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@sackmanjones: Very agreed haha, the L2/R2 look really nice to use now. I'm really hoping that the thing will fit in my hands better now (I have large hands, previous DualShocks felt too small)

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Honestly? I think if they spend too much time hyping up the Kinect, and SmartGlass, they've already misstepped. I think the reason Sony had success with their reveal was because they glossed over the gimmicky bits, and focused heavily on both the user experience and games. I think Microsoft should try to do the same =)

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Hey guys,

I was curious about what you guys think of the Dualshock 4 =)

In case you haven't seen it, Sony put a bunch of information about it up on their site - including confirmation that the LED will be tracked like a Move controller.


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@ztiworoh: That is possible! I'm not sure what kind of system you are using, but there will be at least two stages of "gain." The first will be how much your interface (or mixing board, or whatever you're using) is taking directly off the mic which is called "pre-gain." After that, it goes through your various filters and such, and then there is your "post-gain," the one more commonly shown as being a fader/slider. Distortion is usually caused when the pre-gain (not the fader/slider) is set too high. A common reason this happens is because you are monitoring at a fairly low level, so you turn up your gain to hear yourself better. It is much better to turn up your headphone volume rather than try to compensate with gain.

As for the low noises, mics pick up every frequency that comes at them, so it's possible that you weren't even noticing the little noises you make. I'm not sure if you're still using Garage Band, but if there are effects (I can't remember, I haven't used garage band in a long time) look for an EQ. There should be something in the EQ called either a "High Pass" or a "Low Cut" (same thing). Slide that around until the low stuff disappears, but try not to affect the frequencies that are being produced by the guitar =)

I'd be happy to show you how it works if you'd ever like!

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I am currently pretty deep in the Sony infrastructure (longtime PS3 owner, ps2 before that, and a Vita owner) so one could assume I was biased going in. I watched the conference with 3 friends (none of them huge Sony supporters) and they all enjoyed it thoroughly, and agreed that the PS4 is the next gen - and they were probably in.

I'll get one. At launch? That depends on the price; but I'll be getting one.

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Hello again haha, glad to see you're continuing on =) Overall, it's good! The quality is better than the last one, and thankfully you're still doing well with performance. My only real critique is that the vocals sound a little distorted (did you bump the gain up a bunch?)

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Stream does seem healthy, chat seems to be flatlining though.

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I did the same thing, that mixed with needing a break from classes due to clinical depression.

But the Sony event had a lot to do with it.

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Gumball run, easily. I adored that movie haha

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I still have a Backwards Compatible PS3, so I'm not ultra worried.