pc maxed with 80fps average. Specs aside I was running out exploring on my own immediately in the Hinterlands for an hour or two and then I did the story quest which took me to the "hub" or whatever where I could pick up a bunch of quests...and go back to the same areas again. There's so much to do it feels like a job rather than exploring. It's good though.

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It's easy to decide if you want to buy their next game or not.

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Heists online will probably be fun for thirty minutes.

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@lane_ said:

And this is why you don't pre-order games nowadays. Even the guys with hundreds of millions of dollars release games that are basically broken.

Your statement is bug-free and polished.

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No game or movie sequel will top the original no matter what.