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Whatever. Let Phil be a baby. Someone said he didn't like Phil and he decides to cancel a game. If someone from another company said they didn't like you, would you quit your job? No. This is just stupid.

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I'm getting the exact same ad for some 3D camera thing on every video I watch. I'm just curious if anyone else only has one ad played over and over again? It just gets kind of annoying after 5 times in a row. It's reminding me of Hulu.

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There are no words. R.I.P. duder.

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Accessory : XBAND

It's a stupid piece of junk that didn't last long, but it's still an important piece of history. Someone's gotta add this.

Side note : Sorry if this isn't where this goes, but I can't make the page and I couldn't find anywhere else.

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@StarvingGamer: Point taken, but Konami has been involved with Nintendo quite heavily throughout their history.

@shootermcclay: Big kid on the Internet. But it's OK. I know your mom never loved you.

@RazielCuts: Yet it's still a cross platform game that's never been singly involved with just Sony. Others are.

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Just have to ask. Why is Big Daddy in the Sony character only game?

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The people demand more!

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Kinda thought it was obvious I meant for people that actually use their bad computers for playing games, but OK. Thanks for your opinion.

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So, minus the people being assholes, has anyone figured this out?

Also, sorry for bumping up a month old topic, but I'd like to know.

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