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@do_the_manta_ray: I'd be happy to have Brownsfan on as a cocaster as we already know each other =D

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Fantastic! Looking forward to being a part of this tournament both on the admin side and on the player side!

I shall be casting & streaming from here, and shall be playing with the Might Is Magic team =D

Good luck to all =D


For team members, I'll defer that to @fredddi43 =)

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Hey all,

I have encountered a similar request from some people in the Giant Bomb chatroom, and just wanted to put it here in the forums as a formal request.

Would it be possible to remove some of the players from the main Giant Bomb guild who have been inactive for >6 months? If so, then it would be possible to make room for people who have been in the Giant Bomb Overflow guild for just as long, if not longer.

I've personally been in GBO for about a year now, maybe more, and would love to join GB proper.

Thanks a ton!

-Alex (in-game name is Mom's Spaghetti, we've probably played together haha)

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I'm here to offer services in helping organize, casting, and hopefully playing =) (I'm looking at you, @fredddi43, let's make a team =D)

My in-game name is Mom's Spaghetti, and I'm in the Mountain Time Zone.

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Is this even a question?

Terminator 2 is a perfect film. The others range from "meh" to "great," but nothing can reach the absolute mastery which is T2.

TSCC was good though.

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@shhadoww said:

I would love to get into this game but it seems like so much to take in with not noting anything about it.

If you end up wanting to try and get into it, I'd be happy to help you out in-game (= Feel free to add me on Steam.

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Thank you, Patrick. This was extremely well written and, honestly, necessary. We all appreciate the work you guys do, and when one of us falls we're all there to hold the rest up <3

Thanks again, and keep doing what you do best =)

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So some light Googling has told me something about Attack on Titan: Eren can transform into a Titan. That's really stupid, and I gave up the show before it ever reached that plot point. Should I jump back in, or did I make the right decision?

It's a great show, and I think you're doing yourself a disservice by writing it off

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Red Deer, Alberta, Canada =D