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DTP's Z2 for me. I didn't listen to a ton of metal this year, but that album was spectacular. "Earth" is a really fantastic song from that album.

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Completely dependent on what you want to study =) If you're looking for a post-secondary school, do some research into schools & teachers you'd really want to study with. Maybe you'll end up finding that one of the most interesting programs is actually in Japan or Canada or something ^^

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"People are reporting improvements across the board, which is great, but we’re not backing down until we finish this fight."


The sentiment of that letter is reasonable, though. I do have a fair amount of hope that they will be able to fix the issues =)

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Hey guys,

I've been listening to older bombcasts recently, and got to the episode(s) where they were talking about the CAH GB Expansion. I remember submitting card ideas for that years ago, but am unsure if there have ever been any other updates about it.

I mean... Obviously Ryan was a huge part of the idea, and I'm sure he was one of the original people to talk it over with Max, so his passing is a huge factor in all of this; but I'm wondering if it is still something that they plan on releasing.

Thanks a bunch =)

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I honestly can't wait for Dragon Age. The shitstorm will be great. No one left at Bioware has the ability to string an interesting sentence together, never mind a coherent story. The sentiment around reviewers not having the ability to properly critique games has been building for a while prior to GamerGate but a side effect of GG has been this sentiment has intensified. There's gonna be some whiplash when it gets its guaranteed spot on the 3 point scale.

People talked a lot about the downgrade of W_D but everything put out about DA:I has looked terrible. Animation, story, those E3 promotional pictures and ofc, gameplay. I feel like I wasted time even just watching it. There's a reason a 90's theme song goes so well with it

My cousin is one of the lead editors for DA:I. I'll let him know you said that, I'm sure he'll love to know that "No one left at Bioware has the ability to string an interesting sentence together, never mind a coherent story."

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I would love to have Jason on the podcast permanently! The 5-person dynamic was really cool back when it was Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, Brad & Patrick. I'd love to have that with Jeff, Brad, Drew, Dan, and Jason =)

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Welp, guess we'll never see a Driveclub 2

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Thanks, Arteezy.

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All the "Dave, site's down" comments make me miss the duder immensely.

Regardless, a funny bug. Black site fo life, btw

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YEAH!!! Man, Blind Guardian would be perfect for Blizzcon. They could just play "I'm Alive" a bunch of times, and I'd be happy.