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@jbg4m gracias.

i'll keep adding you guys as you keep adding me. working on pirate, spellfencer, performer, and valkyrie jobs in ch. 3 now.

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now when i add friends, do i need to put your 3ds ID name? if you need mine, it's Neal

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just started ch. 3, party set up in progress:

Tiz- Pirate/Knight

Agnes- White Mage/Summoner

Ringabel-Spell Fencer/Thief


I'll add you guys when I get the chance in a couple days.

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I'm adding some of you guys. I'm still early in the game, but hopefully I can be of assistance later on.

Mine i s 1907-9494-8053

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Also, even if there was a cure that got spread, it wouldn't actually stop the fungus. Clickers would still eat you alive, society would still be a shithole, and bandits would still rape and murder people at leisure. The cons greatly outweigh the very little potential pros in this situation. Tommy's group had the right idea.

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The thing I keep coming back to is what would have changed assuming they miraculously got a cure from Ellie? With such limited medical supplies, how would have the cure have spread across America, let alone the world? The Fireflies were shown to be more than willing to use terrorist tactics in the game, so what was stopping them from using the cure as a bargaining chip to solidify their power? Also, there had been 11 or 12 attempts before this to get a cure, and they all failed. What was going to make this attempt any more successful, again given the extremely limited medical supplies and knowledgeable doctors?

Ellie should have been given a choice, but fuck the Fireflies. Joel did the right thing.

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I thought it was refined because I felt the controls were better since you didn't have to hold 2 buttons to sprint, the combat to me is more interesting because the enemies are more aggressive and you have to actively counter while you attack guys instead of just waiting to counter, and I liked how the recruits had their own abilities. It was a cool way of combining the guilds of 2 and the recruitment system.

I just didn't mind the slower story pace to be honest. I mean MGS is one of my favorite game series so I'm kind of used to it at this point. It'd be more of a problem if the cutscenes went on for a long time and were bad. But because they were so well acted and presented, I didn't mind. On a side note, the only time a bug created a problem was when a weapon I put on the D-Pad for some reason disappeared and I had to go to a city to re-equip it.

Weirdly enough, 4 isn't doing anything for me. There are some story decisions they're doing I disagree with (anyone can access any person's memories in the animus, not just descendants) and the series needs a break after 3.

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Hey guys, I know there are probably other forums with this same topic, but what are some games whose criticisms you frankly do not get?

2 immediately come to mind for me:
Assassin's Creed 3- Frankly, I think this is right up there with 2 as the best in the series. The story and characters are great and well developed, despite some bugs the gameplay is more refined, and honestly the ending is really good if you think about how it reinforces the themes of freedom never truly being obtained and always having to fight for it.

Final Fantasy XIII- OK, I do understand the criticisms of this game, but here this is more of a case of the problems not bugging me that much. I do think the problems of this game are pretty hyperbolic in description. It's different from other FF games and I will agree it's too linear, but I like linear games.

What are your guys picks?

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besides Jeff and Red Dead, the only thing that comes to mind is when they were doing the GOTY podcasts and their collective disappointment in Assassin's Creed III. it's a fantastic game, and i just think they were really quick to dismiss it. and i'll admit it, i really liked the ending.

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im currently watching Robotics; Notes and Sword Art Online this season. I'm loving RN mainly because I love the writing of the Steins;Gate guys. and SAO, its good, but i'm finding that i like the second half less than the first. manily because asuna's character is really getting the shaft being a damsel in distress, and the whole cousin story is contrived and artificial, especially since so much time was spent developing kirito and asuna.

the only other thing is waiting for the last episodes of Eureka Seven AO. i hate the show (i really enjoyed the first series), but i just have to see how the trainwreck unfolds.