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#1 Posted by BatMat (19 posts) -

A great piece of writing. I can really relate to the first half of your article.

#2 Posted by BatMat (19 posts) -

@TentPole: Well, I´m very easily offended, and ck1nd did say ´shit´ in his post!

#3 Posted by BatMat (19 posts) -

@Binman88: Well, it worked, I can log in now...up until the point where it says `Retrieving Hero List´.

I checked the forums on and apparently it´s a known error everyone is experiencing on the EU servers right now. Blizzard is working on it...


#4 Posted by BatMat (19 posts) -

@Binman88: Thanks for the tip, doing that right now.

#5 Posted by BatMat (19 posts) -

Wait, what did I just post?

#6 Posted by BatMat (19 posts) -

@Dagbiker: When I post on forums I expect, nay, demand to be pissed upon!

I'm ready to receive thine golden drops now, so please let them flow with abundance.

#7 Posted by BatMat (19 posts) - I decided to try and play some Diablo 3 again today after yesterday's Error 37 debacle and an patch that created a login-loop the day before that.

I had to download a new patch before I could press 'play'.

I had high hopes this time, but in the back of my head a voice was saying: "Here we go again."

And lo and behold: as soon as I log in, I get a message stating that a new patch needs to be installed and it kicks me out of the game. And then it loops...

I'm not one to post my grievances on internet fora, but this is getting ridiculous.

I think a guy on one of the Diablo 3 fora who stated it felt like he lent the game instead of owning it hit the nail on the head for me.

#8 Posted by BatMat (19 posts) -

Point taken :-)

#9 Posted by BatMat (19 posts) -

Hi guys. I have a UK version of Guild Wars Collector's Edition laying around. I opened the box once but never played it, so the codebar hasn't been scratched or anything.

I've read somewhere that it can fetch nice prices, but I've never sold anything on Ebay before. And before I start the trouble of trying to find out how Ebay works, I was wondering if you guys have any experience with selling or buying this thing and if it's worth my time trying to do so.

Thanks in advance for you advice!

#10 Posted by BatMat (19 posts) -

Like most people here I was feverishly pressing the F5 key. 
Then my wife came upstairs to check her mail. 
I tried to explain to her what I was doing (I think she thought I was secretly watching pr0n btw), but she didn't think it was important enough and she opened a new tab to check her mail. 
Luckily, she was done very quickly, but then instead of closing her tab she closed the browser by accident.  
I actually screamed. 
With some fast clicking I made it to #87. 
Now I can go on with my life.

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