Player 2 6/16/2013

I have been playing video games for a long time. I'm not going to bore you with the old "It started with..." routine, lets just leave it at a long, long time. I have always played video games for my tastes and what interests me at the time. But, I am now faced with a new interest in my life, being a Father. It just so happens today is fathers day in the U.S. and my family decided to head to Downtown Disney in Florida (I live 20 minutes away) because of a car show they are having for fathers day weekend. My wife tells me on the way there, "Its says that they are showing Disney Infinity there." Being the single minded gamer still, I think that it would be cool to try it, but that's not a game I would ever purchase, that's for kids. While waiting in a 2 hour line so my son can take pictures with inanimate objects, the booth for Disney Infinity is strategically placed next to the queue.

Booth for Disney Infinity at Downtown Disney in Florida

Wow. Just, wow. This moment was a moment I think every 30 something year old Dad will say eventually, "Holy cow my kid knows how to play video games." They had all systems represented: 360, PS3, Wii, and Wii U, each with a different toy box represented for play. On the 360 Wreck it Ralph, PS3 Monsters U, and Wii The Incredibles. I wanted to check out the Wii U and it just happened that Cars was the toy box. My son adores cars. We waited our turn and when the Disney employee handed me the controller my son quickly said, "No Daddy, I want to play!" My son has never held a Wii U controller, let alone any video game controller. He is turning 3 this year and I haven't even thought of introducing games to him yet. He has played with my wife's I-phone, learning how to swipe through pictures, but nothing more. He was shown the throttle button, and the analog stick to turn, and that's all he needed. He was driving around Radiator Springs (homeland of the Cars) like it was second nature. I was speechless. Now, I want to iterate that this blog isn't to evangelize that my son is a genius, on the contrary, it is to put into words the journey that my son and I will undoubtedly have over the next few decades...I will be the first to say my son is not a genius.

Me and My Son

Since i did see the game, let me tell you my experience from a Dad's point of view. Its very bouncy. For a small child like mine, straight lines are almost impossible. Running or driving into a wall usually means game over for a young kid. In Infinity, the boundaries are there, but your character seamlessly bounces off of them, either by diverting left or right, or doing an animated 180 degree turn, to keep the momentum from stopping. That is how this game will hook the super young audience. Now I can only speak for this certain level that we played, but for me to have to tear him away after ten minutes of driving around, says a lot for the attention span of an almost three year old. By the way, there is no attention span for an almost three year old. For the level of detail, it left something to be desired and I can see why its been pushed back to August for release. The 360 and PS3 versions were definitely sharper, but the frame rate was really lacking. On the Wii U, it was very rough around the edges and the animations for some of the cars during conversation would stop working. When I was watching another dad and son play, the camera did seem to fall below the field of vision for a few seconds, but quickly correct itself. Hopefully these issues will be hashed out before the product is finished.

Free toy/avatar given away at event

Disney did their job with me and sold a game that I had no intention of buying yesterday. But, on the larger scale, it has started a journey for me and my son, and am happy that I have a player 2 in my house whenever I need one. The free toy definitly was a nice suprise too.

Thank you to anyone reading this. It is my first attmept at a blog on Giant Bomb, but I hope sharing my views from a Father's point of view may be different and interesting to a few.

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