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@oscar__explosion: @mrpandaman: @grissefar: Thanks for the positivity, truly.

@humanity: Thanks also for the positivity, but to answer directly to the one thought you had about moving in with family - I have thought about it, but I'm both not close to my family and not really ready to return home because of how everything went with that girl. It's a really bizarre middle-ground to currently be standing on of not wanting to be in Boston, but also not wanting to be at home haha..

@thekramer89: I appreciate your input, but I must politely decline. I have given a lot of time researching and trying to understand religion; but the way my mind works would not allow me to be a part of one. I am truly glad it works for some people; but I know it would not for me.

@cornbredx: I'm sorry you have had to go through similar. It is truly disheartening to know that kind people are often treated poorly; but I am glad you try to stay positive. To be honest, I do too - no-one I know here knows I am having these problems as I tend to remain as optimistic as possible. I just like knowing that other people are doing well, and content. I often don't take the time to admit my own feelings or anything, which I suppose is the point of this - and, like you said, it's relieving to know that other people in the world feel similar or have been through similar. The internet is truly a fantastic thing.

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Great job! I really like that synth you bring in at 3:08 in the video, it reminds me of some of the stuff used in Feed Me's "Whiskers." Are you using softsynths for these or analog stuff? =)

Spectacular stuff yet again, though!

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It won't be Sony. I remember YoshP mentioning that they'd already talked to Sony, and that they didn't particularly care.

If they get bought by a first-party console-maker, I'd bet on Nintendo. With the bets they're placing on games like X and Wonderful 101, it seems like they're invested in the Japanese market.

Besides, it's not like Atlus games sell gangbusters in the grand scheme of things. I think Persona 4 was an outlier, and Catherine too; but overall, I'm not sure who will be interested in them with all of the risks they take.

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I respect them for having changed the policies, but I think I would have trusted Microsoft more if they had stuck to their guns. I've used this analogy already; but I view them as a cheating girlfriend/boyfriend - sure, they say things are going to be great now; but there was still that initial motive and action taken. I'm not going to pick up an Xbox One, at least not until I wait and see what they end up doing in the first few years.

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I am very happy that Microsoft did this - it is great for the customers, and it shows that our opinions matter.

With that being said, there is no way in hell I'm getting one at launch. I'm going to wait a few years to see what they do, because I currently see Microsoft like a cheating girlfriend - they may seem like things are cool now, but that initial motive speaks stronger than anything else. They tried forcing these crazy policies down our throats, and I'm not that quick to forgive - I don't trust that these policies won't come back in some way down the line.

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This is crazy news, it actually turns the next generation into a console war if true. I still won't be buying an XBone out of principle (I mean, come on - the amount of hubris that Microsoft was showing is really telling) but good for the fans.

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I love Patrick, and I hope his new life in Chicago goes really well for him =) I'll miss him from the main content on the site quite a bit; but I am also happy knowing that his life is moving forward


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Hey guys,

I don't know if you guys keep up with Neogaf at all; but on this thread, as well as this thread, there are a lot of people talking about how components for the PS4 are being shipped in June, as well as getting e-mails/hearing at Gamestop (from internal e-mails) that the PS4 could launch in October - the 29th, specifically.

If this is the case, this would be absolutely huge for Sony, and would blow my bet of "two weeks before Black Friday" out of the water.

I'd love to hear what you all have heard/seen, and if you believe in the October launch date =)

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