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Welp, guess we'll never see a Driveclub 2

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Thanks, Arteezy.

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All the "Dave, site's down" comments make me miss the duder immensely.

Regardless, a funny bug. Black site fo life, btw

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YEAH!!! Man, Blind Guardian would be perfect for Blizzcon. They could just play "I'm Alive" a bunch of times, and I'd be happy.

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All of the love I can give is being given to Jeff Gerstmann right now <3

I'm truly sorry for your loss, and want you to know that your community is extremely appreciative of all of the work you put in <3

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Hey it's ChatmanJay from Team Generic here and I just wanted to say thanks to all that watched tonight's Rektreational game. As a long time Giantbomb user it was an honor to lose to Brad and co! Not the greatest showing by me but what can you do against Crispy, haha.

Well played, sorry you guys lost but I'm glad you guys tried =D

Btw, Tuturuu~

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Kill la kill is a fantastic show, but it doesn't really show its hand until the latter half.

I feel like Madoka Magica would be perfect for Dan. It is short, well written, has beautiful visuals, and has a really dark story.

Attack on titan is also really fantastic for newcomers because its story is good, and it's visually appealing

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I miss that basement....

Of course, I am fine with the CBSi transition and all of that - after all, we've seen some amazing stuff come out of that place. With that being said, I miss all the hijinks of the old Unprofessional Fridays with Tested and Comic Vine (even if others didn't like it). Having Will, Norm, Sara, Tony, Dave, and all of the crew around in the random office videos... Hell... We haven't seen someone eat a nearly exploding can of fish in years.

It was a magical time. I'm glad we can remember at least part of it in these cards =)

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@bassman2112: I'm sorry, but man your taste is just wrong. Anybody that puts SAO and Elfen Lied above FLCL and NGE is just wrong.

That's the cool thing about subjective opinions man, there is no reason for them to be "wrong." This is why people say anime is for jerks, when you make binary statements like that. Here, just to appease your propensity for internet arguments, here is my reasoning:

NGE was bad. Shinji was a horrible character who did nothing but whine for 24 episodes and a movie. Rei was lame. Asuka was cool. The dad gave Shinji a job, and hooked him up with a rad roommate, and shinji just cried 24/7. It was a boring, frustrating show to watch and I think it was utter shit.

FLCL was worthless. Everyone I talked to hyped it up as the greatest thing ever, but it was unwatchable. A kid that spawns robots from the dicks that grow out of his head? Pretty deep, man. Like I said, The Pillows' music is great, the style is good, but there is zero substance. No story. Nothing.

Elfen Lied has issues, yeah; but I still enjoyed it a ton. The Manga made watching the anime far more enjoyable for me, because it continues the story in a significant way. Like I said about SAO, it was enjoyable 3/5 - not great, but I didn't hate my time with it. I at least felt like both of those shows weren't a waste of my time like NGE and FLCL.

So basically you missed the entire point of two really good shows because they weren't up in your face enough? Your NGE and FLCL argument is the equivalent of someone saying 2001: A Space Odyssey is a terrible movie because "It's boring". You literally missed the entire point of NGE if you thought Shinji was a horrible character who did nothing, but whine and that Asuka was cool. I'm not saying you can't like what you want to like, but still you're just saying wrong things here.

This is the last message I'm going to type regarding this, because I find internet arguments absolutely pointless. I maintain, these kinds of arguments are what make people hate the anime community - Think about how people who don't care about this stuff perceive messages like these.

Yeah I get it. There is mental and psychological torment at play, there is undertones of mental illness in almost all of the characters, and it's trying to be deep with its realistic portrayal of mental illness. I think it was executed very poorly, and in the end was laughable rather than insightful. Also, you're putting words in my mouth, I never said it "wasn't in my face enough." It was far from subtle with all of what it tried to accomplish, and though it was probably astonishing for its time, for a first-time viewer years later it is mediocre at best. There are other series' which handle the same subjects better. Lastly, Asuka was a way better character than Shinji, no question. Her depression making her act out and be flamboyant was more interesting than anything else going on in that series.

Also, just for you I finished FLCL.

Still think it's trash. Eyebrow guy was kind of okay, and that one gunfight scene with all those agents wasn't bad; but I have no desire to ever see it again.

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@sergio said:

I think I may be one of the few people who just didn't like FLCL.

I'm with you, man. I thought FLCL was trash.