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Honestly? There is nothing we can tell you to do that will help make you feel better.

My birthday was yesterday, and this time 2 weeks ago I couldn't have cared less. I didn't have anyone I was particularly close with to share it with, didn't want to do anything, was depressed because school had been so damn stressful, et cetera. Just over a week and a half ago I fell into this amazing relationship. Literally fell into it, it came out of nowhere - and this was after 2 or 3 years of going through my own personal hell (with some occasional bright points).

As someone with depression, and who was suicidal as recently as a month ago, here is the best piece of advice I can give you: Keep on going, and at some point things will make a turn for the best. You won't know when to expect it, or what form it will come in; but when it happens, you will know.

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That would be amazing. This is one of the few games I actually cared about on the 360 (I don't own one) so having it come to either PC or Vita would be amazing.

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Er, why did this thread get dragged back out?

This was for PAX Prime last year, and it doesn't seem like it's going to be at PAX East this year.

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I played for over a year with a KB, but within the past week have started using a controller.

My times have gotten so, so much better with the controller - I'm never going back.

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Hey @jeff & @karsh

Would you guys be up for putting this Linkin Park dubstep up on either server? =)

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When I was traveling a lot, I didn't have the opportunity to have a "home base" very often. Having a gaming laptop with me was a good way to get enjoy having my Steam library around at all times =)

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Hey guys, quick question (didn't want to make a whole new post to ask it)

The "Glitch" track that has the animated intro of the dude in the helmet walking around has a song that it plays every time, I was just curious if you guys knew the name of it


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That Journey thing with Austin Wintory doing commentary is fucking incredible. Thank you so much for that, Patrick - I totally would have missed it otherwise.

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I used to support and defend EA, even when hate was flying around them during the whole Dragon Age 2 fiasco. When the Mass Effect 3 thing happened, I didn't defend them as fervently. Now? It's nearly impossible to do so. They have really done a poor job handling their major franchises - perhaps striving for something bigger than they could accomplish, and letting people down in the process. This is yet another example of it, and is super disappointing.

I truly hope EA can turn things around for themselves, otherwise they will truly be the most hated company in gaming for all time.

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Hey all!

I was wondering if there would be enough interest to organize a meetup before lining up for the panel on Friday! That way we could all get to know each other, get in line together (hopefully near the front) and have people to converse with while waiting =)

Let me know if you would be on board, then we can figure out a good spot!