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My "main" is Windrunner, as I can build her up pretty fast and semi carry like a mother fucker. Beyond that, probably Invoker, VS, and AA.

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@abendlaender: I use BeyondPod as well - How would you configure it to pick up the passworded/premium feed?

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I really liked the conference. Too bad it's coming out two weeks later in Europe; but I'm still hot for it!

I loved the digs at Microsoft, especially the Minecraft one lol

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Oh my god

BF4 looks fantastic.... I'm in.

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32: Fountain hooks

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To provide my "credentials" for the question at hand, I have had a Vita since launch and I've been actively borrowing (and returning, of course) my friend's 3DS for the past year-and-a-half.

I really like the 3DS. The games it has are generally quite fun, and it has a pretty vast variety. The quality of the first-party stuff is really high, and the 3D works fairly decently beyond a simple novelty

But, also,
I really like the Vita. I've played more games through on the Vita, and have generally had a lot more interesting and "bigger" experiences on it. Where I would regularly play 20 - 40 minute sessions on the 3DS, I have absolutely had multiple 4+ hour sessions on the Vita. It feels more like a powerhouse.

I think the fact that you have PS+ is actually quite huge. About half of my library is games I've gotten for free on PS+ - and I haven't even played through all of them, yet. The ones I have are great, and I gladly would have paid for them (wipeout, gravity rush, thomas was alone, and a few others). Also, I do plan on getting a PS4, so for me it makes sense to stay with the Vita.

tl;dr - I personally recommend the Vita a little above the 3DS, but both systems are great at what they're aiming to do.

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Mayor Menino published a great letter =)

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I wish I was making this up.

Here is a story containing the cover.

Here is a second story.

As someone who was present at the bombings, and saw some extremely grisly things... The idea of a seemingly sympathetic story to Tsarnev on the cover of a popular magazine is really, really insulting.

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@spaceinsomniac: The poll was asking for opinions, I was providing mine =) Not meant to be rude or anything, just an option that wasn't available on the poll.

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Don't know don't care.

Sorry if this seems insensitive; but I am so far removed from this case that I don't understand what all the hubbub is about.