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Add me up people, need Destiny duders!



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I guess that the TF2 community has joined the other gaggle of cunts called the internet. Cool. Elitism is rife in this medium, another case in point.

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Feel no shame about being light, because you can still be strong enough to throw a punch. If you can increase your speed or your mass, either will increase your power. Hence why flyweight boxers/MMA practitioners are still nails... You should do Martial Arts.

Also, my younger brother is 6'0'' and weights 50kg. He's pretty healthy, has a lot of energy, and is strong enough to wrestle with me, 30 kilos heavier.
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I'm watching my bank account statement like a fuckin' hawk.

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Yeah cloud-computing has its drawbacks. Clearly though, it has a lot of practical benefits; namely, you can't keep storing things on hard drives on-site. You'd be up to your eyes in HDDs in no time.
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A lot of systems are clearly going down at the moment; I find that interesting. I wonder which servers will be next. I also wonder who attacked the servers, could honestly be anyone. Anon basically represents all internet users, so who knows if the people behind it represent such a body. The anarcho-decentralised nature of such a group means that there's no way to track the cadres.
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I can't believe this site has been down for so long, could hardly sleep without watching Giant Bomb all night long.
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Poor choice of words, and really, not the most tactful thing to say, but America has a violent culture. Only thing is, so does every other nation. If he's just talking about guns, then yeah it's kinda heavy that mentals can get their hands on firearms. 

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On a more serious note, I think the best way to stay out of trouble is just to look nails. If you work out and look pretty sizable, people typically won't dare starting a fight with you because its not possible to tell how tough you are. If you're too small to look nails, then act like a fearless psychopath and they will run. I remember one time, out in my local town at night. 4 chavs were starting on a dude who you would probably describe as being something between a metal-head and a hippie. The dude just looked like a psychopath, took his shirt off and walked towards them, with a smile. The chav lads basically legged it, much to the amusement of me and my friends who saw the event.

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Taekwon-Do practitioners will carry 3 bricks with them. If attacked, we lay them out and smash them with our forefists. No one will ever give you grief after that. 
You might want to condition your knuckles first, or you'll look like a tit.