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Lol cool, thanks.

So "skins" are like cosmetic things to make your armor look the way you want it to? Makes sense.

I guess the race is not a huge decision one should simply go with what they like Aesthetically and based on the description.

With the classes to be honest I am a tad disappointed (which I shouldn't be coz I still have not had the chance to try it) but the "mix ANY class with ANY class" system was my favourite aspect of the original Guild wars ^_^ as it created endless possibilities for interesting characters, it was also the reason I probably never got around to finishing it amongst my... 10 or 15 characters and what with the expansions :S I do regret that lol...

I just hope the classes give us enough opportunity to make our character stand out a bit and be diverse compared to others in pve and pvp

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Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! ...

@Dark_Lord_Spam said:


Sorry, this was an amazing response to "Don't Blow my cover" Forgive my ignorance but what is that image?

Anyway... I just wanted to add: I sat down yesterday and watched the full half an hour "Angry Review" by Angry Joe on Guild Wars 2. If you are still on the fence, or for anyone on the fence about deciding on this game please go and watch it. It is funny in places and honestly not a waste of time and quite frankly if you watch that review and you are STILL not convinced then don't buy it coz u probably wont get your moneys worth :P for the remaining 98% of us come and join the MMO revolution

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Choosing a race, at first glance seems somewhat more complicated then I thought. (this makes me happy)

Just by reading the website I can see that each race has some sub choices you make that builds their background and perhaps slightly alters their racial abilities? This is the bit I am curious of as it seems to hint at that tho perhaps I am just reading into it too much.

Humans especially seem to have to make two choices which is curious: One about what background they came from and one to do with what deity you with to follow.

The races themselves seem somewhat stereotypical but that's ok, at least there is something there for everyone. We got the Vikings, the gnomes, the kitties, the trees and the borings. Each person is different, and I respect everyone's choice but I don't really understand why you would play a human character in a fantasy game, as you are already involuntarily human and have plenty of experience in that :) However I recon they will prove quite popular simply as many of us like to make our character extremely pretty and able to relate to. I would eventually like to have one of each...

So yeah that is the bit I am wondering for those who have the experience (I will be downloading my game tonight!! YAAAAYYYY) does making that choice such as what time you were born under the tree or what clan you want to be part of when u are Charr etc etc, does this greatly effect my character in the long run? like for example give them a racial that is better suited in pvp, or pve or something.... thanks!

As for me, I will probably make a Charr to begin with purely for nostalgic purposes, I loved them in the first game and thought they were great adversaries and and a really funky race of cuddly baddies.

Classes.... well I was going to make that the second half of this post but its already too long :P I dont even know where to start but am looking at probably Mesmer or Guardian xD Now that mesmers can wield great swords? it honestly sounds like a bucket of fun. Yes. Great big war-kitty mesmer... thoughts?

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Heh, well... Watched the Angry Joe review and if that doen't sell this game to every gamer alive then I don't know what could.

Well now I regret getting excited as there appears to be NO WAY for me to purchase this right now O_O even the retailer is sold out of $90 copies. Holy. Crap.

One last very vital question as this ultimately ends up screwing me over for PVP with all games: (DAMN AUSTRALIAN INTERNET TO THE FURTHEREST PIT OF HELL) Are there location specific servers?? So are there actual servers located in Europe, Asia, Australia/Oceania etc other than America? World of Warcraft (despite making more money than some entire countries) still has not made the effort to actually open servers for ppl to connect to outside of America, this is a HUGE thing coz even tho my server clearly states: "Oceanic" the physical server is still in the US giving me a ping of 300 on a good day. At this present time are Guild wars servers all located in the US? xD

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This doesn't make sense to me xD

How can a digital copy be out of stock? are the servers honestly full to the point of causing complications or are they being really stingy and trying to up-sell the collectors edition?

It's kind of REALLY frustrating when you are Australian coz here retail stores sell it for $90 meanwhile the digital version is 33% cheaper, and makes no difference as you have to download most of the content either way -_-

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Well thanks, that tidies things up a lot. Can't watch videos now but will shortly when I'm home xD

@TheHT: That sounds a lot more promising, I have a feeling that most developers are stepping away from systems that give us a lot of complex builds as well as builds that can fail because it simply does not pay off for them, they just get shouted at to fix a lot of the imbalance it causes and other players just aren't that interested in that sadly they just want to play and enjoy the content instead. It is a bit sad coz I draw most of my enjoyment from building a character my unique way. However as

@Rohok: kindly pointed out and from what I hear all around they really put a lot of unique systems in play for other stuff, especially what u said about not screwing around with loot sharing and being able to help out in a fight and still get rewards is always a better idea, some games still struggle with this.

Alright thanks for the info ill try find an affordable retailer tonight xD

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Ok so... I realized literally yesterday that this game is live!!

I mean wow, I got all hyped a few months back reading about it and I thought: I'm gonna love this so lets let it finish developing and dive in, however it has now caught me by surprise and at a really bad time, our house mate moved out spontaneously and (being in Australia) my nearest game retailer asks $88 and so I have been researching reasons to go "screw this" and dip into what is left of my savings because this release is incredibly nostalgic for me, as Guild Wars was my very first ever mmo :P I remember getting into Guild Wars 1 at a friends place something like... 7 years ago not knowing what an mmo was or that that was one....

So anyway I did some research and got frustrated so I figured I would make a post on my beloved most favorite of forums :) [Thanks guys!]

Pricing: What sort of mmo is this? Silly question I know, but they all seem to be coming out free to play all of the sudden and then making you spend money in game, based on that $88 huge price tag I am pondering if it is perhaps like the first game? which was buy once and play forever. In today's market I know that is not really possible... but how does it operate? Is there a $15 or whatever monthly subscription or are we operating on in-game stores and does anyone know where I could buy a digital download for cheap (even the main website said "out of stock" ... on digital copies? wait, what?)

Classes: This is a pretty big one for me, the first guild wars was incredible for me due to its class system: You could mix any two classes together, you could be a Warrior/mesmer giving you enough mana for maybe one cool spell every so often but you had enough armor to last in a hairy fight, or a Mesmer/Warrior casting powerful spells but whipping out a hammer and slapping the occasional mob that runs up, or any other combination of anything. I can't play Wow anymore these days since they simplified the character builds into about 2-3 very specific ones per class and made it so you cant even do half-half trees, there are just 7 billion clones running around these days and it bores the crap out of me... what do u guys think? do you find the class system has enough room to be creative so far?


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Laptop = travel

Desktop = gaming

Which do you primarily do? nuff said.

Edit: yes you can buy an in-between but god almighty don't, its not going to be as good and its going to run hot and the screen is going to be small.

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I always go with what I like the look of, while making sure its decent. At the moment I have Havel's head and gloves but combined with Black Knight +5 chest and Catarina Leggings +5 I think it makes a really funky set with good def, decent magic def and poise xD but Im not that far into the game, playing 2 different playthrought too lol

EDIT: I can get my endurance up a bit and since im using the two weight rings I could quite easily use havel's armor and move around at medium speed, however I really dont like the look of the chest, and I will probably mix it around a bit more soon, anyway

I think part of the question of OP was about howcome some ppl you summon, or in my case (coz I prefer to be summoned as a phantom, that way you can explore new areas, do your best to help someone and not worry about death as much coz u dont have much to lose :P) anyway, in my case I sometimes go to another world and ppl are wearing armor or lack of armor, that doesnt seem beneficial, like I saw a guy running around with a really ugly set up, the plank shield or something, big head piece and no chest piece etc etc, are they doing it for some benefit? or is this just ppl showing of trying to make the game harder for themselves

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@mosespippy: Great, thanks again.