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That is actually fairly impressive how close it is - good find.

Looking through some of the screenshots, that game looks fairly shit haha.

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Hey there,

Since the relaunch of the site, I've ran into the problem where I can only see the most recently uploaded edition of whatever podcast it may be, with no option to explore older episodes. I was curious if anyone else has ran into this one =)

I'm currently on a Blackberry 9930,

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Honestly? There is nothing we can tell you to do that will help make you feel better.

My birthday was yesterday, and this time 2 weeks ago I couldn't have cared less. I didn't have anyone I was particularly close with to share it with, didn't want to do anything, was depressed because school had been so damn stressful, et cetera. Just over a week and a half ago I fell into this amazing relationship. Literally fell into it, it came out of nowhere - and this was after 2 or 3 years of going through my own personal hell (with some occasional bright points).

As someone with depression, and who was suicidal as recently as a month ago, here is the best piece of advice I can give you: Keep on going, and at some point things will make a turn for the best. You won't know when to expect it, or what form it will come in; but when it happens, you will know.

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That would be amazing. This is one of the few games I actually cared about on the 360 (I don't own one) so having it come to either PC or Vita would be amazing.

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Er, why did this thread get dragged back out?

This was for PAX Prime last year, and it doesn't seem like it's going to be at PAX East this year.

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I played for over a year with a KB, but within the past week have started using a controller.

My times have gotten so, so much better with the controller - I'm never going back.

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Hey @jeff & @karsh

Would you guys be up for putting this Linkin Park dubstep up on either server? =)

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When I was traveling a lot, I didn't have the opportunity to have a "home base" very often. Having a gaming laptop with me was a good way to get enjoy having my Steam library around at all times =)

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Hey guys, quick question (didn't want to make a whole new post to ask it)

The "Glitch" track that has the animated intro of the dude in the helmet walking around has a song that it plays every time, I was just curious if you guys knew the name of it


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That Journey thing with Austin Wintory doing commentary is fucking incredible. Thank you so much for that, Patrick - I totally would have missed it otherwise.