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Do I understand his points? Sure, and they're valid; but I don't think his review is in any way reasonable.

To me, a 4/10 game is something that is not functional, something that is so trite and broken that you cannot possibly play through it without some kind of forcing of the will. Bioshock Infinite's combat does indeed become repetitive; but once you master it, it's fun - I had a blast with the last few hours of the game because I finally felt in control. Beyond that, I could always appreciate the tremendous amount of work that went into the art and programming for the game, the story was also something I really enjoyed - even if it had bizarre moments that I didn't totally love (the theatre scenes, for example).

The short version, I think 4/10 is a completely unreasonable and incorrect score to give the game. Sure, you didn't enjoy it; but that doesn't mean that it is poorly made.

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I feel weird about this...

Would I actually want Ryan's car? No, I respect the man and have mourned his loss more than most; but this feels weird...

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My "main" is Windrunner, as I can build her up pretty fast and semi carry like a mother fucker. Beyond that, probably Invoker, VS, and AA.

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@abendlaender: I use BeyondPod as well - How would you configure it to pick up the passworded/premium feed?

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I really liked the conference. Too bad it's coming out two weeks later in Europe; but I'm still hot for it!

I loved the digs at Microsoft, especially the Minecraft one lol

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Oh my god

BF4 looks fantastic.... I'm in.

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32: Fountain hooks

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To provide my "credentials" for the question at hand, I have had a Vita since launch and I've been actively borrowing (and returning, of course) my friend's 3DS for the past year-and-a-half.

I really like the 3DS. The games it has are generally quite fun, and it has a pretty vast variety. The quality of the first-party stuff is really high, and the 3D works fairly decently beyond a simple novelty

But, also,
I really like the Vita. I've played more games through on the Vita, and have generally had a lot more interesting and "bigger" experiences on it. Where I would regularly play 20 - 40 minute sessions on the 3DS, I have absolutely had multiple 4+ hour sessions on the Vita. It feels more like a powerhouse.

I think the fact that you have PS+ is actually quite huge. About half of my library is games I've gotten for free on PS+ - and I haven't even played through all of them, yet. The ones I have are great, and I gladly would have paid for them (wipeout, gravity rush, thomas was alone, and a few others). Also, I do plan on getting a PS4, so for me it makes sense to stay with the Vita.

tl;dr - I personally recommend the Vita a little above the 3DS, but both systems are great at what they're aiming to do.

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Mayor Menino published a great letter =)

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I wish I was making this up.

Here is a story containing the cover.

Here is a second story.

As someone who was present at the bombings, and saw some extremely grisly things... The idea of a seemingly sympathetic story to Tsarnev on the cover of a popular magazine is really, really insulting.