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Get rid of EVERYTHING on the site and just make quicklooks.

#2 Edited by BasketSnake (1111 posts) - remember, like my description says these guys can't have been too good. Playing with a Dual Shock 4 and CQC kontrol freeks. Notice the guy on the roof at 2:30. I don't let him get away! Bastard....

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Come on Media Molecule, come on.....the day shall cometh.

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He's going to create an exact replica of his old studio, only inverted.

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I still have high hopes for co-op when Phantom Pain comes out. Kojima stated that Peace Walker was "testing ground" for MGS5 and as we all know, co-op is a huge part of that game.

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30. Drops below now and then. Sharp image but things in the distance look a little blurry. Textures just fine. End of cryptic mgs msg.

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I'm just adding whoever posts their origin name. Mine is BasketSnake. EU player.

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If they allowed everyone to play one map one weekend as a demo I'm certain they'd sell a lot more. It's addicting.

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It IS great. I'm level 13. Don't worry. I won't spoil it. The humor is the same old south park we love and it is consistent throughout. The jokes are also part of the battles. Homless people will ask you for chaaaaaange during battle.