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"People are reporting improvements across the board, which is great, but we’re not backing down until we finish this fight."


The sentiment of that letter is reasonable, though. I do have a fair amount of hope that they will be able to fix the issues =)

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Hey guys,

I've been listening to older bombcasts recently, and got to the episode(s) where they were talking about the CAH GB Expansion. I remember submitting card ideas for that years ago, but am unsure if there have ever been any other updates about it.

I mean... Obviously Ryan was a huge part of the idea, and I'm sure he was one of the original people to talk it over with Max, so his passing is a huge factor in all of this; but I'm wondering if it is still something that they plan on releasing.

Thanks a bunch =)

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I honestly can't wait for Dragon Age. The shitstorm will be great. No one left at Bioware has the ability to string an interesting sentence together, never mind a coherent story. The sentiment around reviewers not having the ability to properly critique games has been building for a while prior to GamerGate but a side effect of GG has been this sentiment has intensified. There's gonna be some whiplash when it gets its guaranteed spot on the 3 point scale.

People talked a lot about the downgrade of W_D but everything put out about DA:I has looked terrible. Animation, story, those E3 promotional pictures and ofc, gameplay. I feel like I wasted time even just watching it. There's a reason a 90's theme song goes so well with it

My cousin is one of the lead editors for DA:I. I'll let him know you said that, I'm sure he'll love to know that "No one left at Bioware has the ability to string an interesting sentence together, never mind a coherent story."

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I would love to have Jason on the podcast permanently! The 5-person dynamic was really cool back when it was Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, Brad & Patrick. I'd love to have that with Jeff, Brad, Drew, Dan, and Jason =)

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Welp, guess we'll never see a Driveclub 2

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All the "Dave, site's down" comments make me miss the duder immensely.

Regardless, a funny bug. Black site fo life, btw

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YEAH!!! Man, Blind Guardian would be perfect for Blizzcon. They could just play "I'm Alive" a bunch of times, and I'd be happy.

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All of the love I can give is being given to Jeff Gerstmann right now <3

I'm truly sorry for your loss, and want you to know that your community is extremely appreciative of all of the work you put in <3

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Hey it's ChatmanJay from Team Generic here and I just wanted to say thanks to all that watched tonight's Rektreational game. As a long time Giantbomb user it was an honor to lose to Brad and co! Not the greatest showing by me but what can you do against Crispy, haha.

Well played, sorry you guys lost but I'm glad you guys tried =D

Btw, Tuturuu~