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@RayCarter: Awesome! :D

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Yes! I really like EO2 more because it seemed more balanced ands more options. Although DQ9 took me away from the game for a while :p

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She didn't memorize the list. I will show her today, I didn't know they released all of them. She has been following it since they announced it though, probably knows a dozen of them. She does know 493 before this. Believe me, kids eat this up and I think its great to have something like this in common with anyone.
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My 5 year old daughter can't wait for Black and White. She is so excited over all the new ones, she memorized the japanese names! So the makers know what they are doing for sure. I imagine that after the new pokemon settle, everyone will be happy with them. I can't wait to see.

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You get access to the mobil site as a feature if you are paid member. Videos work fine there, its a really good mobil site overall. There are a few things missing. But they update the mobil site a lot lately.

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I never played pc either. Love the 360 version though. One thing I don't like is that you have to unlock all the extras! I am dying to play survival but it's still locked and I am on level 5 :P Local co-op works for me though, having lots of fun with it.

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> is there an easy way to level-grind?  
Well I went to The Bowhole, level 3. East of Wormwood. You can run around and find liquid metal slimes that give each member around 10k xp. 40+ should be fair to challenge the next dungeon imo.
 >In the sidequest with the wand teacher, which monster has his wand in the Tywill cave?
I found it randomly. I think you just fight a lot of enemies as deep as you can go. That's what happened to me.
>Where is the belly-dancing teacher of the Illugazar (sp?) Plains?  
It's one of those bouncing  gem bags. You have to fight a random number of them before something happens.
> Where does one find Corundum?  
Exit Dourbridge east. Follow the river north, but you have to get on the upper land and as far as you can go north, it should be there by the lake.

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I do. Not for long though, I can't freaking afford it anymore the way taxes are going up in NY. Almost $10 a pack starting now!! Can't even order them off the internet anymore either xP