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Great Step Forward for the XIII saga 0

What can one possibly say about Final Fantasy XIII? It will go down in history as one of the most polarizing games of this console generation. I will admit a lot of the design decisions were very atypical for the Final Fantasy series as well as JRPGs in general, the extreme linearity being the most visible example. 2 years later, we have Final Fantasy XIII-2, a sequel to one of the most controversial games in the entire series. While it won’t change anyone’s mind about the XIII saga, XIII-2 is a...

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A Great Way to End the Trilogy 0

The God of War series has been one of the Playstation’s most beloved action franchises since it began in 2004, and it’s not hard to see why.   With its fast and brutal combat along with a dark and twisted version of classic Greek mythology, the series has cemented its place in the action video game pantheon.   Now, God of War III is upon us, which concludes the violent trilogy and Kratos’ seemingly endless quest for revenge against the gods of .   While the game can be described as safe from a d...

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One of the Best Sequels of All Time. 0

 The original Uncharted game, released in 2007, was a pretty good game that had a fantastic foundation. Issues with the combat and its longevity of the title kept it from being a home run, but it was an overall good game. I honestly wasn't too much into the hype surrounding it's sequel at first. But then I actually played the game.Uncharted 2 takes place 1 year after the original, with you returning to control treasure hunter extraordinaire Nathan Drake. He is approached by old colleagues Harry ...

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A Terrific Addition to a Legendary RPG Franchise 0

 The Final Fantasy series is one of the most well known and prolific in all of video gaming. Every time a new game in the series is released, is it undoubtedly a huge event, even if not every fan cares for it at the end of the day. Recently, Final Fantasy XIII was released in North America for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and while it is not quite the absolute best game in the franchise, it is still a terrific RPG and a fantastic addition to the series.The story of Final Fantasy XIII is about the war b...

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The Perfect Way to End the Legendary Saga of Snake 0

Let me say one thing first, this is the best game of this console generation. Not only that, its also one of the very best games ever made. This may sound like hyperbole, but it isnt. If you love video games and movies, this is nirvana. It takes some of the best gameplay ever in video games and combines it with cinematic presentation to make a game that is both unique and that has depth uncommon for the industry.I can't actually talk about the story of MGS4 for fear of spoilers, but know this; t...

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