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@brad: Hopefully it's more substantial than the 4ish hours it's rumoured to be!

As for what's in my PS3, currently Persona 4 (playing through it with a friend who hadn't heard of it. Just revealed the "real" killer). Next up on the list is Ni No Kuni, though there will likely be a JRPG palate cleanser in between (DmC on PC probably)

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My initial reaction was "that looks stupid," but upon closer inspection, I could really be into that thing.

Also, note the blue light on top. If the PS4 ships with a PSeye, I think we all know what that light means, and that is an awesome implication.

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Hey guys,

I was commenting on a video, but noticed that the toolbar (bold, italic, underline, html tags, etc) was missing. I am on a macbook pro (osx 10.6.8) using firefox.

Thanks a lot!

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Hey guys,

I found that when you get into your profile, and go to the list of people you are following, when you click on a username it just refreshes the page rather than go to that user's profile.


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Hey guys,

Spectacular job with the new site - the only bug I have is kind of nitpicky.

In videos, I've found that the transport (bar at the bottom) doesn't disappear at all for me after I hover over it once after it disappears the first time.

For example:

That bar will be there no matter if my mouse is in another window or not.


Edit: I am using a macbook pro (osx 10.6.8), firefox

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X-Men, Welcome to die.

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X-Men, Welcome to die.

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@ztiworoh: I think the order you'd want to follow in terms of preferable ways to handle it would be:

1) Do it one track at a time (guitar first, then vocals for example)

2) One mic on guitar, one mic on vocals if at the same time

3) Mic on a boom stand about 6 inches away from your mouth, and angled low enough that it's also catching the majority of your guitar as well (this one is probably the cheapest/will feel most natural)

The reason the first one is unarguably in that position is because when you're working with individual tracks, you can adjust each instrument as its own element which gives you greater control over the final product. Second achieves something similar, but is able to be done in a shorter amount of time since you don't have to record twice. Third is just a constraint on budget/time =)

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@ztiworoh: Haha that's alright sir! You have more technology at your disposal than even high-end studios had 50 years ago =) Even with a quaint/basic setup, you can get some pretty awesome results.

I don't use Garageband very much (at all, really) but if you're getting some latency, that could be an issue of Buffer and/or Sample size. I am pretty sure garageband doesn't have any way to adjust this within its preferences (every other DAW [digital audio workstation] does) but you should be able to go to your 'Audio MIDI Setup' to find your device and play around with its buffer there =)

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Hey duder,

I wasn't able to give it a loud listen like I'd prefer; but thought I'd give you some feedback regardless (I'm actually a professional in the audio field)

You totally get the folk feel, and your voice's timbre totally fits the style - which is awesome. The performing is great in the vocals too, good job =) Guitar is simple & effective, definitely no complaints there. It is consistent, and that is what matters. My volume wasn't high enough to judge how the mix of the mandolin vs. guitar/voice was, but when I did hear it occasionally it was slightly out-of-time. That's pretty common if you aren't recording with a click track haha, so don't worry! Honestly, I've been recording people/been recorded for like a decade now, and timing is still the hardest part (even with a click).

If you'd like some tips/tricks on mixing/mastering, let me know! Send me a PM and I'd be happy to take care of it for you. If you want, you could even send me some of your stems (the individual tracks) and I could do a quick mix for you!

Good job sir!