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That Journey thing with Austin Wintory doing commentary is fucking incredible. Thank you so much for that, Patrick - I totally would have missed it otherwise.

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I used to support and defend EA, even when hate was flying around them during the whole Dragon Age 2 fiasco. When the Mass Effect 3 thing happened, I didn't defend them as fervently. Now? It's nearly impossible to do so. They have really done a poor job handling their major franchises - perhaps striving for something bigger than they could accomplish, and letting people down in the process. This is yet another example of it, and is super disappointing.

I truly hope EA can turn things around for themselves, otherwise they will truly be the most hated company in gaming for all time.

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Hey all!

I was wondering if there would be enough interest to organize a meetup before lining up for the panel on Friday! That way we could all get to know each other, get in line together (hopefully near the front) and have people to converse with while waiting =)

Let me know if you would be on board, then we can figure out a good spot!

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@professoress: Very agreed with that sentiment. Why should my enjoyment be affected by the fact that a lot more people also enjoy it?

If they talk about it too much and are annoying, so be it - I'll ignore them, and still enjoy it haha.

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As a professional in the Audio industry, the onboard sound from your motherboard is more than enough.

If you really care about audio fidelity, you'll invest in an interface that transmits audio data via Firewire or USB - the dedicated cards have run their course (unless you're doing Pro Tools HD, in which case you have to get that stupid Digidesign 192 card, but that's completely different)

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Hey guys,

I'm currently using a Blackberry 9930 (OS v7.1.0.755) and when I look at the Podcast side of the site, I can only see the most recent podcast & its comments - no prior podcasts.

Another glitch I've encountered is that when I open the menu at the top left, I cannot close it unless I pick an option from it (i.e. go to profile, or videos, et cetera)

Thanks a lot!

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Hey duder - again, haha.

The quality of recording has increased tenfold - I'm guessing you tried a new mic/micing technique? Also, are you recording in a different room? The room ambiance has decreased significantly, it's way quieter, which makes for a way cleaner recording. Great job!

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The feedback has largely been super helpful so far =)

I'd love to share these with anyone else, if you're interested!

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Hey there,

As mentioned, I wrote a fair number of lyrics, and was curious if anybody would be willing to take a look at them.

If you'd like to see, please send me a PM or comment on here! I would prefer not posting them publicly, but have no issue sending them out individually =)

Thanks a lot!

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Skyrim - I put in several hours but it never "clicked" for some reason. It's most certainly good, but not the be-all, end-all.

Guitar Hero/Rock Band - as a musician, I just never liked the games.

GTA 4 - I've put in like 20 hours, but never beat the story. I found myself using it as a playground for mods than an actual game.


Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force & Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast - A pair of awesome online contemporaries to Quake 3

Blast Corps - My favorite N64 game

Max Payne 3 - I get the complaints, and respect them; but I loved the game. Sure it had frustrating moments; but I'll be damned if I didn't enjoy myself the whole way through.

These are, of course, just what I'm feeling at the time of writing down names. I'm sure both lists could change completely come tomorrow haha.