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Ghibli charm and Level 5 gameplay does not necessarily stack up to a fun game 0

I am an absolutely huge fan of all things that Studio Ghibli does, and has done. Nausicaa is among my top 3 favorite films of all time, and I could name you nearly every main character from every one of Miyazaki's films. When I heard that Studio Ghibli was teaming up with Level 5, I pre-ordered the Wizard Edition the moment it was available in North America. The idea of having the guys who did the Layton games (and one of my favorite Dragon Quest games) making a full-scale RPG with that very sp...

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One of the best puzzle games I've ever experienced 0

I walked past a man in a pink suit several times at PAX East. Every time I had walked by, I noticed there was always something really bizarre happening on the screen behind him. Hallways changing, perspectives shifting, turning around and moving into a room you weren't in before - it was impressive, but a little daunting. I never played the game for fear of being "too dumb," but found myself watching it many times.When I found out the game was released on Steam, I decided to give it a whirl. I ...

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The reboot that converted a long-time nonbeliever 0

When the first Devil May Cry was released, my friends fell in love with its stylish action, intricate combat system, and dark tone. The first time I played it was at my cousin's house, and within 45 minutes I realized the game was impressive; but not for me. As the years rolled by, I watched its sequels roll out; but never really gave them a chance. The last Devil May Cry game I played was 4, when the same cousin invited me over and said "you'll love this one." Sadly he was wrong, I still dislik...

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A Surprising Success 0

As an avid gamer during the 90s, I was more than excited upon the release of Eidos' epic game Deus Ex in 2000. Having lived through and loved the highs of Quake and Half Life, I was excited for the notion of a more cerebral FPS. I fully believe that the original Deus Ex delivered on all of its promises, and was an amazing showcase of what first person games should be like.Unfortunately, my excitement for its sequel, Deus Ex: Invisible War, was less than palpable after having played through it. I...

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A game which set a standard 0

Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast is a direct sequel to the 1997 game, Star Wars: Dark Forces II - Jedi Knight. The story continues that of Kyle Katarn, a mercenary who discovered that he has a strong connection to The Force. Over the course of JK1, Kyle finds himself to be a Jedi apprentice; but gives up his Jedi status as he nearly became a slave to the power of the Dark Side of The Force. At the start of JK2, we find Kyle and his partner ...

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An Astounding TV Tie-In 0

The early 2000s were an exciting time in the gaming world. Computer games were getting established with online communities for the first time, aided by programs like Gamespy and The All-Seeing Eye. One of the most prominent games I remember from that time was Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force.   Let's begin with the campaign. Though it wasn't the longest campaign of the day, it was certainly an interesting and well crafted one. It ranges between you fighting on Borg cubes, beaming onto alien ships,...

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