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I really didn't like 400 Days.

Honestly, the characters were well written and I did enjoy some of the situations; but everything felt incredibly contrived. The thing I loved about the Walking Dead was the fact that even though things were scripted, they didn't feel that way. The major choices came up at unexpected times, and were earned through building a ton of tension (or, in the case of episode 2, starting in an absolutely insane way). 400 Days doesn't have that. All of the stories feel like every choice you have doesn't matter up until one "big" one. Even then, those choices didn't really matter to me because I felt like the substance wasn't overly impressive.

I understand that having a bunch of short stories makes it harder to really learn about each character and develop them; but I sincerely didn't care about any of them. The ex-junkie? Couldn't care less. The murderer? Good voice acting, and like his writing; but don't care what happens. The girl and her sister? Kid annoyed me, older sis' was an idiot. The younger kid? He was fine, and I'd like to see what happens to him. The stoner? I like him, and would like to see him developed further.

By the end of it, I just wanted to be done. The reveal at the end that there was an epilogue caught me off guard, and I liked that; but the fact that only one person joined me (the ex-junkie) made me think "great, is that the only one that's coming into the next episode? Man, I hope this doesn't have too much bearing on the next season."

Sorry Telltale, I love the Walking Dead; but this was just... weak.

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Here is a link

The text:

People familiar with Xbox history know that J. Allard was well liked and viewed by many as the “Father of the Xbox“. Last week All Things D reported that there’s a major Microsoft reorg in the works. It seems like J. Allard (if he’s willing) could easily take the helm of the Xbox One and help fix the E3 aftermath.

On Windows Weekly ep. 315 (at the 1:44:13 mark) Mary Jo Foley shared a rumor that J. Allard might be making a return to Microsoft.

A popular sentiment towards Microsoft and its approach to the Xbox One is that the company is disconnected, notwithstanding their recent policy changes. Gamertag Radio posted “An Open Letter to Don Mattrick” and attached interviews with old Xbox execs that exhibited the contrary; Microsoft seemed genuinely engaged with the community. After listening to Allard’s interviews, I get the feeling his enthusiasm and sincerity towards core gamers could be the change the Xbox One needs.

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So... It's Frozen Synapse, but prettier?

I'm in.

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I mean... I like Defense Grid; but it is no Saints Row the Third or Battlefield

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That is some of the funniest news I've heard in a while, and seems totally appropriate. Throw him from the (previously) teetering ship onto a sinking one.

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I haven't played any Killzone games yet; but I'll probably give it a shot.

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@oscar__explosion: @mrpandaman: @grissefar: Thanks for the positivity, truly.

@humanity: Thanks also for the positivity, but to answer directly to the one thought you had about moving in with family - I have thought about it, but I'm both not close to my family and not really ready to return home because of how everything went with that girl. It's a really bizarre middle-ground to currently be standing on of not wanting to be in Boston, but also not wanting to be at home haha..

@thekramer89: I appreciate your input, but I must politely decline. I have given a lot of time researching and trying to understand religion; but the way my mind works would not allow me to be a part of one. I am truly glad it works for some people; but I know it would not for me.

@cornbredx: I'm sorry you have had to go through similar. It is truly disheartening to know that kind people are often treated poorly; but I am glad you try to stay positive. To be honest, I do too - no-one I know here knows I am having these problems as I tend to remain as optimistic as possible. I just like knowing that other people are doing well, and content. I often don't take the time to admit my own feelings or anything, which I suppose is the point of this - and, like you said, it's relieving to know that other people in the world feel similar or have been through similar. The internet is truly a fantastic thing.

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Great job! I really like that synth you bring in at 3:08 in the video, it reminds me of some of the stuff used in Feed Me's "Whiskers." Are you using softsynths for these or analog stuff? =)

Spectacular stuff yet again, though!