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You can delete me (BasketFrame) from the first clan as I have a ton of other games to play. Have fun.

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I've never seen any comment anywhere online where someone doesn't like DSR. I've tried it in several games and I prefer native 1080. I know some games can be coded and have the HUD scaled and stuff but I just didn't like what I saw. I don't even like AA in most games. I think they look sharper without. Needless to say my 970 spits out a lot of frames at a time. I think most people will disagree with me. Anyone else here who doesn't like AA? And don't get me wrong, when the time comes I'll play at higher resolutions but on a -native- monitor.

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I wanna know what love is.

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Can I be a part of this sci-fi thing? I know nothing about this. I'm past the first mission. My in-game name is BasketFrame. My backstory - I was a smuggler in space but my loot was stolen and now I'm on a mission to kill the bandits.

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This list sure is personal!

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I don't have a favorite that I can think of but Divinity is up there!

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After 60 hours I'm very happy to be done with this game. It's a good game but it's got way more dialogue than I can stand and a thousand repeatable quests. I never came across Vivienne. I had something like 24 power when I needed 40 to do the next story quest and I started doing some side quests and I got up to 40 very quickly....I even had some power left in me to uninstall the game.

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0a66c6fe9342-24d46das Posted this earlier...just in case nobody got it.. it's a 15 dollar code for the GB store.

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I just watched Die Hard 2 and I'll watch the first another day. Yippe-kay yay merrychristmas!